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The Greyhound is the fastest dog in the entire world and also considered as the fasted domesticated land animal. Owing to their lightning fast speed, Greyhounds are the stars of several major worldwide racing competitions where significant amount of money are wagered every day on dozens of top betting firms. On the following guide we will try and view the basic betting markets, offer a few tips that can prove invaluable, even to seasoned punters and see which are the best bookies you can choose from to bet on greyhounds.

Greyhound betting Markets

There is a great number of bets you can place on any major Greyhound race, that due to the nature of the sport, bear many similarities to horse racing. These include:

  • Straight/single/win: This is the simplest type of bet, were you pick a dog that you think will win the race. You obviously win, only if the selected Greyhound finishes first.

  • Place: You choose a dog that you expect to finish either first, or second.

  • Show: Likewise, you pick a hound that will finish in one of the first three positions.

  • Across the board: You technically place three bets (straight, place & show) on one dog. You win depending on the position your dog finishes at, i.e. a second placed dog will pay the show & place bets, but will lose the straight one.

  • Quinela/reverse forecast: A bet placed on two dogs, were they need to finish in the top two positions, regardless of order.

  • Perfecta/Exacta/Straight Forecast: Similar to the above, only this time you have to predict which dog will finish first and which one second.

  • Trifecta/tricast/treble forecast: Likewise, correctly predict the first three dogs of a race.

  • Superfecta: Predict the exact order of the first four dogs to cross the finish line. This bet offers a hefty payout.

  • Daily double: You must correctly pick the winners of the two first races of the day. You can only make this wager before the start of the race.

  • Jackpot: Pick six winners in six different races. Your payout will vary, depending on your bookie and the types of races.

  • Parley/accumulator/multiple bet: Similar to an acca football bet, you can mix various wagers from different races.

  • Pick 3: Predict three winners from three consecutive races.

  • Pick 6: Pick the winners from six consecutive races for an immense payout.

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Best way to bet on dog races

Betting on politicsPicking the right dog is not a matter of chance and there are many ways of gaining an advantage against the bookie. We will offer you ten simple tricks that if used correctly can truly have an impact on your winning percentage.

  1. Learn to find value odds. Bookmakers have no way of knowing whether a dog is on form or not and will frequently offer odds that do not reflect the real winning chances.

  2. Make sure to know everything about your dog. His/her age, last couple of races, whether it has not run lately.

  3. Try not to back first appearing Greyhounds, unless you have solid information. Believe it or not, dogs get anxious too.

  4. Try to avoid dogs that do not have a stable form pattern. Greyhound form is crucial on dogs races.

  5. Make notes on how certain dogs perform, on certain trap draws. If for example a dog tends to frequently make good starts from trap 2, might mean you are on to something.

  6. Keep it simple. There is no reason for choosing a multitude of races or bets that require four dogs to finish in an exact order. Surely your possible payouts might seem impressive, but unfortunately your chances will not.

  7. Learn to "feel the market". Oddsmakers and betting companies have loads of experience in the betting business and rarely make overwhelming mistakes. This means that a Greyhound that is tipped as a strong favorite, will in most cases finish in the first three positions. However, in some rare occasions, punters might think otherwise and bet on a different dog, influencing the odds in a way that will now offer another Greyhound the favorite. The odds on the initial favorite, will now have an added value, meaning that it would be wise to back this dog now.

  8. If the odds on a hound are sharply reduced right before the start of a race, 9 times out of 10 it will find itself in the first two positions. This does not happen as a coincidence, as it is usually the result of a bettor having rock solid inside information.

  9. Try to take it easy on your dog betting schedule. Regardless of whether you just won a small fortune, or lost more than one betslip, you should take a step back and wait until you can make a calm, calculated decision.

  10. Finally, like on any other sport, make sure that your bookmaker has every service that will improve your chances of making a winning bet. Live streaming, lots of betting markets and a quick website, can make a world of difference on your bankroll.


Betting Sites use PayPalDespite common belief, the Greyhound breed does not date back to ancient Egypt, as they have been selectively bred only during the last 250 years. Although American farmers used them extensively in the 18th century while hunting and occasionally to perform exhibition races, it wasn't until the creation of mechanical hares in 1912, that the sport truly boomed. Nowadays there are countless races taking place on a daily basis, predominantly in the UK, although more and more countries are starting to ban them, as growing accusations over animal cruelty have arisen (specifically in Australia and Macau).

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