Best Trinidad and Tobago bookmakers

Population: 1.400.000trinidad-and-tobago-flag-icon
Active players: 180.000
Currency: Trinidad and Tobago dollar (TTD)
Regulated gambling products: Casinos, sports betting, lotteries
Operator types: Casinos, lotteries, betting shops, unlicensed online bookies and casinos
Designated authority: Gambling (Gaming and Betting) Control Commission
Status: Regulated

Its official name being the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, this is the southernmost island country in the Caribbean. Geographically part of the West Indies, it was handed over to Britain in 1802 under the Treaty of Amiens. The-back then-separate states were unified in 1889; while they eventually obtained independence from the UK in 1962, becoming a republic in 1976.

The local economy is quite typically based on tourism; gambling in Trinidad and Tobago also generates significant amounts of money, mainly through incoming tourism. Sports are popular, especially football and basketball. Gambling here has been regulated from as early as 1963.

Casinos and luxurious member’s clubs await players, both locals and tourists. However, the online gambling sector is not regulated; still, many international Trinidad and Tobago betting sites accept local players; therefore, the options are pretty rich after all.

Betting in Trinidad and Tobago - 5 things to know

  • The legal gambling age is set at 18
  • All forms of land-based gambling are legal
  • Casino gambling has been regulated since as early as 1963
  • Online gambling is still not regulated
  • There is no active surveillance or punishment for online bettors

Best betting sites in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago online gambling is not restricted, despite not being typically legal. Therefore, the options are limitless. To make your choice a little bit easier, we list the top available bookies. These stand out for the various events and markets they cover, along with numerous offers and special bets.

Online gambling in Trinidad and Tobago: The law framework

All forms of land-based gambling are legal and under regulation. The regulatory body regarding all brick and mortar activity is the Trinidad and Tobago Gambling (Gaming and Betting) Control Commission. The main legal piece was first put in place in 1963; it was the gambling and betting Act, amended in 2014 and again just recently, in 2021.

The latest amendments clarify that: individuals involved in operating gaming establishments or are actively related to the sector, must obtain a proper license. Those who engage in unlicensed gambling activities shall face heavy fines and up to five years imprisonment. Meanwhile, the online sector is still out of context; no reference on it whatsoever. It is therefore typically illegal; however, things roll differently in everyday life. In the absence of local ones, many international Trinidad and Tobago online betting sites await local players. The authorities have a totally passive stance, leaving players all the liberty they need. No prosecutions or surveillance of any kind is reported.

Lastly, the legal gambling age is 18; this applies to local gambling facilities. Some online bookmakers may have a limit of 21; still, this is something for you to check upon registration at any chosen operator.

Essential info for bettors

All forms of land-based gambling are legal. There are many betting shops to visit; yet no online Trinidad and Tobago bookmakers to choose from. Gambling online is typically illegal.

No surveillance or blockage of access on behalf of the authorities is apparent. Using a VPN is still advisable though; being typically illegal, it’s better to have an extra security layer. Also, winnings are not taxable at the brick and mortar establishments; something that of course also applies at the Trinidad and Tobago online gambling sphere. Authorities can not and will not lay a hand on your winnings, especially if you keep it as private as possible.

How to deposit at online bookies

Since-typically-online betting in Trinidad and Tobago is not legal, we advise that you should better avoid traditional payments. Bank wires and credit card payments lead straight back to you; and even if the authorities are not strict at all, it’s always a good idea to keep a low profile.

E-wallets are the best option one can choose. PayPal may not be available, however, Trinidad and Tobago betting sites offer other state of the art alternatives too. Skrill and Neteller are two perfect examples; they are accepting local players, while providing fast and secure transactions.

As regards the crypto market, it is quite vivid in the area. Although not officially accepted by the local banking system, many players are already using them. With the necessary caution, we suggest that players should get to know what the cryptocurrency market is all about. An increasing number of bookmakers is already offering crypto betting; simply put, staying in touch with technological developments could only prove beneficial in the long term after all.

The future of online betting in Trinidad and Tobago

Gambling is legal in all its land based forms. The online sector on the other hand has still a long way ahead. The lack of strict measures though, makes it a friendly environment whatsoever.

The state’s lax stance leaves room for possible further amendments. We can’t risk guessing when a Trinidad and Tobago bookmaker will eventually get a local license. What we can say, based on reports, is that current laws could be changing soon; and some liberal amendments to the local online gambling sector should not come as a surprise after all.

The complete list of bookmakers in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago online gambling is typically illegal; still though, lax surveillance has led to a growing number of online bookmakers to choose from. And in order to stay away from any scam ones, we list every legitimate bookie that accepts local players. Check them out for yourself.

Q: Is online gambling legal in Trinidad and Tobago?

Despite the booming land-based gambling sector, the online one has been left out. Still though, the authorities do not actually track down online gambling ‘offenders’. So, it might not be typically legal to engage in online gambling here, yet on the other hand, should not really cause you any trouble either; especially with a bit of caution on your behalf.

Q: Is Bet365 available in Trinidad and Tobago?

Bet365 is already one of the most popular international bookies; it does indeed accept Trinidadian players, while providing wide coverage on all major football events from around the world; along with many special bets and offers on different sports, it is surely among the top Trinidad and Tobago betting sites one may join.

Q: Is online gambling safe in Trinidad and Tobago?

The safety of online gambling relies mainly on the operator you choose. In the absence of a regulatory framework for Trinidad and Tobago online bookies, there’s a simple solution; just stick to the ones we list in our analysis. They are all totally legitimate and trustworthy operators; join them without any worries.

Q: Is William Hill available to Trinidadian bettors?

One of the oldest and most reputable international bookmakers, William Hill awaits local players. With 80+ years of experience and 400+ football markets to bet on, it’s bound to have your needs covered; 200+ horse races/day and various special bets covering many top sports, are not to be missed out.

Q: Can I use PayPal in Trinidad and Tobago?

PayPal does not allow gambling transactions in this beautiful part of the globe; thankfully, Skrill and Neteller are both available, offering fast and secure transactions and a really trustworthy environment.

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