Best Vietnam betting sites

Population: 96.200.000flag-of-vietnam
Active players: 24.000.000
Currency: Vietnamese Dong (VND)
Regulated gambling products: Sports betting, casino games, horse racing, greyhound racing, lottery
Operator types: Land-based casinos and betting shops, Non-licensed online bookmakers and casinos
Designated authority: No designated gambling authority
Status: Semi-regulated

Vietnam, officially referred to as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is located in Southeast Asia, specifically in the Indochina Peninsula. Several countries border it, and among them, China to the north and Malaysia to the southeast. Locals are pretty passionate about football, cycling, badminton and cricket.

As for their relationship with gambling; during the latest years and more accurately since 2017, they can legally participate in several activities such as the lottery, casinos and sports betting. Nonetheless, the new legislation refers to the land-based sector, which means that it is practically a grey area when talking about online. There is no designated authority to oversee the situation or give licenses to local operators. As a result, players who wish to find the best bookmaker in Vietnam need to search for well-established ones outside their country. This is not a significant issue as there is no record of any legal action taken by the government towards bettors who play offshore.

Bet in Vietnam - 5 things to know

  • The legal gambling age in Vietnam is 21 years old
  • Yearly gambling revenue in Vietnam is estimated at $3.400.000 million
  • There are currently 8 legal land-based casinos in Vietnam
  • There is a prohibition towards online gambling, but players don't face prosecutions
  • Betting winnings are not subject to tax

Best betting sites in Vietnam

Since you've been reading this review; we firmly believe that you've been looking for the best Vietnam betting sites. In the below shortlist, we selected 3 operators with really attractive odds, a vast market variety, including the Vietnamese V.League 1 games and transactions in the local currency VND.

Sports betting Vietnam: The gambling law framework

Gambling in Vietnam had been deemed illegal for many centuries. Frankly, until the late 20th century, the only legal gambling form was the national lottery. The government had been trying to battle illegal dens for many years, and for those who wanted to bet, Vietnam wasn't exactly paradise. Eventually, officials decided to legalize games of chance by passing a decree in 2017; which included betting on football games, horse races and greyhound racing. On June 14, 2018, the parliament's National Assembly passed the final bill that legalized sports betting, together with casinos.

Here comes the tricky part, though, as the new regulation brings a few obstacles. When talking about sports betting, Vietnam citizens are only allowed to play provided they are 21 and above. Apart from that, they need to have permission from their family to enter these establishments and show a monthly income that exceeds 10 million Dong per month. If this was not enough, there is also a minimum betting limit set at 1,000 Dong and a maximum at 1 million Dong per day. Naturally, most active Vietnamese players prefer international bookmakers that widely accept them. The main reason is that there are no absurd limitations, they can register from 18 years old and they face no real threat of fines or prosecution by the federal government.

Essential information for Vietnamese bettors

During your search to find your top bookie, Vietnam grey market can work on your behalf. Sure, international operators accepting Vietnamese haven't obtained a domestic license. However, those supervised by reputable gambling authorities such as UKGC or MGA are considered more than safe. The good thing is that local forces or ISPs use no means to block access to these sites. As a result, many scam operators try to catch your attention without the proper validation. So, you need to pay close attention as not every operator is legit. If you select wisely, except for getting your winnings in no time, you'll also avoid paying taxes on them.

Vietnam sports betting: Deposits & Withdrawals

Here we have some excellent news for you; as the top Vietnam betting sites come with a wide range of payment options to top-up your account. Choose from debit/credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, vouchers, mobile payments or cryptos. About 85% of players mainly prefer 2 local methods: VTC Pay, a Vietnamese payment provider, and MoMo (Mobile Money), a mobile app connected to your bank account. The following most used payments are e-wallets like Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, Ewire, WebMoney, Ezypay and ecoPayz. Last but not least, players also can make transactions with cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin; which is always a great option if you want to preserve your anonymity.

The future of betting online in Vietnam

As a nation that only recently began enjoying selected forms of gambling; it is not very likely that we will witness any new regulation changes. Vietnam sports betting landscape will remain intact and players will have 2 options to put their money on; local betting shops that come with the limitations mentioned above and international bookmakers. The government doesn't plan to change its attitude towards these sites and this is not necessarily bad, as you'll keep benefiting from a non-taxable product with the best odds and abundant markets to place your bets.

The complete list of bookies in Vietnam

Here we present to you the complete list of Vietnam betting sites. All of them are legit operators that accept players who reside in the country.

Q: Is gambling legal in Vietnam?

Gambling has been considered legal in Vietnam since 2017. The National Assembly voted a dedicated bill that legalized casinos, sports betting, horse races and greyhound racing. There are no legal betting sites in Vietnam if you prefer to play online. Luckily many reputable international bookmakers are included in the list we prepared for you.

Q: Are my gambling winnings taxed in Vietnam?

By playing at Vietnam betting sites licensed abroad, you'll undoubtedly enjoy a tax-free product and keep your winnings intact, which is a huge benefit for every player.

Q: What is the legal gambling age for local bettors?

Players must be at least 21 years old to participate in legal gambling activity, including betting shops. Nonetheless, those who opt for international bookies can sign up even if they are 18 and above.

Q: How should I deposit money in my online account?

It is safe to say that every online bookmaker Vietnam can offer comes with abundant payment options. Especially in operators included on our list, you can choose from debit/credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, mobile apps, cryptos and more.

Q: Can I use Bet365 in Vietnam?

Bet365 is one of the best betting sites for Vietnamese players and certainly one of the most complete operators in the world industry. It offers a great game selection, competitive odds and other great features such as Bet Builder, Partial/Auto Cashout, Bet Alerts, Quickbet and Live Streaming.

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