Best Belize bookmakers

Population: 420.000belize-round-flag-icon
Active players: 70.000
Currency: Belize dollar (BZD)
Regulated gambling products: Lotteries, casino games, sports betting
Operator types: Casinos, bookmaker shops, online bookies, unlicensed online casinos and bookies
Designated authority: Belize Computer Wagering Licensing Board
Status: Regulated

Belize, its official name being “British Honduras” until 1973, is a country at the northeastern coast of Central America; it borders Mexico and Guatemala. Between 1500 and 1200 BC, it was home to the world famous Mayan civilization. The British colonized the country in the 17th century; up until 1981, when Belize eventually gained its independence.

English and Spanish are the official languages. Sports are popular in the local community, with football and basketball drawing the largest fanbase. Gambling in Belize has a long history; officially regulated since 1995. A few casinos are also present, while the Belize sports betting market is also very vivid welcoming locals and tourists.

Lastly, the country also offers local licensing too; the funny thing is that local players can only legally bet online with international operators. If a bookie holds a local license, it may not offer its online services to Belizeans.

Betting in Belize - 5 things to know

  • All forms of gambling are legal, land-based and online
  • Locally licensed bookies cannot offer their services to local players
  • There are casinos and bookmakers shops
  • The legal gambling age is set at 18
  • International bookies legally accept Belizean players

Best betting sites in Belize

Online betting in Belize offers many options. So, to make your choice easier, we list the best bookmakers, in terms of the sports events and markets they cover as well as the offers and special bets they provide.

Gambling in Belize: The law framework

The Belize gambling scene is legal and overall well regulated. It was actually one of the first countries to regulate online gambling, as early as 1995. There are two main relevant pieces of legislation; the Computer Wagering Licensing Act of 1995 and the Gaming Control Act of 2004. The first one also brought along the ‘Belize Computer Wagering Licensing Board’, which is still in charge. Brick and mortar casinos are also legal, accepting both locals and tourists. All forms of gambling are legal in the country (i.e. sports betting, casino, lotteries, poker).

Belize works as a licensing authority too, despite not being regarded as being among the top ones in the market. In any case, bookmakers in Belize initially had to pay a BZD 100,000 licensing fee and have a USD 500,000 deposit. However, in 2004, the Prime Minister reduced that to just BZD 30,000 (USD 15,000). The amendment also stated that applicants must maintain a customer support center within the country; still though, they are able to host their servers anywhere they like.

One peculiarity is that online gambling Belize providers can not offer their services to local players. At the same time though, Belizeans are totally allowed to access and play at international bookmakers and/or casinos.

Essential info for bettors

For players looking to place a bet, Belize is actually a good place to be. All forms of gambling are legal here, including the online sector. You should keep in mind that locally licensed bookmakers do not accept local players; on the other hand, considering their poor overall quality, it’s a good thing after all.

While many top notch international Belize bookmakers are out there, we are here to make things even easier for you; by listing every single online bookie you may play at. Moreover, these are all reputable operators, guaranteeing a safe betting experience. Not much else to worry about, just enjoy your gambling, being all legal and joyful.

How to deposit at online bookies

When looking to bet online, Belize does not disappoint. Funding one’s betting account also comes with quite a few options; credit cards and bank wires are of course very popular and thousands of players prefer them.

Still though, Belize betting sites offer more reliable options; like e-wallets. And while PayPal and Skrill are not available, there are some decent options to turn to. EcoPayz and Jeton are both accepting local sign ups, offering fast and secure transactions.

Last yet not least, there is cryptocurrency betting. An increasing percentage of online sports betting in Belize is actually taking place through cryptos; and that keeps increasing, as this emerging money exchange platform is drawing more and more users. Caution is always advisable here, since it is still more like an ‘uncharted waters’ kind of thing.

The future of online gambling in Belize

Betting in Belize is a popular everyday local pastime. Gambling has some deep roots over here and both the public and the state seem to embrace that fact. This is why both the brick and mortar and the online sector are attracting thousands of players.

What the future could bring, is an even more clear law framework regarding online procedures. For instance, it’s interesting to see if locally licensed operators will eventually accept local players or not. In any case, it will most probably continue to be a friendly environment for both players and operators.

The complete list of bookmakers in Belize

The Belize online betting scene is pretty rich. We now list all the bookmakers that accept local bettors, for you to have them all gathered up in one place. Again, these are all 100% legitimate operators. Don’t forget to check out their welcome offers and the daily special bets they come with.

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