Dropping odds Explained: Build a dropping odds strategy

Q: Why do odds drop?

The main reason is that the odds of a specific choice are overwhelmingly selected by the majority of bettors, who considered this choice to have value. As a chain reaction, bookmakers will adjust the odds in such levels to find a balance considered fair by the bettors.

Q: How to use in-play dropping odds?

Understanding why odds are dropping during a sports event is a more complicated situation because every minute, the game scenario is changing. So, every conclusion based on odds might not be safe enough. You can follow the “15% Rule” for pre-match and in-play betting to make your decisions and moves.

Q: How do bookies affect the market?

Online bookmakers can play their own “mind games” by altering the odds sets. All betting sites take a severe look at the total money a bet gets, so if too much is waged on team A, they simply decrease the odds. The effect is obvious; fewer people will bet on that team.

Q: What is the Odds Drop Ratio?

The Odds Drop Ratio is the total percentage of odds changing. For example, the 2 (-0.25 A.H.) on Lippstadt against Dusseldorf II, for the German Regionalliga West, from 2.85 odds decreases to 2.25 odds. The Drop Ratio in this selection is 21%.

Q: Do bettors need to use a dropping odds tracker?

A player should check the odds drop manually at the start in order to understand how the process works. Then a dropping odds tracker should be helpful to inform them instantly of the bookies’ changes.

Q: What is the closing odds meaning?

Closing odds are the result of how the betting market has reacted to all available information, news, and stats about a particular selection’s outcome. These odds are configured and offered before match kick-off.

Q: Are dropping odds an indication for fixed matches?

A sudden odds decrease doesn’t always mean there is a fraud. If the bookmakers are suspicious of fixed matches, they usually block the odds. That means they are not accepting bets on these events and stop, of course, every odds adjustment.

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