Best Seychelles bookmakers

Population: 99.000seychelles-flag
Active players: 14.000
Currency: Seychellois rupee (SCR)
Regulated gambling products: Sports betting, casinos, lotteries
Operator types: Casinos, lotteries, bookmaker shops, unlicensed online bookies & casinos
Designated authority: Financial Services Authority
Status: Regulated

There is a beautiful island country in the Indian Ocean, off the east coast of Africa, north of Madagascar; officially named the Republic of Seychelles, it is an archipelago of 115 exotic islands. It came under British rule in 1794, until it gained its independence in 1976. The country has been part of the commonwealth ever since. English and French are official languages, along with the local Seychellois. It has a strong tourism sector, and its nearly 100.000 citizens enjoy stability and peace. Victoria is its capital and biggest city.

Sports are quite popular, with locals loving basketball as well as football. Gambling in Seychelles is legal and regulated, for both locals and tourists. Sports betting is very popular in particular; thankfully, apart from the-only-locally operating amazon betting, many international bookmakers accept local bettors. The Seychelles online betting scene is very welcoming, and players frequently place their bets online.

Betting in Seychelles - 5 things to know

  • The legal gambling age is 18
  • The online sector received its most recent regulation in 2014
  • There are bookmaking shops as well as betting facilities within casinos
  • No international bookies have yet applied for a local betting license
  • All forms of gambling in Seychelles are legal

Seychelles best betting sites

The fact that there are no local licenses yet given to international operators, does not limit the number of available ones; so, to narrow it down for you, we list the best Seychelles bookmakers, standing out for their wide coverage of the biggest football and basketball events, as well as for the numerous special bets and welcome offers they come with.

Gambling in Seychelles: The law framework

Gambling here is a tradition that dates back to the-mainly British-colonial days. Sports betting in Seychelles is very popular in particular, with local players loving football and horse racing. In 2003, the Interactive Gambling Act set the framework in order to start handing out licenses. However, it did not prove to be fruitful; the effort to address every detail, along with the country's very low population, worked as a setback. So, it eventually did not draw international attention from Seychelles online gambling companies.

Then sports betting became legal in 2011. The next-and up till now latest-effort was made through the 2014 Gambling Act; the online sector was in the spotlight this time, trying to embody a more up to date set of regulations. The Financial services Authority is responsible for issuing three types of licenses: a casino license, a slot machine license and an interactive gaming license, mainly regarding online casinos. However, no licenses have yet been awarded, and everyone agrees that it remains a solid yet complex procedure.

Meanwhile, players who want to bet online in Seychelles still have the option of playing at international bookies. There might be a reference in the law referring to fining players for ‘betting with unlicensed operators’; still though, it appears that in reality it simply doesn't apply. The state does not monitor the internet or prosecutes bettors at any point. Players are practically free to make any choice they like.

Essential info for bettors

While all forms of land based gambling are legal, there is a bit of confusion concerning online gambling in Seychelles. So, while the law dictates that it must take place with licensed operators, there’s actually just one; however, there are absolutely zero reports of prosecuting players for betting at international-not locally licensed-bookies.

Players should be careful though to avoid the various scam bookies that exist on the internet. The easiest way to do so is by sticking to the ones we list, which are all legitimate operators. Moreover, the online Seychelles betting sites we list cover more sports and competitions than the local amazon betting company does. Summing up, apart from betting at legitimate bookies, there is nothing else to be cautious about. The overall environment is really welcoming for players as well as for operators.

How to deposit at online bookies

If you’re looking to place an online bet, Seychelles provides many different options; as well as ways to fund your account and access your winnings. From the most common Mastercard and Visa cards, as well as bank wires; up to most elaborate methods, like e-wallets.

Most bookmakers in Seychelles provide this alternative; so, ecoPayz and Jeton are both available and probably the top choice one can make. They both offer a fast and secure transactions’ platform. Meanwhile, PayPal, Neteller and Skrill do not operate in the country.

Lastly, the internet usage stands at nearly 60%, which is considerably high. Crypto betting is steadily gaining more fans, and more bookies are utilizing it too. The use of cryptocurrencies is not regulated in Seychelles; still though, getting to know a new technological improvement never hurt anyone.

The future of online betting in Seychelles

The Seychelles bet scene is well-organized and properly regulated. Being legal since 2011, already over a decade now, it’s long enough to have a clear picture. So the one thing that could help things out, is simplifying procedures; because, in their effort to set a full and proper set of regulations, officials have eventually complicated them.

As a result, along with the country’s tiny population, no international betting sites in Seychelles have applied for a license. At the same time, no matter if this changes or not, players will most probably not be affected; they will most probably keep playing at any bookmaker they wish, without worrying about breaking the law.

The complete list of Seychelles bookmakers

Regarding online gambling, Gambia offers quite a few options. We list all the available bookmakers here, so that you can have them gathered all in one place. Do note that these are all totally legitimate bookmakers. Pick the ones you want and enjoy a safe betting journey all the way.

Q: Is betting legal in Seychelles?

The laws are pretty clear , all forms of gambling in Seychelles are legal. As for the online sector, it is typically illegal to bet at unlicensed operators; but since there are no international bookies that have yet applied for a license, the authorities keep as a relaxed stance towards it as it gets. Altogether, it is all treated as being totally legal, land-based and online.

Q: Is 1xBet available to Seychellois players?

Being established as one of the most reputable international bookies, 1xbet also allows local currency (SCR) betting. Moreover, a 98%+ payout on the biggest football leagues awaits players, with 1xBet gladly accepting local sign-ups. To top that up, it comes with numerous special bets and offers on all major sporting events, covering every player’s needs.

Q: Is online gambling safe in Seychelles?

The Seychelles online gambling sector is legal and regulated; the local authorities have implemented a thorough set of rules for protecting players. Still though, the online environment is vast, and always hides surprises, not necessarily pleasant ones. The major thing here is to avoid dodgy online bookies; and the easiest way to do that is by sticking to our Seychelles bookies’ list; all of which are reputable trustworthy operators.

Q: Is Bet365 available in Seychelles?

Bet365, one of the most popular international bookmakers, gladly awaits Seychellois players; with its wide coverage of all major football events from around the globe, it also comes with special features like live cash out and live betting. Undoubtedly one of the best Seychelles bookmakers one can bet at.

Q: Can I use PayPal in Seychelles?

Although it accepts sign-ups, PayPal does not allow gambling-related transactions when in Seychelles. ecoPayz and Jeton come to fill this gap with their user-friendly platforms; providing secure and fast payments, so that local bettors have a convenient way to move their money beyond credit cards.

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