Best Madagascar bookmakers

Population: 28.500.000madagascar-flag
Active players: 3.500.000
Currency: Ariary (MGA)
Regulated gambling products: Sports betting, casino, lotteries
Operator types: Lottery, casinos, bookmaker shops, unlicensed online bookies & casinos
Designated authority: No specific authority, only the Ministry of Interior
Status: Regulated

Madagascar is a beautiful island country, lying in the Indian Ocean just off the coast of East Africa. Officially named the Republic of Madagascar, it was a French colony until it gained its independence in 1960. As a result, French remains an official language, along with Malagasy. The country has enjoyed a constitutional democracy since 1992 and traditionally draws much tourism.

Sports are very popular, with moraingy being a prevalent traditional martial arts sport; locals also love football and rugby, despite not having any top international success. There is generally good infrastructure in the country, and many young people participate in sports.

Horse races are very popular too, dating back to the French colonial days. Sports betting is a very popular form of gambling, which is all legal. Online gambling in Madagascar is not yet regulated in the country; there is however just one operating local site, PMU bet. And in the absence of other Madagascar bookmakers operating yet, players visit international bookies; who, notably, offer a much wider betting variety to Malagasy bettors.

Bet Madagascar - 5 things to know

  • All forms of gambling are legal in Madagascar
  • The online sector is not yet regulated; still, online sports betting is explicitly allowed
  • 18 years of age is the minimum in order to legally engage in gambling in Madagascar
  • PMU bet offers the only local sports betting site, ‘261bet’
  • There are many top notch international bookies accepting local players

Madagascar best betting sites

Online sports betting is legal and there are many international operators that accept local players. That’s why we list the best bookmakers in Madagascar, who stand out for their wide coverage of the biggest football leagues, and for the various offers and special features they come with. Check them out:

Madagascar gambling online: the law framework

All forms of gambling in Madagascar are legal. There are land based casinos, bookmaker shops and lotteries. Online betting in Madagascar is the only regulated form within the online sector. There is decree no. 7974 of 2018 by the Ministry of interior; and no. 763 of 1994 by the Society for exploitation of Lotteries (Société d'Exploitation des Loteries); these two set the framework for online betting in the country.

PMU bet through their Bet261 site is the only company that has a Madagascar online betting license. Without an active licensing system for any interested entities, it arguably monopolizes the sector. Still though, there is no law forbidding access to online operators. As a result, players visit any online Madagascar bookmaker they wish.

The Ministry of Interior is overlooking all procedures, while no specific authority is yet established. However, despite the lack of a proper framework, there are absolutely no prosecutions for online gambling. The general idea is that it may not be explicitly legal, yet it is not illegal either. Also, the state does not spare resources to surveill the internet. Gambling online in Madagascar presents a very welcoming environment for both players and operators.

Essential info for bettors

All forms of gambling are legal. Sports betting is very popular and there are numerous bookmaker shops one may visit. For players who want to place a bet online, Madagascar offers many choices as well. Do keep in mind that the international bookies’ offering is much richer than that of the local one; covering more sports and competitions while offering better odds than the practically monopolistic 261bet does.

Moreover, the online sector is not yet regulated like land based casinos are; so, without a proper gambling authority in place, it is very important to stay away from dodgy bookies. If a player has a dispute, there will be no one to turn to. So, if you’re not sure, simply take no risks; keep your betting in Madagascar with any of the bookies you can find in our exhaustive list; these are all totally trustworthy legitimate operators.

How to deposit at online bookies

Bank transactions, as well as the use of credit cards, are an everyday thing here. And there is absolutely no problem when used for gambling too. Betting sites in Madagascar, though, provide alternative payment methods; like e-wallets Skrill and Jeton, who accept local players. They’re offering fast and secure transactions, while having an easy to navigate layout. Note that Neteller does not operate in the country; while PayPal operates, but does not allow to be used for gambling.

Regarding crypto gambling, the low internet penetration of around 20% does not really make it very popular. If regulation changes and online operators can finally apply for a Madagascar betting license, things might change. Still, it's always good to be one step ahead; so, for those who can, we advise that they should slowly get to know cryptos.

Madagascar online gambling: what the future holds

Sports betting in Madagascar is already very popular; it’s also the only form of online gambling that is already typically allowed. The fact that there is a well-supervised land based sector already running smoothly, is good; should the government decide upon properly regulating the whole sector though, is another story.

The will is there and the know-how can easily be acquired; the Madagascar online gambling scene could indeed be seeing some changes. Time, as always, will prove these speculations right or wrong in the coming years.

The complete list of Madagascar bookmakers

If you’re looking to place an online bet, Madagascar offers many options; so we list all available bookies to help you make up your mind. As you might expect, they are all totally trustworthy legitimate operators. So make your choice and enjoy a safe betting experience.

Q: Is online betting legal in Madagascar?

The Madagascar online gambling sector is not really regulated; however, online betting in particular is an exception. That is because one local operator, PMU, has already been given the green light to offer online services as well. Eventually, even in the absence of a full scale regulation, online betting in Madagascar is a totally legit practice.

Q: Is 1xBet available in Madagascar?

Standing out from the crowd with a 98%+ payout on the biggest football leagues while allowing local currency (MGA) betting, 1xbet indeed accepts Malagasy players. Moreover, it offers various special bets and offers on all major sports, bound to cover the most demanding players’ needs.

Q: Does Bet365 operate in Madagascar?

One of the most recognisable betting companies worldwide, Bet365 gladly awaits local bettors. Covering all the major football events from around the world, it also stands out with special features like live betting and cash out. Without doubt, one of the best Madagascar bookmakers one may choose.

Q: Is opening a Madagascar online betting account difficult?

Well the thing is that many people fear it without even knowing it; and the fact is that it’s much much easier than most players think. The basic steps at all bookmakers, simply include: providing your name and address, your email address, and uploading your ID or passport. A deposit method to fund your account is then chosen, and basically you’re good to go.

Q: Can I use Skrill in Madagascar?

Being one of the top online payments platforms, Skrill does accept local players. It has a very easy step by step sign up process, while offering trustworthy fast transactions. So, apart from the traditional credit cards and bank wires to fund one’s Madagascar online betting account, do try out this top-notch e-wallet.

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