Best Puerto Rico sportsbooks

Population: 3.300.000puerto-rico-round-flag-icon
Active players: 420.000
Currency: U.S. dollar (USD)
Regulated gambling products: Casino games, sports betting, lotteries
Operator types: Casinos, bookmaker shops, licensed and unlicensed online casinos and bookies
Designated authority: Puerto Rico Gaming Commission
Status: Regulated

Its official name being the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, it consists of the main island and several smaller ones. Its location is just between the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Dominican Republic. It was a Spanish colony from 1493 to 1898, and an American colony after that. Eventually, it is an unincorporated territory of the U.S.; while Puerto Ricans also count as U.S. citizens, as long as they want to. The nation has a deep sports culture that has been vivid for ages. Popular sports include mainly baseball, as well as basketball and boxing, followed by football (soccer).

Gambling in Puerto Rico is legal in all its forms and under a clear set of regulations. There are many casinos awaiting players, while sports and horse race betting are very popular. Online sports betting is legal too, and has been legal since 2019; yet no Puerto Rico sports betting sites hold a local license yet. Many international bookies accept local players, who have many options at their disposal.

Gambling in Puerto Rico - 5 things to know

  • All forms of gambling are legal for both locals and tourists
  • Online betting is also legal, from 2019 onwards
  • There are casinos and bookmaker shops one may visit
  • The legal gambling age is 18
  • No sportsbooks have acquired a local license yet

Best sportsbooks in Puerto Rico

The sports betting Puerto Rico scene comes with many options. There might not be local licensees yet, however, the online offering is quite rich; so, we list the top bookmakers to make your choosing easier. These are all renowned international bookies, offering numerous special bets and covering every major sporting event from around the globe.

Sports betting in Puerto Rico: The law framework

Puerto Rico gambling has played a vital role in locals’ everyday life through the years. And while all forms of gambling are legal, it’s also an unincorporated US territory; which means that it follows its gambling laws from many aspects. The turning point for online betting in Puerto Rico was in 2018; this is when the US Supreme Court abolished the 1992 'Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act' (PASPA). This was an act that had basically banned sports betting in the USA.

The door was now open and, thankfully, a Senate Bill (no. 1534) was soon brought to voting. The bill became a law, and from 2019 operators may apply for betting licenses; these cost $50,000 and are valid for one year only. The local Gaming Commission is in place, overlooking all procedures. The 2015 'reglamento de juegos de azar' is still the main piece of law, with amendments added when necessary.

One important point regards players signing up with local operators; this will include in-person registration, instead of the online process we are familiar with. This might be a major setback for many players; however, betting with international bookies still only requires remote (online) registration.

Lastly, the tax for an online Puerto Rico sportsbook stands at 12%; at the same time, player’s winnings do not fall under taxation. No bookies have applied for a local license yet, something that could change anytime soon.

Essential info for bettors

The online gambling Puerto Rico scene is quite rich; and legal too. Apart from the brick and mortar facilities that one may access; online betting also offers quite a few choices. It is also legal and properly regulated, despite the fact that no bookies in Puerto Rico have yet applied for a license. The online offering is vast, and many international operators await local players.

Note that if you want to sign up with a local bookie, you have to register in person; yes, that is how it stands. But don’t worry about it; there are always many exceptionally good international ones that will only have you do it online.

Last yet not least, sticking to the bookmakers we list, is the safest online choice. Many scam sites are looking to lure players; and sometimes it’s a tough call to actually spot them. Well, worry not, just follow any of the ones we suggest and you’ll have your peace of mind.

How to deposit at online bookies

Local players have many options regarding their online gambling activity. Puerto Rico sports betting is very popular especially among young people; funding their online account is not difficult either. Credit and debit cards are the most common and traditional way to do so; nothing to be afraid of either, since betting in Puerto Rico is also legal online.

Moreover, e-wallets are offering a great alternative service, for those who want an extra touch of privacy. PayPal and Neteller do not operate in the area; however, Skrill and Jeton do, providing a fast and secure transactions’ platform. They also have an easy sign up process, so, give them a go to find out for yourself.

Lastly, we have cryptocurrency betting, which is gaining more and more ‘gambling turf’ globally. Many bookies are already accepting crypto payments; so, always being cautious, it’s not bad to gradually familiarize yourself with this evolving money exchange platform.

The future of online betting in Puerto Rico

The gambling scene is already inviting for both players and operators in this beautiful country. For a sportsbook Puerto Rico is still an emerging market; therefore, most operators are still hesitant to apply for a license. However, law developments since 2019 are only showing positive signs.

For local players alike, placing a bet in Puerto Rico is easy, legal, and comes with many options. Online betting could soon compete -in numbers- with the brick and mortar sector. We just have to wait and see how local operators will respond to the-still-shaping market.

The complete list of Puerto Rican bookmakers

The online offering is quite rich here. So, in order to help you dodge scam operators, we list every bookie that accepts local players. These are totally legitimate operators, offering a great betting variety which will cover all your needs. Check them out.

Q: Is online gambling legal in Puerto Rico?

As of 2019, online gambling in Puerto Rico has joined the local brick and mortar sector in terms of legality. Players may legally join any international bookmakers they wish, while-as it stands-no local betting sites have applied for a local gambling license yet.

Q: Is it safe to gamble online in Puerto Rico?

The online gambling scene is chaotic; and should always be approached with caution. The fact that scam sites will always be out there, the easiest way to avoid them and have a safe betting experience, is to stick to the bookmakers bookies we list for your convenience. These are legitimate and fully licensed operators; signing up with any of them, guarantees you a safe betting journey.

Q: Can I use PayPal in Puerto Rico?

PayPal unfortunately does not operate in Puerto Rico. On the other hand, there are other e-wallets that can alternatively offer you fast and reliable online transactions. Skrill and Jeton are two top choices, both making your online deposits and withdrawals as smooth as possible.

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