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Best Taiwan Betting Sites

Officially named the Republic of China (ROC), Taiwan is an East Asian country; it neighbors China, Japan and the Philippines. It has strong relations with the PR of China, and the latter's Criminal Code prevails over much of Taiwan's everyday life; including the gambling sector. Gambling in Taiwan is considered illegal, with only a few exceptions, mainly that of the Taiwan Sports Lottery (TSLC).

Sports are a big part of everyday life; people love football, basketball and -mainly- baseball, which attracts thousands of spectators in the local league games. Chien-Ming Wang is an iconic Taiwanese former professional baseball player. There is, however, a lack of specific gambling regulation, especially regarding the online sector; this has left an open window for international bookies to offer their services in the area. As a result, sports betting in Taiwan does not lack options.

Best Betting Sites in Taiwan

taiwan-flagThe fact that the local gambling laws are not very clear, has left much room for international bookies to operate in the area. So, to make it easier for you, we narrowed the options down to the best Taiwan bookmakers; these stand out for the wide coverage they have on all major sports, including football and baseball. Moreover, they come with various special bets and welcome offers to suit all needs.

Betting in Taiwan - 5 things to know

  • 1
    In general, all forms of gambling are illegal
  • 2
    The minimum gambling age is set at 20
  • 3
    There is no designated gambling authority
  • 4
    The Taiwan Sports Lottery is the only legal sports betting operator in the area
  • 5
    International bookies are also actively accepting local players

General info

Population: 23.500.000

Active players: 3.000.000

Currency: New Taiwan dollar (TWD)

Regulated gambling products: Sports betting, lotteries

Operator types: Lotteries, bookmaker shops, unlicensed online bookies & casinos

Designated authority: No designated authority

Status: Regulated

Taiwan Sports Betting: The Law Framework

BMB_Power Icon

Simply put, gambling is illegal; however, there are exceptions. The Uniform Invoice Lottery, the Public Welfare Lottery, the Sports Lottery and Mahjong are all legal. There are no specific laws governing the online sector.

Many betting shops of the government-owned Taiwan Sports Lottery (TSLC) can be found on almost every street; and it also offers online sports betting, yet on a quite limited array. Baseball, the most popular local sport, is absent from TSLC’s betting slips; and through article 266, China's Criminal Code makes it illegal to gamble in a public place or/and host facilities for the purpose of it.

Therefore, as it stands, the TSLC offers the only legal locally-based Taiwan online gambling option. Players sometimes get into trouble for placing bets at illegal Taiwan sports betting sites. Avoiding all domestic gambling providers, apart from the TSLC, is a must.

Still, there's no reference to accessing international betting sites which hold licenses from other jurisdictions. It remains a grey area, yet players rarely face prosecution for doing so. Moreover, authorities do not block access despite the active surveillance they apply over the internet.

Historically, Taiwan gambling has been a popular everyday pastime. It was as early as 1935 when the Criminal Code first banned all forms of gambling in the country. Then, in 1951, the Uniform Invoice Lottery Act made the lottery legal. The other lotteries only became legal as late as 2002 and 2008, respectively.

Lastly, there was an effort to amend the Offshore Islands Development Act in 2009. This amendment says that the local population in Taiwan's offshore islands may vote in favor or not of building casinos to promote tourism. But nothing has been done in that direction up till now.

Essential Info for Bettors

BMB_Best Icon

Despite the general gambling illegality, there are a couple of lotteries that players can legally play at; through one of which, sports betting is also legal. There is a bit of confusion concerning online gambling in Taiwan.

So, while the Criminal Code leaves no room for accessing illegal local sites, it makes no reference to international bookies; ones that hold other jurisdictions’ licenses. To have peace of mind, avoid all betting sites in Taiwan apart from the TSLC; also, when accessing international operators, it’s still wise to keep a low profile.

You never know at which exact point the law will decide to be more strict. Therefore, it’s better to hide your tracks anyway. Use VPN software and always play in the privacy of your home. Keep your betting private, and don’t talk much about it. Despite very few incidents of prosecuting players for betting at international rather than locally licensed bookies, do not push your luck.

Last yet not least, authorities do not tax winnings that derive from betting with the TSLC; then again, you definitely get to keep all you win when betting with international bookmakers too. Plus, the fact that the odds there are much bigger.

Taiwan Sports Betting

BMB_Sports_GenericBaseball is by far the most popular sport in Taiwan; it dates back to the years of Japanese rule over the country in the early 20th century. However, Taiwan sports betting on baseball through the only local legal provider is not possible; that's because the TSLC only covers football, basketball, tennis, ice hockey and American football.

As if that wasn't enough, it is also notorious for its poor odds. So, if you wanna place a bet on the MLB or the local CPBL, online bookies in Taiwan will cater for it. Either looking to back the NY Yankees or your local CTBC Brothers or Fubon Guardians; you will find what you're looking for at the international bookmakers we list.

Moreover, all major football leagues like the English Premier League or the Spanish Primera Division are thoroughly covered too. Summing up, definitely avoid any illegal local betting site; then, place your bets with any of our listed top international bookies rather than doing so through the TSLC's poor offering.

How to Deposit at Online Bookies

BMB_Markets GenericTaiwanese bettors usually prefer the traditional methods of credit and debit cards to fund their online betting accounts; Mastercard and Visa cards, as well as bank wire, are very common among local players. Still, bookies offer great Taiwan betting alternatives, which are gaining more and more fans here, too.

Such as e-wallets, so Skrill and Neteller are both available and among the top choices one can make. They provide fast and secure transactions with a touch of privacy. At the same time, PayPal does not operate in the country; at least, it does not allow gambling transactions through its platform.

Lastly, crypto betting is also on the rise; however, it still isn’t accepted by the Central Bank of the Republic of China as a currency. Many international bookies in Taiwan are offering it, and many players are exploring it every day. Among the top options, you can find Ethereum, Litecoin, and Tether bookmakers

On the other hand, the TSLC offers -locally- popular payment gateways, mainly including: LINE Pay and Alipay. All three are well-established and have hundreds of thousands of users. They cooperate with local banks like Taishin International Bank and Taipei Fubon Bank, catering for all sorts of local payments.

List of Bookmakers Accepting New Taiwan Dollar (TWD)

BMB_BankrollTopping up your betting account in your local currency means you don’t have to worry about exchange fees. At this point, we list all Taiwan bookmakers that accept TWD transactions for your convenience.

Gambling Laws in Nearby Countries

Hong Kong: Even though it is part of China, HK has a different set of rules when it comes to gambling. Besides some types of horse and football betting that are run by the Jockey Club, the rest of the types are illegal. Though some Hong Kong betting sites online do exist, the punishment for violators is harsh. 

Japan: Despite the fact that the Penal Code exists, you will find many locals engaging in gambling activities, including the popular pachinko machines. When it comes to online betting, the general rule is that players are free to play on international Japanese betting sites until a framework is introduced. 

S. Korea: Interestingly enough, Koreans can only enter specific casinos and gambling dens in the country. Not only that, but they are prohibited from playing in casinos abroad. On the other hand, online gambling is too considered illegal. However, due to relaxed restrictions, there are many South Korea betting sites available at the moment. 

The Future of Online Betting in Taiwan

BMB_Book Spy

The Taiwan bet scene is as straightforward as it gets. All forms are illegal, apart from the state’s sports lottery offering. The 2009 amendment regarding the offshore islands was a beacon of light towards more liberalization of the sector altogether.

However, since it did not eventually go through, things are static, to say the least; nobody can tell for sure if the state will finally decide upon relaxing its laws. Therefore, we can not risk a prediction concerning Taiwan online betting sites getting licenses anytime soon. China’s influence shall always play a pivotal role in the good ol’ Formosa, after all.

Q: Is betting legal in Taiwan?

The Criminal Code states that all forms of gambling in Taiwan are illegal; with exceptions, as is always the case. The local sports lottery offers legal betting services, while the authorities keep a very lax stance towards online betting, provided that it’s not done through illegal local operators. Finding and betting online at a reputable online bookie, should not land you to trouble, despite not being 100% legal.

Q: Is 1xBet available to Taiwanese players?

One of the most reputable international bookies, 1xBet accepts local sign ups, while providing local currency (TWD) betting too. Moreover, a 98%+ payout on the biggest football leagues awaits players. To top that up, it comes with numerous special bets and offers on all major sporting events, covering every player’s needs.

Q: Is online gambling legal in Taiwan?

The local law framework does not cover the online sector properly; still, it’s commonly accepted that all forms of gambling are illegal, except for those offered by the Taiwan Sports Lottery. It is definitely illegal to bet online with unlicensed local bookies; still though, placing an online bet in Taiwan through international bookies that hold another jurisdiction’s valid license, is more like a grey zone.

Q: Can I use Line Pay in Taiwan?

Founded in 2015, LINE Pay Taiwan has already established itself as the country's top digital wallet and cashless payments operator. Players can definitely use it for their TSLC betting, and also check for any international bookies that may also provide it as a means of payment.

Q: Where can I legally place a bet in Taiwan?

Taiwan gambling laws dictate that the only legitimate way to place a bet is through the Taiwan Sports Lottery; either at its bookmakers shops, or at its online platform. However, things are vague concerning the online sector. Technically, players should avoid other local online betting providers; on the other hand, playing at international renowned bookies should not raise any alarms to local authorities.

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