Best Suriname Sport Betting Sites

Population: 577.000suriname-round-icon
Active players: 75.000
Currency: Surinamese dollar (SRD)
Regulated gambling products: Sports betting, casinos, lotteries
Operator types: Casinos, lotteries, bookmaker shops, unlicensed online bookies & casinos
Designated authority: The Gaming Board
Status: Regulated

The Republic of Suriname is a country situated at the northeast of South America. Bordered-among others-by Brazil to the south and the Atlantic Ocean to the north. Europeans first arrived here in the 16th century, with the Dutch controlling most of the country. After much struggle, the country eventually gained its independence in 1975.

Gambling in Suriname is altogether legal and regulated; especially the land based sector is well organized. Sports are quite popular, while locals are keen football fans. Dutch football legends Edgar Davids and Clarence Seedorf are both of Surinamese descent; it comes naturally that many locals love sports betting in Suriname.

As for the online gambling scene, it is still quite vague. apart from the local Suribet, no other operators hold a local license. Still though, laws do not forbid online betting; as a result, many international bookmakers accept local bettors.

Betting in Suriname - 5 things to know

  • The legal gambling age is 18
  • Online gambling falls under no proper regulation, however, it's not illegal
  • There are bookmakers’ shops in major cities
  • Suribet is the only licensing betting company
  • Playing at international bookies is an everyday pastime

Best Betting Sites in Suriname

Many players are playing at international bookies everyday; so, to make it easier for you, we list the best bookmakers in Suriname, which standout for the special bets and welcome offers they provide, as well as the extensive coverage of the biggest football events from around the world.

Sports betting in Suriname: The law framework

The country has a long tradition of gambling, while betting in Suriname is particularly popular. The first gambling law came as early as 1962; the minimum age to gamble was set at 18, which still stands. Also, it initially allowed only tourists to partake, as it was illegal for local players to enter such premises. In 1996 though, all forms of gambling were made legal, when the first gambling act came to life; locals were able to gamble as well. Foreign investors built casinos and soon, Suriname had over 10 casinos.

In 2000 though, the political situation started to change, and by 2004 all laws became more strict; including the gambling sector. Then came 2009, a pivotal year, when the Gaming Board was founded; it continued to issue licences, however, mainly regarding land based casinos. The supervision and control act of 2009 did not bring major changes, just a few amendments. There are also quite a few Suriname bet shops and lottery ticket stands.

Regarding online gambling in Suriname, no licensing process exists as of today; at the same time, there are no laws against it either, so there's nothing illegal about accessing online bookies. Talking of which, Suribet is the only company that currently holds a local license to offer online services, as well as lotto games and scratch cards. No other entity has even applied for one, since there is no clear process to be followed.

Essential info for bettors

All forms of gambling are legal and regulated, especially regarding the land based sector. Players can visit various bookmaking shops and place their bets. There is, however, a slight confusion around online gambling in Suriname. And while there is no clear framework to cover it, local operator Suribet is offering online services too.

However, even without proper regulation for Suriname betting sites the authorities treat online betting as being totally legal. On the other hand, players must be careful to avoid scam bookies. The most convenient way to do that is by sticking to our exhaustive list of Suriname online betting operators; who, in addition, offer much more betting variety than the local operator does.

How to deposit at online bookies

If you’re looking to bet online, Suriname has quite a few different options for you; and different ways to fund your online account too. E-banking services are very common, and so is the use of Visa and Mastercard cards.

And while all betting sites in Suriname provide these payment methods, there is yet another convenient way to transact, e-wallets; money moving platforms, which offer fast and reliable transactions, with an extra bit of privacy. So, we’d recommend ecoPayz and Jeton, both accepting local sign-ups. Note that PayPal, Neteller and Skrill do not operate in the country.

Lastly, keep in mind the cryptocurrency option as well. Without yet falling under local legislation, much of online sports betting takes place through cryptos. So, why not simply get to know it better; its popularity is growing, so you just might want to be one step ahead.

The future of online betting in Suriname

The Suriname sport betting scene is still undergoing changes. Setting up a proper regulation for the online sector is something that has been under discussion for ages. The fact that there are no laws against it either though, has left everyone content. The state receives money from the local operator, and players play online worry-free.

We can’t risk a prediction if international operators will apply for a license. Then again, no matter if this happens or not, it makes no big difference to players; they will continue their online betting in Suriname with any bookmaker they like, as long as the law keeps such a lax stance towards it.

The complete list of Suriname bookmakers

Players here have so many options regarding their sports betting in Suriname. To make it even easier to find them, we list all bookies that are accepting Surinamese players. Do not forget, these are all trustworthy and legitimate. Scroll through and choose the ones you like.

Q: Is betting legal in Suriname?

All forms of gambling in Suriname are legal; more specifically, despite the lack of proper regulation regarding the online sector, it is considered to be totally legal as well. The authorities are very lenient towards online players, and there are absolutely no reports of troubled online betting.

Q: Does 1xBet accept Surinamese players?

Renowned as one of the most reliable international operators, 1xBet happily accepts Surinamese punters. And with a massive 98%+ payout on the biggest football leagues, as well as various special bets and offers on all major sporting events, it covers every player’s needs.

Q: How easy is it to open a Suriname online betting account?

Basically, it’s far less complicated than most players think. Just pick any of our listed Suriname bookmakers and follow the step by step instructions. These are basically common and include providing an email address, your personal data, and uploading some proof of ID. Lastly, choose a deposit method, and that’s just about it.

Q: Is Bet365 available in Suriname?

Bet365, an established international bookmaker, does indeed accept Surinamese players; widely covering all major football events and competitions, it also delivers special features like live betting and cash out. Surely one of the best Suriname bookies one can bet at.

Q: Is PayPal available in Suriname?

Although it accepts local sign-ups, PayPal eventually doesn’t allow transactions in relation with gambling when in Suriname. ecoPayz and Jeton are legitimate alternatives, providing a secure and fast payments’ platform. Probably the best option for local punters along with the-more traditional-credit cards.

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