Best Cayman Islands bookmakers

Population: 71.000cayman-islands-round-flag
Active players: 10.000
Currency: Cayman Islands dollar (KYD)
Regulated gambling products: Raffles
Operator types: Cruise ship casinos, raffles, unlicensed online bookies & casinos
Designated authority: No designated authority
Status: Regulated

The Cayman Islands are located in the Greater Antilles and comprise three islands; Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, in the south of Cuba and next to Jamaica and Honduras. The capital is George Town of Grand Cayman, which in turn is the most populated of the three islands. They were a territory of Jamaica from 1958 to 1962, before reverting to direct British ruling in 1962 onwards, after the independence of Jamaica. They constitute a self-governing British Overseas Territory; considered a worldwide-famous financial haven since it does not inflict any kind of taxes on any income or deposits.

Locals love basketball, football, cricket and rugby; partly deriving from the influence the English have had on the islands. Gambling in the Cayman Islands is illegal; and it has actually been alike ever since 1963 when the first local law was enacted. Legal gambling includes two variants; some non-profit raffles and casino games aboard cruise ships on international waters, of course. Cayman Islands sports betting is however still very popular; local players usually opt for online operators to quench their gambling thirst.

Cayman Islands online gambling - 5 things to know

  • There are no bookmaker shops or casinos
  • All forms of gambling in Cayman Islands are illegal, apart from some types of raffles
  • The online sector is typically out of the law’s agenda, however, still considered illegal
  • There is no designated gambling authority in place
  • No international bookies have yet applied for a local betting license

Cayman Islands best betting sites

The fact that the local law framework does not explicitly include the online sector, has left plenty of room for operators to reach local players. The offering is quite rich, therefore, we hereby list the best Cayman Islands bookmakers, to help you make up your mind; they come with various special bets and welcome offers, while providing a wide coverage of the biggest sports events and competitions from around the globe.

Gambling in the Cayman Islands: The law framework

All forms of gambling are illegal in the Cayman Islands with just a couple of exceptions; non-profit, fundraising raffles that bring money back to the local society, and gambling aboard cruise ships. These ships drift to international waters, so, typically, people gamble outside of the Caymans. Gambling has been illegal ever since 1963; that was the year when the first Act came to life in the islands.

As regards the online sector, things are a bit vague here. The law refers to ‘any form of commercial gambling’; yet there is no reference on sports betting in the Cayman Islands. And that's logical, since there was no online sector back in 1963. Still though, it is treated as being illegal too. Players can typically be prosecuted if caught gambling online in the Cayman Islands, however, this is not actually happening. According to reports, the authorities mainly just try to block sites from reaching out to local players. Sometimes they succeed, but the enforcement is not that strict in this case either. Players themselves are not the authorities' main target.

In early 2016 the authorities introduced an amendment to the 1963 Cayman Islands gambling law; yet nothing practically changed. It basically just allowed a broader network of raffles' retailers; again under the scope of fundraising to give back to sports facilities, youth structures etc. All forms of what we typically mean by gambling, remained illegal. Sports betting still remains popular though; many locals choose international bookies, and so do tourists. Notably, the laws only typically apply to locals; so, if you're a tourist in this beautiful place, it's totally legal for you to place your online bets with any bookmaker of your choice.

Essential info for bettors

All forms of land based gambling are illegal; however, there are quite a few gambling houses and casinos that submerge from time to time. I believe we do not need to stress any further the fact that these premises are all illegal; they should only land you in trouble, so, simply stay away from them.

Players who decide to opt for online bookmakers in the Cayman Islands, should be cautious; both in terms of keeping it private, as well as avoiding various scam sites that exist online. The best way to do so is by just picking any of the ones we list, all being totally trustworthy operators. To top that up, the online Cayman Islands betting sites we list provide a really wide sports coverage on every sport and competition one might bargain for.

To sum up, use a VPN to keep your online betting as private as possible. Avoid any bookmaker shops you might come across, or any self proclaimed bookies; these are all illegal. Lastly, follow our suggestions; this way you’ll ensure you won’t end up risking not getting your winnings paid by any dodgy operators.

How to deposit at online bookies

Betting in the Cayman Islands does not leave players with many options. Going online is actually a one-way road, while players wonder how to fund their accounts and withdraw their winnings. Given the fact that gambling is illegal, traditional methods should probably be avoided; using credit cards as well as bank wires, simply lead straight back to the player; therefore, it’s a ‘no’.

Thankfully, almost every Cayman Islands online betting site provides alternatives like e-wallets; top choices like Skrill, Neteller and ecoPayz are all awaiting local sign-ups; while offering fast and secure transactions. Definitely the best option for someone in order to have some privacy while enjoying a high-level service.

Lastly, crypto betting in the Cayman Islands is also very popular among players. The VASP Law (Virtual Asset Service Providers) is also in place from November 2020, attracting various cryptocurrency businesses. With plenty of bookmakers already providing crypto betting, Caymanians could not be indifferent. With all the caution that needs to be taken in -still massively-uncharted waters; it would be good to at least get to know this unstoppably emerging money transactions’ platform.

The future of sports betting in the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands bet scene is vanishing in the illegality of the sector as a whole. It would not be easy or clever to try to predict what the future will bring; however, sports betting has been slowly incorporated into a few US states’ gambling law framework.

And that leaves a spec of chance that it might just be the case for the Caymans too. If that eventually happens, local betting sites in the Cayman Islands could also emerge. Up till then though, these are all just assumptions. As it stands, international bookies remain the only viable option for local players; thankfully though, a good option indeed.

The complete list of bookmakers in the Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands gambling options are quite limited, as we’ve seen. At least the online part is-on the contrary-pretty rich. So, we shall now list all the available options local players have for their sports betting; all being 100% legitimate operators.

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