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Best Bahamas Betting Sites

The country’s official name is the Commonwealth of The Bahamas; it's a sovereign country within the Lucayan Archipelago of the West Indies in the Atlantic; located north of Cuba and southeast of Florida. The capital is Nassau, on the island of New Providence. It became a British colony in 1718 after the British decided to hunt down the area’s pirates. The country eventually earned its independence from the UK in 1973.

It traditionally depends on tourism, and alongside it, gambling tourism flourishes as well. Locals love sports, mainly cricket, basketball and football (i.e. soccer, as they call it). Gambling in the Bahamas is legal and regulated, and luxurious casinos await players, except locals are not allowed to participate. Bahamas sports betting is, however, still very popular; local players seem to take advantage of laws being lax. At the same time, many international bookies accept local punters, so the options are pretty rich, after all.

Best Betting Sites in the Bahamas

bahamas-round-icon-flagThe Bahamas gambling scene is illegal for locals. However, they still opt for international operators who provide them with much variety regarding online betting in the Bahamas. We now give you the top bookmakers to help you make up your mind. These topped our choices for the numerous sports and markets they cover, along with their offers and special bets.

Betting in the Bahamas - 5 Things to Know

  • 1
    All forms of gambling in the Bahamas are illegal for locals
  • 2
    Casino gambling has been legal since 1969, available, however, only to tourists
  • 3
    There are some online gambling shops, the legality of which is controversial
  • 4
    The legal gambling age is set at 18
  • 5
    Gambling laws are far from being strictly applied

General info

Population: 395.000

Active players: 50.000

Currency: Bahamian dollar (BSD)

Regulated gambling products: Casinos, sports betting

Operator types: Land-based casinos, unlicensed online bookies & casinos

Designated authority: Gaming Board For The Bahamas

Status: Regulated

Sports Betting in the Bahamas: The Law Framework

BMB_Best IconIf you’re looking for an exotic paradise along with some gambling, the Bahamas is the place to be. Casinos have been legal here since 1969. The country realized quite early on that incoming flocks of tourists could also bring much money through gambling. And so, many luxurious casinos have been built, making it something like the Caribbean's games of chance hotspot.

The main legal piece is currently the 2014 Gaming Act; surprisingly, though, it excludes locals from any type of relevant activity. Only tourists get to gamble. The Gaming Board For The Bahamas supervises all procedures in the area. As for the Bahamas sports betting sector, it is kind of unique.

There is no local licensing system, to begin with; next, online betting is not particularly mentioned anywhere in the legal framework. The state does not actually monitor or block international bookies from offering their services, and players are not prosecuted either. To top that up, one may visit the so-called ‘web shops’ to place online bets through international sites.

This, not being totally legal, is a paradox and a unique Bahamian feature. Some of these shops have been closed by the authorities, yet players never-reportedly-faced problems. If you find all this a bit confusing, we will untangle it all straight away, so the best thing to do in order to enjoy the Bahamas online betting is to play from your home's privacy. It is not totally legal, yes; but with reluctant authorities and some added privacy from your own home, no problems should arise.

Essential Info for Bettors

BMB_Sports_GenericFor players looking to place a bet, Bahamas offers few choices. All forms of brick and mortar gambling are illegal for locals. So, if you’re one, we suggest you avoid even the aforementioned web shops, simply because you never know when the authorities will decide to clamp them down.

On the other hand, sports betting in the Bahamas is easily accessible online. There is no actual surveillance, and authorities tend to turn a blind eye. Therefore, given the plethora of online options, local punters can also enjoy top services. Last yet not least, keep in mind that there are also many scam operators on the web.

Thankfully, there’s an easy and convenient way to avoid them; sticking to any of the Bahamas bookmakers we list; you may rest assured that they are all 100% legitimate. Even more, their offering is very rich and will most probably satisfy all your betting needs.

How to Deposit at Online Bookies

BMB_Betting OddsLocal players keep visiting online operators because of the lack of local bookmakers in the Bahamas. Funding one's online account could be tricky; especially in an area where it is typically illegal to gamble in the first place (if you’re a local).

Therefore, avoiding bank wires and credit cards is a good starting point; you do not want your online transactions leading straight back to you, simple as that. Thankfully, e-wallets are here for that reason; Skrill and Neteller are both welcoming Bahamian players, offering a fast and secure transactions platform. PayPal is not available, while ecoPayz and Jeton also offer decent alternatives.

Generally, each bookmaker offers a handful of payment and deposit methods to choose from; we just highlight the major ones for you. Last yet not least, we could not omit a simple reference to cryptocurrencies; crypto betting is gaining more and more fans globally. Getting to know this evolving money exchange method could only prove beneficial; always with caution, though, until you get to know it well. Many Bahamas bookmakers are already accepting crypto payments.

The Future of Online Betting in the Bahamas

BMB_Question MarkIf you’re a visitor to the Bahamas, gambling is legal; and it’s everywhere. The same does not apply to local players, though. The strictness of it all dates way back; meanwhile, not many reports indicate that there are talks towards the modernization of the sector.

It’s not easy to make a prediction yet regarding what shall follow. Still, for those looking to place a bet online, the Bahamas already pose a user-friendly environment. The state’s lax stance towards it does indeed leave room for possible law amendments. The Bahamian culture also leans towards a more liberating approach; time will show sooner or later.

Betting Restrictions in the Adjoining Countries

Despite what is going on within the Bahamas, countries nearby have set their own rules regarding online gambling. Examining these regulations will provide a clearer understanding of the betting frameworks that are in place and will improve your knowledge: 

⏩ Cayman Islands: Strange as it may sound, all types of gambling, either land-based or online, are banned in the Cayman Islands. The only legal form is some kind of raffle. Of course, this doesn't stop players from registering at independent Cayman Islands Online Gambling Sites and placing wagers there. 

⏩ Cuba: Despite the country's lucrative history in sports like baseball and boxing, online gambling has been illegal since 1959. Nonetheless, government supervision is relaxed and authorities are more interested in blocking the operators. Hence players can visit Cuba online bookmakers relatively freely, albeit the risk of a site being banned is high. 

⏩ Dominican Republic: This is another top destination if you want to combine sandy beaches with gambling. Locals and tourists will be glad to know that any form of gambling is legal, which means you can also access any of the international Dominican Republic betting sites operating in the country with no constraints.  

Q: Is online sports betting legal in Bahamas?

Locals are left out of the booming gambling scene in the Bahamas. Online sports betting is no exception, only tourists can legally practice it. However, the authorities are very relaxed when actually applying the law. Choosing an online bookie while keeping a low profile about it, will most probably keep you away from any kind of trouble after all.

Q: Is Bet365 available in the Bahamas?

Bet365, a well-established and popular international bookmaker, indeed accepts Bahamian bettors; with an extensive coverage on all major football events from around the world and various special bets and offers, it is undoubtedly one of the best Bahamas betting sites one can access.

Q: Is online gambling safe in the Bahamas?

The issue of safety when gambling online, is not as complex as one might believe. And since there are always gonna be scam sites out there, simply sticking to the bookies we list in our analysis makes things easy for you. Because these are all legitimate and totally trustworthy operators; so simply join them without any further thought.

Q: Is 1xBet available to Bahamian bettors?

One of the most reputable international bookmakers, 1xbet awaits local players. With a 98%+ payout on all major football leagues and numerous special bets and offers on all major sporting events, it is here to cover even the most demanding players. Last yet not least, it offers many different payment options.

Q: Can I use PayPal in the Bahamas?

PayPal does not allow gambling transactions while in the Bahamas. On the other hand, Skrill and Neteller are both available, offering a fast and secure transactions’ platform. Do not forget to use a VPN when betting online, since it is typically illegal.

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