Best CASHlib Betting Sites

CASHlib was founded by EmpCorp in 2015 in the UK and is a prepaid voucher. The payment is most used in France and the Netherlands. More than 150 thousand retail stores in Europe accept payments through it. CASHlib betting sites allow players to keep their betting activity hidden from local authorities. At the same time, there is no need to create an account to deposit with the voucher.

CASHlib is a fast-growing payment and more bookies added it as an acceptable payment option. In the following sections, we will provide you with essential information regarding sports betting with CASHlib voucher, such as:

  • An up-to-date (2023) list of CASHlib bookmakers
  • How to use it when betting online
  • All the pros and cons

Best CASHlib Bookmakers (2023)

Among all the CASHlib bookies, we have rated the ones that offer fast deposits and safe transactions. They have been tested in terms of security and reliability. So, go ahead and pick your favourite one.

Why should you bet on CASHlib bookies

Many bettors prefer to deposit with prepaid vouchers to online bookmakers. CASHlib is a voucher that comes with multiple benefits. CASHlib sportsbooks come with the possibility to keep your activity hidden and control your betting budget easier. Other pros include:

Fast deposits: Depositing with CASHlib means that your amount will be available immediately on your betting account. Placing your bets on live events becomes simpler, while you can deposit safely & quickly and CASHlib offers that.

Under the radar activity: One of the most significant advantages of CASHlib is that players who deposit through it can keep their betting activity hidden. Even if you buy a voucher from the point of sale or online, you don’t need to share your ID or other personal information.

No need to create an account: Many gamblers prefer to deposit with payment methods that don’t require them to create an account first and remember extra usernames and passwords. Betting on CASHlib sportsbooks offers you this possibility since you don’t need to have a CASHlib account to use the payment.

Control your budget: Betting with CASHlib helps bettors to keep control of their betting activity. It is not connected with another payment;, so, a user can not reload it. You can spend only the amount of the voucher.

No need to spend the voucher at once: Bettors can buy seven different vouchers from 5 to 250 (for EUR & USD) and there are five different vouchers from 10 to 200 for GBP. However, purchasing a voucher doesn’t mean that you have to spend the whole amount. You can always check the balance of your CASHlib voucher on the site and spend the rest of the amount later.

Eligibility to claim a welcome bonus: CASHlib bookmakers allow players to take advantage of a welcome bonus. Also, bettors can participate in any new offer and promotion most of the time.

Shortcomings that arise when you bet with CASHlib

There is no payment method without drawbacks and CASHlib is not an exception to this. Withdrawal restrictions and not accepting crypto deposits are some of them. More specifically:

❌ Not many bookies accept it: CASHlib is considered a new entry into the gambling industry and for that, not many betting sites accept deposits through it. Depending on your country, maybe it is easier to find CASHlib bookmakers than bettors from another region.

❌ Not operating in many countries: By this time, CASHlib is not available to many countries. So even if you find a bookmaker that accepts it, maybe you cannot buy a voucher in your region.

❌ Withdrawal restrictions: Cashlib bookmakers don’t allow withdrawals of any amount. Therefore, players need to find an alternative method and that may come with some extra fees.

❌ Doesn’t accept deposits with crypto: A bettor cannot buy a voucher with any cryptocurrency. It is only possible to obtain a voucher on a selling point with cash and with your debit/credit card; or online with your card, bank account, PayPal, Neteller or Paysafe.

❌ Voucher expires after twelve months: Even though users don’t need to use the whole amount at once, the value of the voucher expires twelve months after the date of purchase.

❌ Monthly fee on your voucher: A significant disadvantage of CASHlib is that for every month that you don’t use the available amount, there is a charge of €2,5 per month on your balance.

Now that we have taken a closer analysis of all the pros and cons, it is also helpful to know if it is legal and safe to deposit with CASHlib. Also, we will provide you with more information about how to deposit, if withdrawals are available, which are the fees that you may have to pay and how CASHlib matches up with other payments.

Is CASHlib betting legal and safe?

Cashlib belongs to EMP SERVICES SA, which is a company from Luxembourg. The parent company is Sureswipe EMI PLC, an e-money institution that operates with a license by the Central Bank of Cyprus under the Electronic Money Law of 2012. Using a CASHlib voucher to deposit to CASHlib bookies is legal.

Regarding safety, a CASHlib voucher provides you with a unique code that you have to enter to make your deposit. Moreover, the eMoney license that the UK’s Financial Service Authority authorises for the company except for the Central Bank of Cyprus ensures a high level of security on your transactions.

How to deposit on CASHlib bookmakers

betting types on politicsDepositing with a CASHlib voucher is a pretty simple procedure. Since you have a betting account that offers the possibility to use CASHlib, all you need to do is:

  1. Login to your desirable bookmaker
  2. Click on the “Deposit” option
  3. Choose CASHlib as your payment option
  4. Insert the amount that you want to deposit

After the last step, you will be redirected to the CASHlib site where you must enter the 16-digit code on your voucher. As we have already mentioned, it is unnecessary to deposit the total amount of the voucher if you don’t want to. Since you have completed the code, you need to press ‘Deposit’ and within seconds, the amount will be available on your CASHlib bookmaker.

Can I withdraw from CASHlib betting sites?

As with most of the other prepaid vouchers, CASHlib doesn’t allow withdrawals and bettors need to find an alternative to withdraw their winnings from CASHlib betting sites. There are many options available, but some may apply extra fees depending on your bookie or your region and the local legislation regarding transfers related to online gambling. We advise you to proceed with a payout through a wallet such as Skrill, Neteller or Sticpay.

A bank transfer or a debit/credit card are always suitable options too, but most of the time they come with extra fees that may be too high when betting on offshore bookies. For security purposes, most bookmakers will allow you to withdraw an amount with a method with which you have deposited at least once in the past.

Fees and limits

CASHlib bookies will not charge any amount on your deposits. Although depending on where you will buy your voucher, you will have to pay some fees. These extra charges also depend on your region. For example, if you are a Belgian bettor and buy a CASHlib voucher online from beCHARGE, the fees depend on the voucher that you will buy and could be from €1 for a €10 up to €2,5 for a €250 voucher.

Regarding limits, the minimum deposit you can make equals the lower value voucher of €5. The maximum deposit could be up to €1,000 since combining 4 vouchers per day is possible.

CASHlib compared to other payments

Indeed CASHlib is a valuable payment option for bettors. However, bookies do not widely accept it, so it is crucial to have an alternative.

CASHlib vs Paysafe

paysafePaysafe is the most famous voucher for online betting. The company was founded in 2000 in Austria. Betting online with Paysafecard offers multiple benefits such as instant payments, worldwide acceptance and zero fees on your transactions. Paysafe betting sites also come with some drawbacks. There is a maximum daily transaction limit of €250. Also, after the 7th month, there is a €3 monthly fee on your account.

CASHlib vs Neosurf

Another prepaid voucher that is popular among players is Neosurf. Under the radar activity, fast deposits and a high level of security on your transactions are only some of the benefits Neosurf betting sites offer to gamblers. On the other hand, withdrawal restrictions and an inactivity fee on your voucher if you don’t use it after six months of the day that you buy it, are considerable drawbacks.

CASHlib vs Skrill

skrillWe talk about probably the best option for online gambling. Skrill bookmakers allow players to bet under the radar and at the same time to make fast deposits and speedy withdrawals in local currency. Almost every bookie accepts it and the Skrill mobile app is really user friendly. Also, a Skrill prepaid Mastercard is available for bettors coming from the EU to use their funds the best way. As with every other payment, Skrill also has some disadvantages. For example, many Skrill bookies don’t offer the possibility to claim a bonus or a promotion; whilst on CASHlib gambling sites that’s not an issue.

Is it worth betting with CASHlib?

Payoneer spyAll in all, CASHlib is a notable payment option for online betting. Safe and instant deposits and under the radar betting are its main assets. Also, players can control their budget easily and use the voucher’s balance as they wish and not at once. Still, the payment doesn’t operate in many countries and bettors can not withdraw any amount.

To sum up, CASHlib is a noteworthy option for low-budget players. Zero fees on your deposits are a significant advantage. However, weaknesses such as the low daily deposit limit and fees depending on where you buy your voucher from, are hard to pass. For these reasons, we would recommend other online payments, such as Skrill or Sticpay, for high rollers to make the most of their betting activity.

Complete list of CASHlib bookies

Under-the-radar activity and fast deposits are the main perks of CASHlib betting sites. Pick your preferable bookie from the list below and enjoy a great betting experience.

Q: Does CASHlib operate in my country?

For the time being, the payment doesn’t operate in many countries. Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, Spain, France, Greece and the Netherlands are countries in which players can use CASHlib for betting.

Q: Can I withdraw from CASHlib betting sites?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to proceed with a withdrawal. Players need to find an alternative to proceed with a payout. In this case, the best option are e-wallets like Skrill or Neteller.

Q: Do I have to use the voucher only once?

No, a great benefit of the CASHlib voucher is that you can use your balance whenever you want for 12 months. After that, you can no longer use any amount.

Q: Do I have to create an account?

No, Cashlib is a prepaid voucher and players don’t need to create an account. When you try to deposit through it you just need to complete the 16 digit code on your voucher.

Q: Can I use my crypto wallet to buy a CASHlib voucher online?

No, you can not use the cryptocurrencies you have on your crypto wallet to fund your betting account through CASHlib. You can buy an online coupon through your card, via bank transfer, or with Paysafe and Neteller.

Q: Does CASHlib have customer support?

When an issue comes up, or you have any questions, you can check the FAQ page on its official site. If you are still unsure how it works, you can simply send an email to its customer support department.

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