Best Antigua and Barbuda bookmakers

Population: 97.000antigua-flag
Active players: 15.000
Currency: East Caribbean dollar (XCD)
Regulated gambling products: Sports betting, casinos, lotteries
Operator types: Lottery, casinos, bookmaker shops, unlicensed online bookies & casinos
Designated authority: Financial Services Regulatory Commission
Status: Regulated

Antigua and Barbuda is an island country in the West Indies, between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. As its name implies, it consists of two main islands, and some smaller ones. The capital and largest city is Antigua's St. John's.

Christopher Columbus first discovered the island of Antigua in 1493. Later on, British colonization started in 1632 until the country finally gained its independence just in 1981. Cricket and football are the most popular sports among locals; not a surprise if we consider the long British ruling.

The local gambling sector was present even before it obtained its independence. All forms of gambling in Antigua and Barbuda are legal; much of its tourism consists of gamblers who wish to combine beautiful beaches with glamorous casino hotels. Sports betting is also very popular, while players may access any international bookie they wish; apart from that, the local commission also serves as a licensing authority for betting companies in Antigua.

Betting in Antigua and Barbuda - 5 things to know

  • Antigua is a worldwide respected gambling licensing authority
  • Its interactive gambling activities have been regulated since 1994
  • Players must be at least 18 years old to gamble
  • Sports betting can freely be practiced either at bookmaker shops or online
  • International bookies are by no means interrupted from accepting local players

Antigua and Barbuda best betting sites

Sports betting is legal and very popular among players; thankfully, many international operators accept local players; and this is why we list the best Antigua and Barbuda bookmakers, standing out for the wide coverage of the biggest football leagues they provide, as well as for the numerous offers and special bets they come with.

Antigua gambling: The law framework

Antigua and Barbuda gambling is legal in all its forms. The sector first received regulation in 1963 through the Gaming Ordinance. It was also among the very first countries worldwide to allow online gambling as early as 1994, when the internet was a luxury for most people. Other significant pieces of law include the Interactive Wagering Regulations of 2007 and the 2016 Gambling Bill.

The FSRC (financial services regulatory commission) and a division within it, are the regulators. It also serves as a licensing authority; at one point, there were over 90 online casinos and Antigua and Barbuda bet providers holding a local license; however, it currently does not provide any official list of licensed online entities. Probably because the number of antiguan licensees has been dramatically reduced through ages.

As for prerequisites, online betting in Antigua and Barbuda companies must provide full data of registering players; they also need to be open to frequent thorough checks, and pay the appropriate fees: a $15,000 non-refundable application fee, $100,000 for an Interactive gaming license, and $5,000 for an annual renewal.

Moreover, in 2010, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and the FSRC established a companionship among them; allowing an operator that holds a license from either of these authorities to apply for an “Inter-Jurisdictional Authorization.” The holder of which, should be able to operate in either jurisdiction.

Essential info for bettors

All forms of gambling are legal and regulated under a strict set of rules. The same applies to online betting in Antigua and Barbuda, where players have many choices. Bookmakers that hold a local license can easily be spotted. At the bottom of their internet page, they carry the ‘preferential seal’; proof that they have got through all necessary checks and audits.

However, and since international bookies are storming the online scene, remember that their offering is richer; they cover more sports and competitions, with better odds and more special bets and offers. So, all you need is a proper internet connection, and numerous Antigua and Barbuda betting sites are a few clicks away. There is not much else to say at this point, the environment is as user-friendly as it gets.

How to deposit at online bookies

Sports betting in Antigua and Barbuda is very popular, both land based and online. Regarding the online part, players use bank transactions and credit cards for their transactions. However, players also have more elaborate options when betting with online bookmakers in Antigua and Barbuda.

For instance, e-wallets ecoPayz and Jeton, both accept local players. They’re providing a fast and secure transactions platform, through an easy-to-use interface. Note that Skrill and Neteller do not accept local sign-ups; whereas, Paypal is available, yet not allowing gambling transactions.

Last yet not least, cryptocurrency betting in Antigua is really on the rise. The country has embraced this new form of transactions, and so have multiple bookies too. Getting to know it, while always being cautious, could prove nothing but beneficial.

The future of online betting in Antigua and Barbuda

The Antigua and Barbuda online betting scene is already attracting thousands of players. The regulated online sector already runs smoothly and players enjoy freedom of choice. Time will show if the government decides upon relaxing its licensing process a little bit; in order to attract more betting companies, and rebuild its shaken status.

However, online gambling in Antigua and Barbuda is already thriving. Both players and operators are relaxed, since either side is longing for any major changes; it’s a welcoming environment as it stands, and it will most probably continue to be one in the future as well.

The complete list of bookmakers in Antigua and Barbuda

In your search for placing an online bet, Antigua and Barbuda offers many options. That is why we list every available bookie, to have them all stacked in one place. As We always do, these are all 100% legitimate operators. Make your choice and enjoy a safe betting journey.

Q: Is online betting safe in Antigua and Barbuda?

The Antiguan gambling sector is legal and regulated; this means that players are protected and have a respective authority to turn to if anything goes wrong. However, this does not and shall not apply when betting with unauthorised bookmakers; the easiest and most convenient way to do so, is by sticking to any of the-totally legitimate-Antigua and Barbuda betting sites we list.

Q: Is 1xBet available in Antigua and Barbuda?

1xBet already stands out from the crowd with its numerous special bets and wide coverage of every major sports event from around the globe; and with a 98%+ payout on the biggest football leagues along with betting at your local currency (XCD), it is one of the most reliable options for Antiguan bettors.

Q: Is it hard to open an Antiguan online betting account?

The fact is that it is way easier than most players think. The basic steps that most bookmakers follow, include providing your name and address; then your email address, and uploading some ID documents. Then, just pick a deposit method to move funds to and from your account, and that’s just about it. Trying for yourself should convince you.

Q: Does Bet365 operate in Antigua and Barbuda?

One of the most reputable bookmakers out there, Bet365 welcomes Antiguan players. It offers bets on every major football event from around the world, while it stands out through its cash out and live betting features. Unquestionably one of the best Antigua and Barbuda bookmakers one may choose.

Q: Is PayPal available to Antiguan players?

Being one of the top online payments platforms, PayPal accepts local players but does not allow gambling related transactions. On the other hand, ecoPayz and Jeton are reliable alternatives, offering fast and secure transactions.

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