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How to Block Betting Sites

One of the most persistent and troubling issues with online betting is that a number of users have become addicted to it. Around 5 million people have experienced gambling-related harm in the UK, while approximately 1.4 million or 2.7% of the population are problem gamblers.

Authorities have attempted to clamp down on the issue with laws that restrict such players from betting or even clinics offering mental support. Ultimately, the decision lies on the player’s end. This is why knowing every way how to block betting sites is paramount.

Luckily, there are multiple paths, but which one best suits your preferences? We are about to explore every possible method, including the top blockers like Gamban & Net Nanny, plus schemes for how to block all online bookmakers. If you prefer to play on mobile, we have you covered as we review apps that will help you control your betting habits on your smartphone.

Best Ways to Block Betting Sites 

BMB_Best IconThere are ups and downs to each form of limiting your activity. If you opt for a gambling app blocker, such as BetFiler or GamBlock, while they offer a high level of protection, they can still be bypassed and come at a cost. A scheme like Gamstop might restrict you from regulated bookmakers, but you will still be able to access unlicensed ones.

You could also block gambling transactions on your bank, but a different payment method would allow you to deposit. So, which is the best option? Read on as we provide in-depth information on each method of blocking betting sites.

Can I Use a Free Gambling Blocker 

Free iconHave you ever confessed, “I am tired of losing bets, and I want to make an exit”? Lately, software that lets you control or even outright ban any betting activity has grown by leaps and bounds.

While it used to lag far behind paid apps, nowadays, free gambling blocking software is, by all means, competitive and can give quality protection. We have singled out the two most popular ones who can help you if you are on a budget.


BMB_Number_OneStarted as a charity, BetBlocker has become a valuable online tool for controlling your habits without forcing you to proceed on how to delete a bet account. With a pool of more than 15.600 blocked sportsbooks, it lets you choose a timeframe of exclusion from one day to five years. Moreover, it includes a set of Parental Controls, which allows parents to stop kids from accessing inappropriate websites.


BMB_Number_TwoFocusing solely on British players, GamCare was initially a scheme that offered phone or online consultation for problem gamblers. Recently, it partnered with GamBan for a trial of a free gambling blocking software. Once you contact GamCare with a request, it can give you a free license for up to 15 devices.

Can I Block Betting Sites with Paid Software

BMB_Betting_BonusThe go-to choice for most punters concerned with safety is a paid gambling blocker. The reason is that they have multiple ways to limit your impulses and help you with your quest how to stop betting. They are also hard to bypass and cover many devices. The downside is obviously the cost, but usually, the traits offset it. Let’s see the best-paid apps in detail.

Net Nanny 

BMB_Number_OneOne of the oldest and most well-known apps for limiting internet access is Net Nanny. With features like social media and YouTube filtering, it has also become prevalent among punters.

You can completely block access even to online bookies or set a time limit. A license for five devices comes at $54.99 per year or $11 for a single device. There are versions for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS & Amazon Fire.


BMB_Number_TwoTargeting punters from the UK and internationally, Gamban lets you block more than 60.000 online bookmakers in the UK and worldwide. Starting in 2015, it has become an all-around solution for desktop & mobile.

You can test it for a 7-day trial period, and if it satisfies you, an annual subscription purchase is £24.99 (or €29.99) for unlimited devices. It is worth noting that you can exclude yourself from your preferred bookies from one month to one year.


BMB_Number_ThreeWith the aim of protecting British punters, GamBlock was launched in 2000, and it has become a staple for locals who want to rein in betting activity. With a prominent feature of an algorithm that does not require an update to block betting sites, it eliminates any dangerous period.

The cost is relevant to the device you use and the protection period. For a Windows computer and one-year protection, the cost would be $140.95, and for a Samsung smartphone and the same period, it would be $200.95.


BMB_Number_FourSince 2008, Betfitler has been another option for bettors who want to block online gambling and betting scams. Available to desktop & mobile devices, it can prohibit access to thousands of regulated and offshore sportsbooks and is updated regularly. The subscription service is subject to the number of devices you might use.  A yearly plan for one device comes at $69.95.

Schemes that Block Betting Sites 

BMB_Versus_IconIn some cases, it is untenable to limit betting via software. You might be able to bypass it or not have the funds to pay for a license. No worries, as you can still get some protection in that instance.

Several countries offer a domestic self-exclusion scheme for blocking betting sites at no cost. Remember that while they offer top-notch protection, they only function in regulated bookmakers, while international are beyond reach.


BMB_StopArguably the most famous one since it caters to the British market, it lets you self-exclude from all UKGC bookies, not from the Curacao sports betting sites, for instance. You can choose a period from six months, one year or five years, which you cannot reverse before it elapses.

To enhance protection, GamStop will not automatically lift the block once the timeframe passes but will wait for your request. All you need to register is an ID card or a driver’s license. More than 275.000 UK punters have registered with the scheme.


BMB_StopDanish players now have a distinctive local way to block online gambling sites. ROFUS is a scheme developed by the Spillemyndigheden (Danish Gambling Authority), which, similarly to GamStop, gives you self-exclude options from online bookmakers in Denmark.

The choices you have are 24 hours, one, three or six months and permanent exclusion. Again, you cannot remove the ban before time passes. Noteworthy, the exclusion also applies to land-based casinos.


BMB_StopSweden has a reputation for cracking down on illegal gambling, and it has created another method to help bettors in need. Once you register with your e-ID, you can choose from a period of one, three, six months or indefinitely to exclude yourself from all legal sportsbooks operating in Sweden. Furthermore, no gambling ads will be displayed to those excluded.

Can I Block Payments in my Bank Account 

BMB_Money_ProfitSeveral punters opt for limiting or a full bank gambling blocker. Since financial institutions offer that option, it seems like a foolproof approach. However, you will still be able to deposit with other methods like wallets and vouchers, so it is unlikely that such a banking block will stop you from playing. Choosing an app from the ones we listed above is almost always a better option.

How to Block Betting Apps on My Phone

BMB_Implied_OddsMobile betting breaks new records regularly. It accounts for more than 60% of the total volume and will likely keep growing. Aside from online bookmakers offering mobile apps for players, you might ask if there is a way to block gambling sites on my iPhone, for example.

Luckily there is, as every gambling app blocker we list, like Net Nanny, Gamban & GamBlock, has a mobile version for iOS & Android. Be careful when purchasing a license to include your mobile device as the price tag is different. Moreover, exclusion schemes like Gamstop also apply to smartphone betting so that you can limit yourself from gambling on licensed local sportsbooks.

Other Alternatives 

BMB_Enhanced_OddsLet’s assume that you do not want a full-blown ban on every bookie, but you would rather put some sensible limits. While you could use a paid or free gambling blocking software, it might not be worth the hassle. The bookmakers themselves can give you the tools to control better your spending, which is handy, especially when it comes to how to bet for beginners.

Setting a Limit

BMB_European Handicap Icon 2By following our guides, you can improve your knowledge on placing a bet online; you can choose to apply daily, weekly or monthly deposit and netting limits to your account. Once they are confirmed, your next deposit will only go through if it does not exceed the limit cap. Likewise, your next wager should equal your requested betting limit to or be of less value.

Self-excluding from a Bookmaker

BMB_Approve_HandAdmittedly, a ban from all online sportsbooks might be a little overboard for many people. Since the chances are that you have one preferred bookie, if you feel that playing gets out of hand, there are several solutions. You can ask for a Time Out which usually lasts between a few hours to a day, or a Self-Exclusion, which could be permanent.

Q: Which is the best app for blocking betting sites?

If you want to save money and go for a free app, BetBlocker is a quality solution with many features, while for British punters, GamCare offers a free trial app. For paid software, Net Nanny, GambLock and Gamban are tried and tested by numerous UK and international punters.

Q: How can I block all gambling sites on my phone?

You can choose any of our reviewed apps as they come with a mobile version tailored for iOS/Android. The only caveat is that if you also bet on a desktop, you might have to pay for an additional license for your smartphone. Furthermore, exclusion schemes like Gamstop are also eligible for mobile betting.

Q: Is there any gambling blocking software for free?

Sure there is, as BetBlocker comes with no cost and blocks more than 16.000 online bookmakers. In addition, every paid gambling app blocker has a free trial period, which helps test it and make up your mind.

Q: What is the process for excluding myself on Gamstop?

Once you visit the website, you can register with your driving license or ID card. Firstly, you have to enter your email address, and then the scheme will send you a message to explain the process. You can choose an exclusion for six months, one year or five years.

Q: Is Net Nanny free to use?

While there is a 14-day free trial version of the app, afterwards it comes at a cost. If you want to purchase a license for five devices, the price is $54.99 per year. Once you do that, you will enjoy unlimited access to features like social media filtering and time limit or a total ban on bookmakers.

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