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How to Bet on Dog Racing Strategy

Although horse racing has been a popular sport for a number of centuries, greyhound is not too far away in the entertainment stakes. Starting back in the 1920s, people have been starting bet on dog racing for nearly 100 years.

Due to the fast-paced action, it has become particularly prominent in the UK, the US, Ireland and Australia and offers plenty of opportunities to place a wager. Generally, dog racing is a challenging sport to master in terms of regular betting wins.

For those unsure of how to bet on dog racing and win, this guide will answer any question that has ever crossed your mind. This means soon you will know the exact criteria for picking the best runner and minimising the risks. But first, Before that, we have compiled a list of the best and most trusted greyhound racing bookmakers.

How to Bet on Dog Races and Win

BMB_Question MarkLike all other sports, a strategy is required if you are to come out on top. Many people asking just how to bet on dog racing and how to bet online generally; we will do our best to help you along the way. Because you decide to part with your hard-earned money, there are several key factors that you need to consider, including track distance, the surface, the age of the dog and their grade.

Failure to research these key factors will leave you short in greyhound betting. At the same time, this knowledge comes in the form of whether the distance will suit a greyhound who might get up to speed late. If the track is too short, they will likely be beaten by early or medium pacers.

Add the quality of the track surface and if it does not get the best out of the greyhound in question, this will likely hamper their performance. Not to forget that the race could be either in track form or coursing. However, the latter is now banned in most countries; therefore, most research will be based on how a runner performs on respective turfs.

How to Place a Greyhound Bet

BMB_ListJust like the world of pre-match and live betting on horse racing, placing a greyhound bet is a relatively simple process. However, fit can be slightly daunting for those who have never placed a wager of this kind. Thankfully, when you bet on dog racing can be rather easy and especially if you follow the steps below:

  • 1
    Step 1: Access your online betting account and select the track that interests you most. From here, there will be many races that will be available to bet on.
  • 2
    Step 2: Go through the available markets and select the kind of bet you want to make. Are you backing a greyhound to win, or are you simply hoping for a place instead?
  • 3
    Step 3: Make the selection and enter the stake on the betting slip. From here, all you need to do is sit back and watch the race unfold in front of you.

Main Dog Racing Bets Explained

BMB_Money_ProfitWith several different options when it comes to placing a bet on dog racing, it can be difficult to know your quinella from your trifecta. Thankfully, for those looking for placing a bet on dog racing thoroughly, check the points underneath:

⏩ Win: Of the greyhounds in the race, you are selecting the first one to cross the line. If the winner matches your pick, profits are just around the corner.

⏩ Place/show: Similar to each way of betting, this allows for your pick to finish in a place rather than an outright win. With greyhound races usually held with six entrants, a first or second-place finish constitutes a winning place.

⏩ Across the board: A combination of the first two options. This means you are placing two separate bets on the greyhound to not only win the race but place as well.

⏩ Quinella: You must select the two greyhounds you believe will finish first and second. You do not have to guess the order correctly as long as the pair are both in the top two finishers.

⏩ Trifecta: Similar to the Quinella, but this time things are slightly more complex. Instead of picking which two greyhounds will finish in the top two, you are selecting which three greyhounds will finish first, second and third in any order.

⏩ Superfecta: In this instance, you not only have to pick the first four finishers, but you must also pick them in the correct order.

⏩ Pick 3/6: The equivalent of the accumulator in football. Instead of picking one race winner, you are picking three or six instead. Should all your greyhound picks win their respective races, your bet will subsequently be a winner.

Which is the Best Way to Bet on Greyhounds

BMB_Versus_IconAlthough looking through the form guide is a crucial part when it comes to placing a bet on dog racing, it is not the only aspect. Because age, trap draw, and style also need to be considered, a great deal of research must be done. Thankfully following the best ante post betting sites for higher odds and researching these four elements is not as difficult as you may think, and now, we are going to highlight some of the key points from each.

Look at the Dog's Age

BMB_Number_One Arguably the most important factor in how to bet on dog racing is the runners’ age. Because in this discipline of racing, the younger the dog, the better the chance of them delivering a race win.

While the career of a greyhound is not particularly long, the peak of their powers is between four and six years old. This means entrants older than this range are unlikely to have much in the way of race success.

Check for the Draw

BMB_Number_TwoAnother aspect of how to bet on dog racing is the trap allocation for the race itself. If a greyhound is drawn into one of the inside lines, it will give them a better chance of winning. In addition, you need to look for whether a greyhound will be comfortable running from its allocated trap.

For example, if they are placed on the inside but coming in from the wide, this may hamper their performance in the race.

Search for the Recent Form

BMB_Number_ThreeLike in many other sports, the form guide in greyhound betting is essential. Although it can not truly predict a race winner, it can undoubtedly shine a light on those with a better chance of success. When looking at it, you want to keep an eye out for those dogs who have been successful recently.

Not only that, but you will want to avoid betting on those who are somewhat unstable and erratic when it comes to performance. However, simply looking at the form guide is not a guarantee on how to bet on dog racing and win. In a recent sample of over 40,000 greyhound races, the favourite won just 33.27% of the time.

Analyse the Dog's Running Style

BMB_Number_FourΒetting on dog racing would not be complete without checking each entrant’s style. Here it is all about factoring in whether a greyhound is an early pacemaker, a medium pacer, or a finisher.

The difference here is where the greyhound is the fastest on the track and where it can build up maximum speed. Should you be able to factor these styles into your betting strategy, it will boost your chances of selecting regular winners.

How to Pick Winning Greyhounds?

BMB_Book SpySimilarly to horse racing, keeping an eye on the different greyhound betting odds and available markets is vital. The more choice that is on offer, the more options you can consider before placing a wager. While like in all other forms of sports betting, it is also important to manage your bankroll.

With there being so many opportunities to bet per day, one needs a form of discipline when it comes to betting on minor sports. Placing wagers on dog racing should be carried out with an affordable unit strategy and you should only bet on dog racing that you have researched beforehand.

Not only that, but picking the right bookmaker is fundamental to any positive betting experience. Here you should look for the best odds on offer and the broadest range of markets. Live streaming can also be considered a key element to look out for.

Finally, we want to assure you that every major bookmaker goes under our microscope and in doing so, we make sure your bets get as much value as possible. With this in mind, here is our list of recommended bookmakers.

Q: Where is greyhound betting popular?

The reason that greyhound racing and, by extension, greyhound betting is so popular is that it is such an exciting sport to watch. Whether in person or at home, the races are always an interesting spectacle to view.

Q: How can I find out how to bet on dog racing and win?

For those who are new to the sport of greyhound racing and want dog racing bets explained, then guides such as this are arguably the best starting point of all. Once you have read our guide on greyhound betting, it should give you all the information you need. Placing a wager on an in-form greyhound should be a relatively easy task to complete once you are armed with all the stats and facts.

Q: How do you bet on dog racing online?

Regarding the best way to bet on dog racing, gambling online is arguably the most convenient. Like any other sport, just visit the bookmaker with an online presence, open an account and place your respective bets. Whether it is to win or any other options available, there is no barrier to entry when it comes to greyhound betting.

Q: What makes a racing dog good?

The reason that greyhound racing is so entertaining is because of its fast-paced nature. With the races lasting less than a minute, tensions are often high, which translates into why fans love this racing discipline so much. Not only that, but a dog at the back of the pack can just as quickly move to the front and with the winner never being a foregone conclusion, it also makes it rather interesting from a betting point of view.

Q: Why is the draw significant in greyhound racing?

With a circular greyhound racing track, it places extra importance on the trap draw beforehand. If a dog is handed one of the traps on the inside, it will give them less distance to run, increasing their chances of winning.

Q: What is dead heat?

A dead heat is when two greyhounds finish the race at the same time, which can be a regular occurrence in greyhound betting. If this is the case, dead heat rules will apply to the winning odds. This means payouts are calculated by dividing the stake by the number of winners in the tie. For example, if your stake was 10 euros at odds of 2.00 and two greyhounds were in a dead heat, your payout would only be based on a stake of five euros.

Q: Do I qualify for Best Odds Guaranteed?

When it comes to greyhound betting, one aspect to look out for is whether the bookmaker offers odds best odds guaranteed. Should this be the case, it will offer the opportunity to earn more in winnings. For example, if a greyhound had a starting price at 7.00, the best odds guaranteed would lock in potential price changes later in the day. If the odds shortened to 5.00 and the greyhound won, your winnings would be paid out at a higher value. Most bookmakers offer this guarantee, so if this is the case, be sure to take them up on the offer.

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