Best Somalia Betting Sites

Population: 12.500.000somali icon
Active players: 1.500.000
Currency: Somali shilling (SOS)
Regulated gambling products: No regulated gambling products
Operator types: Unlicensed online bookies & casinos
Designated authority: No designated authority
Status: Unregulated

The Federal Republic of Somalia is a country in the easternmost part of Africa, at the shores of the Indian Ocean. It is next to Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti and enjoys the longest coastline among African countries. Apart from Somali and Arabic, English and Italian are nationally recognized languages. After years of turmoil and occupation, it gained its independence in 1960.

A civil war in the 90's left the already poor economy in an even worse condition. Locals love sports, particularly football; however, due to poor facilities, the only sport in which they excel from time to time is mid and long distance running.

As for gambling in Somalia, we can not stress enough the extent to which it is totally illegal. With almost 99% of the population being Sunni Muslims, that comes naturally. Under the Sharia law, all forms of gambling are considered an act of evil, and Somalia is no exception.

There are no bookmaker shops, no casinos and no lottery. Still, the state's poor resources do not allow for strong surveillance; therefore, many players are practicing online betting in Somalia, at the many bookies that accept local bettors.

Best Betting Companies in Somalia

In the absence of any locally licensed bookies, there are quite a few international ones that accept local bettors; and so we list the best bookmakers in Somalia, standing out for their wide football coverage of the biggest events and leagues, as well as for the many different offers and special bets available daily.

Gambling in Somalia - 5 Things to Know

  • 1
    All forms of gambling are illegal in Somalia
  • 2
    There is no gambling authority or licensing system in place
  • 3
    Numerous online bookies accept Somali players
  • 4
    There are a few dodgy underground bookies; avoid visiting them by any means
  • 5
    There is no online surveillance on behalf of the state

Online Betting in Somalia: The Law Framework

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Gambling is illegal in all its forms; betting in Somalia is no exclusion either. There is not much to analyze in terms of regulation. There is no law framework and no gambling laws in place. The country’s penal code is the only relevant piece of legislation.

Apart from official regulation, though, what’s even more important is the Sharia law that applies; in its most severe form too, since public flogging is reportedly a common form of punishing offenders. So, let alone receiving a hefty fine, here things are really strict.

The Somalia online gambling sector-naturally-falls under no regulation too; the good news though is that, because of the state’s poor technological infrastructure, there is no online surveillance. On the other hand, it is difficult to obtain a proper internet connection.

When you do though, betting at legitimate online Somalia bookmakers seems-and actually is-your only viable option. Lastly, in the absence of a regulatory authority, if any problem arises, there won’t be anyone to turn to. Therefore, players should bet at legitimate bookies that hold a license from a respective authority; just like the ones we list in our analysis.

Essential Info for Bettors

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Somalia gambling is explicitly illegal, and that should always stay in players’ minds. It’s also absolutely vital that you stay away from any betting scams and ‘shops’ you might come across. Punishment is severe, and you will eventually get caught.

On the other hand, the state lacks the resources to monitor the online sector; so, betting at any of the betting sites in Somalia we list, nobody will probably find out. However, we must still stress the importance of privacy. Keep your online betting absolutely personal and tell no one about it, ever. The use of a VPN software in order to hide your original IP address is also vital.

How to Deposit at Online Bookies

BMB_Markets GenericPlayers should avoid bank transactions for their Somalia online betting; that, or the use of credit cards, could lead straight back to them and bring trouble with the authorities. Thankfully, if you’re actually placing a bet, Somalia offers alternative payment methods too; just like e-wallets, that offer fast and reliable transactions.

It’s not anonymous betting, yet they hide the nature of your transactions, which is very important here. However, note that Skrill and Neteller do not operate in the country. Talking about anonymity, crypto betting does that; it offers total anonymity to its users.

However, with an internet penetration as low as Somalia’s, it would be too much to propose this method. Still though, do keep it in mind and, why not, slowly get to familiarize yourself with it.

Gambling Regulations in Nearby Countries

As you can see, if you are caught engaging in gambling activities in Somalia, the laws are pretty strict against violators. If you do not know how to use a VPN to hide your activities, you can always check the regulations in neighbouring countries. Luckily, most African nations have either legalized gambling or are more lenient on those who play. Feel free to follow some of your dedicated guides below: 

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The Future of Online Betting in Somalia

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Online gambling in Somalia is not exactly an area that much development should be expected. Religious backgrounds and beliefs are still heavily ruling society. Such is the case and people know it.

Even the possibility of allowing for example lotteries or betting in Somalia, in order to apply taxes on them afterwards, is thin; since, a Muslim state-above all-likes to keep its religious beliefs above all. So, not gonna lie, we do not expect any serious changes any time soon. The online sector will keep playing its part, quietly and in total disguise.

The Complete List of Bookmakers in Somalia

With the land-based situation giving zero options, thankfully, there are quite a few when it comes to Somalia betting sites. We list all the available options, to save you time. Again, these are all 100% trustworthy bookmakers. Make your choice and keep your betting as safe as possible.

Q: Is gambling in Somalia legal?

There is no form of gambling in Somalia that is legal. The lack of specific regulations should not fool anyone. There is absolutely zero tolerance towards it, so, in case you decide to practice it after all, it should strictly be online, and with many precautions. Betting at trustworthy online bookies is a good start, that’s why we list them all in our analysis.

Q: Does Melbet accept Somali players?

Melbet offers 200+ live events on a daily basis; along with an overall 97%+ payout and numerous special bets and offers, it is one of the top choices one can make. And yes, it does accept Somali players. Don’t forget to check out its welcome offer too.

Q: Is 1xBet available in Somalia?

Being among the top international bookmakers, 1xBet accepts Somali bettors; what’s more, it also allows local currency betting, for a localized experience. Various special bets on all major sporting events from around the world are also available. Undoubtedly one of the top choices one can make when betting online in Somalia.

Q: Is opening an online betting account easy?

It might sound tough to some people setting up a Somalia online betting account. Yet actually, the truth is that it’s quite easy. The typical steps-that are more or less the same at any bookmaker; these include providing an email address, name and address, and uploading an ID or passport. Then choose a deposit method, and basically, that’s all there is to it.

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