Best Rwanda bookmakers

Population: 12.500.000rwanda icon
Active players: 1.500.000
Currency: Rwandan franc (RWF)
Regulated gambling products: Lotteries, casinos, sports betting
Operator types: Lottery, casinos, sportsbooks, licensed online bookies & unlicensed casinos
Designated authority: The Rwanda Gaming Corporation
Status: Regulated

The Republic of Rwanda is a landlocked east-central African country, neighboring Uganda and the DR of Congo, among others. The country consists of 5 provinces the Eastern, Western, North, South and the Municipality of Kigali; which is the capital and largest city. It gained its independence from Belgium in 1962, and long periods of instability and civil conflict followed.

Locals love sports and especially football; despite the fact that there has been no major international success, either on team or on individual level. The national football league attracts thousands of fans, especially Kigali's APR FC, the country's biggest club.

As for the gambling sector, it is regulated and steadily developing. Gambling in Rwanda is legal in all its forms. There are casinos, lotteries, bookmaker shops and online operators, both local and international; the latter offer much richer betting options and are gaining more popularity everyday. Rwanda sports betting is very popular among locals, and the online sector is steadily growing too.

Betting in Rwanda - 5 things to know

  • All forms of gambling are legal in Rwanda
  • There are many bookmaker shops in major cities
  • Concerning the online sector, only sports betting in Rwanda is regulated
  • There is taxation on players’ winnings when betting with local bookies
  • Many international bookmakers legally accept local players

Best betting sites in Rwanda

Apart from the few locally operating bookies, there are numerous international ones also available. We hereby list the best betting companies in Rwanda. These stand out for their extensive coverage of the biggest football leagues, and also for the many offers and special bets one can find on an everyday basis.

Rwanda betting: The law framework

Gambling in Rwanda is legal and regulated in all its forms. The country has a long history of gambling, however, it got 'official' in 2008, when the first casino opened. There has been a steady effort to regulate the sector; and in early 2012, law 58/2011 came into existence. This is still-with a few amendments-the sector's main piece of legislation.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry is responsible for maintaining the set standards; since 2013 though, the Rwanda Gaming Corporation has been in charge, in an effort to specify actions even more. Betting companies in Rwanda pay a 13% tax, contributing significant amounts to the local economy. Interested entities may apply for a gambling license, whether it concerns a casino or a betting one.

However, online betting in Rwanda remains unregulated, with the exception of sports betting. Gorilla games, premier bet and Africa bets are the three main operators legally offering online betting services too. There is no clear procedure for acquiring an online betting license; still though, it is given to companies that already have physical presence in the country (bookmaker shops). With no laws against Rwanda online gambling, players must simply play at a legal bookmaker; either holding a local license, or one from another respective authority. Just like every single bookmaker we list in our analysis does.

Essential info for bettors

All forms of gambling are legal; players can visit casinos, bookmakers’ shops, and play the lottery, as long as they’re at least 18 years old. Online gambling is not regulated, but do not worry; because sports betting is. But do keep in mind that, when betting with local bookies, a 15% tax applies to winnings above 30,000 RWF; which of course does not apply when you place a Rwanda bet at international bookies.

Also, there are many unlicensed African bookies that offer their services. Beware and try to limit your betting to the vast selection of bookmakers we list. Every online betting Rwanda site we list, is checked by our team before we list them; therefore, they’re totally trustworthy and legitimate operators.

What’s more, they provide much more betting options than their counterparts do. Last yet not least, authorities do treat online betting as being totally legal; as long as players engage in it through legitimate bookmakers.

How to deposit at online bookies

Since it is legal to gamble online, banks do not block transactions or monitor players’ transactions at any point. So, if you want to place an online bet, Rwanda offers quite a few payment options; major e-wallets like ecoPayz accept local registrations, offering reliable fast transactions. On the other hand, Skrill and Neteller do not operate in the country.

Internet penetration is not very high, reaching 32% according to reports. Cryptocurrency betting in Rwanda is not very popular either, however, it is reportedly gaining more fans. Just keep in mind that an increasing number of bookmakers are already offering crypto betting.

Online betting in Rwanda: What the future holds

The betting Rwanda sector is already developing at a fast pace; especially if someone compares it to that of its neighboring countries. The regulation of the land-based activities brought the spotlight on what the players wanted; and that was online gaming.

Rwanda online betting is already one step ahead, being the only regulated online game in the country. Regulating the sector as a whole could be the next step. Still though, regarding the betting part, there’s not much to be done; introducing less taxation on operators and players could be the only thing for officials to reconsider.

The complete list of bookmakers in Rwanda

There are many options when it comes to online betting in Rwanda. We therefore list all the options, saving you time and effort. Remember, these are all 100% legitimate bookmakers. Choose the one(s) you like and enjoy a safe betting experience.

Q: Is online betting legal in Rwanda?

All forms of gambling in Rwanda are legal. The lack of regulation regarding the online sector, however, does not make it illegal; on the contrary, it is perfectly legal to access any international operator from the ones you can find in our analysis. They are all totally legitimate, while offering a great betting variety.

Q: Is Premier Bet safe and legitimate?

Unlike many other African-based betting sites in Rwanda that are scam, premier bet is a legitimate bookmaker. The major difference compared to the international bookies we list, is the variety and quantity of betting options available; the local operator’s offering is still way behind that of its international counterparts’ one. Check any of our listed bookmakers to see for yourself.

Q: Is 1xBet available in Rwanda?

Being one of the top international bookies, 1xBet accepts Rwandan players; moreover, it also provides local currency betting. Numerous special bets on all the top sports one can ask for are also available, along with extra features like live cash-out; definitely one of the top choices one can make when betting in Rwanda.

Q: Is opening an online betting account easy?

The procedure of opening an online betting account sounds tough to some people. Well, the truth is, it’s much easier than you think. The typical steps-that are more or less the same at any bookmaker-include providing an email address, name and address, and uploading an ID or passport. Then just choose a deposit method, and basically, that’s all there is to do.

Q: Is ecoPayz available in Rwanda?

ecoPayz, being one of the major online payment platforms, indeed accepts Rwandan bettors. You may always use your credit cards to fund your betting account, however, the speedy transactions and the reliability that ecoPayz offers is something unique. Sign up and try it for yourself, to see why it is considered one of the top choices of online players worldwide.

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