Best Benin Betting Sites

Population: 11.800.000benin icon
Active players: 1.400.000
Currency: West African CFA franc (XOF)
Regulated gambling products: Lotteries, casinos, sports betting
Operator types: Lottery, casinos, sportsbooks, unlicensed online bookies & casinos
Designated authority: The Ministry of Economy and Finance
Status: Regulated

Benin, officially the Republic of Benin, is a West African country bordered by Togo and Nigeria, among others. The capital is Porto-Novo, while the largest city and financial capital is Cotonou. Being under Portuguese and French rule, it gained its independence from the latter in 1960, under the name of Dahomey.

Football is very popular among locals, and many fans gather at the few sports cafes; where they-mainly-enjoy watching the French Ligue 1 and the English Premier League. Gambling in Benin is legal and regulated; there is no specific authority in place, however, all land based activities are smoothly operating.

There is a lack of online gambling regulation; however, when players manage to get a proper internet connection, they visit international bookies that accept local punters. The absence of a regulatory framework does not make online gambling in Benin illegal; on the contrary, it is actually a welcoming environment for players.

Apart from the national lottery which offers online betting, there are no locally licensed bookies; leaving a wide open area for international bookmakers in Benin to attract players without any serious-local-competition.

Best Betting Sites in Benin

There are a number of trustworthy renowned operators that accept Beninese players; this is why we list the best online Benin betting sites. They stand out in terms of the wide coverage they offer on the biggest football competitions, as well as for the numerous special bets and offers they steadily provide.

Betting in Benin - 5 Things to Know

  • 1
    There is no specific law framework regarding online gambling in Benin
  • 2
    The 2002 Gambling Act is still the main legislative piece
  • 3
    There are many bookmaker shops in Cotonou and Porto-Novo
  • 4
    The national lottery offers online betting services in an almost monopolistic way
  • 5
    Many international bookmakers accept Beninese players

Benin Online Gambling: The Law Framework

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The main piece of legislation here is the 2002 gambling act. Benin's brick and mortar gambling industry is well regulated, with development that exceeds that of many neighboring countries. There’s a casino in place, and the national lottery that has been active since 1967.

Moreover, the Loterie Nationale du Bénin offers sports betting services. Sports betting is, however, almost a state monopoly, operating under the national lottery which offers online services too. It’s not easy or clear what a Benin bookmaker should do to acquire a license.

Despite not having a clear licensing process, the state has at least left an open window; private companies that wish to enter the market should contact the government to discuss matters. Apart from that, no clear data of what the process actually includes can be found.

If you’re looking to place a bet, Benin also has many bookmaker shops, legally operating. When it comes to online gambling, no regulation and no licensing process are apparent. Players play at any online bookies they wish, since laws do not state that this is illegal.

Therefore, the state treats online betting in Benin as being legal too; meaning there is no surveillance and no prosecutions whatsoever. Summing up, there is no law framework around the online sector, while there are regulated land based activities. An unproblematic environment for players and online operators altogether.

Essential Info for Bettors

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Players are free to participate in all forms of gambling; including lotteries, casinos and visiting bookmakers’ points of sale. If you find yourself in Benin, bet online too, without worrying about breaking any local laws. The lack of proper regulation automatically translates into treating it as being totally legitimate.

Keep in mind though, that there is no designated authority to turn to either; meaning that, if any problems come up, there will be no one to help you out. So, opt for renowned international bookmakers.

The Benin bet online environment offers many options, and every bookmaker we list in our analysis is legitimate; while, at the same time, providing a richer betting variety than the national lottery sports site does. Lastly, the authorities do not enforce blocking on foreign sites or surveillance on players’ online activity.

How to Deposit at Online Bookies

BMB_Markets GenericSince it is not illegal to gamble online, banks do not block transactions; so many players pick traditional methods, using credit cards and bank wires for their sports betting in Benin.

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Major e-wallets like ecoPayz also accept local players; many betting sites in Benin are using these major payment methods that provide speedy and secure transactions. Skrill and Neteller, on the other hand, do not operate in the country.

Internet penetration is low, hardly reaching 25%, according to reports. Cryptocurrency betting is not very popular, at least not yet; then again, it could gain more popularity if internet coverage develops in the coming years.

Gambling Laws in Closeby Nations

Nigeria: This is one of the most notable countries in Africa when it comes to gambling. While there are dozens of local operators, most individuals prefer international sportsbooks for their high odds and variety of promos. Follow our article to examine all the foreign betting sites that accept Nigerian players

Burkina Faso: While gambling is considered legal throughout the country, the government has not yet implemented specific rules and regulations. This is why players residing within the borders can comfortably sign up at a growing list of Burkina Faso betting sites

Ghana: Like several other African nations, they implemented regulations for the gambling industry relatively early. The country currently boasts over 15 licensed operators. However, they are subject to significant tax obligations. If you're looking for the best betting sites in Ghana, we recommend following our guide, which will provide you with comprehensive information and help you discover the best options available.

Gabon: Similar to numerous countries around the world, the gambling laws introduced in 2005 primarily pertain to traditional land-based operators. Consequently, online betting sites in Gabon have the freedom to accept registrations from local users without the risk of prosecution. 

Online Gambling in Benin: What the Future Holds

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The Benin online gambling sector remains without a proper legal framework; there is still much to do towards this direction. Such an organized brick-and-mortar sector though, could eventually pave the way for online regulation too. In the meantime, it already provides a friendly environment for both players and operators.

The authorities do not obstruct sports betting in Benin in any way, including online. Setting up a complete law framework could also help boost the country’s economy. There are however no clear indications of such a development so far. We will be updating our info if any major changes spring up.

The Complete List of Bookmakers in Benin

Local players have quite a few options when they choose to bet online in Benin. That is why we list all Benin betting sites, so that one can easily find them all in one place. These, as we always do, are checked in terms of legitimacy and trustworthiness before listing them; pick any of them and enjoy a safe and smooth betting experience.

Q: Is online betting in Benin legal?

All forms of gambling are legal, including betting; the online sector is not particularly regulated, however, it’s not illegal either. Therefore, betting online is considered legal, either through the site of the national lottery, or at any of the international bookies we list in our analysis; all of which are renowned popular operators.

Q: Is 1xBet available in Benin?

1xBet accepts Beninese players, also allowing local currency betting; moreover, a 98%+ payout on the biggest football competitions awaits players, while offering numerous betting options on every major sport. Many special bets and extra features like cash-out and live betting are guaranteed to have a great overall betting experience.

Q: Are Benin bookmakers legitimate?

There are no locally licensed bookies; apart from the legitimate offering of the national lottery’s site, there are many scam ones waiting for inexperienced players. Avoid them, simply by sticking to one of the bookies you shall find in the list we provide above; which only consists of totally trustworthy operators, offering a great and secure betting journey.

Q: Is it easy to open an online betting account?

Despite thinking it’s complicated, it’s actually much easier than most people believe. Go to any of our proposed Benin bookmakers and simply follow the step by step instructions. These will include providing an email address, filling your personal data and attaching some proof of ID. Pick a deposit method, and you’re all good to go; try it for yourself.

Q: Are Benin bookmakers safe?

There are no locally licensed bookmakers in Benin; so, apart from a few legitimate South African ones, try to stay away from non legitimate operators. Players can easily do so, by simply sticking to the ones we list in our analysis, all guaranteeing 100% safe betting.

Q: Can I use ecoPayz for my online betting in Benin?

The use of e-wallets to fund your betting account is very common and unobstructed; ecoPayz does indeed accept Beninese players and offers fast and secure online transactions. Its easy to use interface and easy sign-up process, complete the picture.

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