QIWI – Russia’s online payment Czar

    The QIWI e-wallet is one of the lesser known payment methods among bettors in the western world, having being founded ten years ago, in Moscow. It has a significant presence in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan and has steadily expanded to former Soviet Union territories, as well as the United States and several European countries. They serve almost 11 million account holders daily, possess the most extensive ATM network in Russia and are considered as the top payment method for online betting in Eastern Europe. A lot of top rated bookmakers today accept QIWI, mainly because bettors frequently use them due to their attention to security and low fees.

    QIWI and betting

    QIWI has made its presence known in the punting world in recent years and have found themselves accepted at an ever increasing number of betting firms, such as Bet365, Goalbet and Matchbook. The main reason for choosing them, is that they are one of the most secure payment methods, as they use the latest encrypting technologies to safeguard every transaction. Additionally, they work in close collaboration with VISA for the issuing of their physical and virtual pre paid cards, a co-operation that proves how trustworthy they are considered among the various e-wallets.

    Using QIWI is really easy and one of the cheapest options available to any bettor, given that making a deposit is free of charge, while the fees associated with withdrawals are almost insignificant. Deposits are instantly completed, while a withdrawal usually takes between 2-5 working days to be concluded. You can also claim any first reload or deposit bonus by using QIWI, which might not be the case with other e-wallets.

    Best bookmakers with QIWI

    Opening an account

    Although creating an account might seem a bit intimidating, if you are not a Russian speaker, it’s actually pretty easy and done in no time. Simply enter,, scroll down to the international format and find the empty form, where your phone number is requested. Enter your phone number and following that, the code you will receive through an SMS on your mobile. After that, you must enter your personal information and your QIWI account should be ready to use.

    VISA physical and virtual cards

    If you wish to be able to complete transactions without having to use a QIWI terminal, or a regular ATM, you can request the VISA QIWI debit card. You might also want to use a pre paid card that can be utilized in order to make a one time deposit on any bookmaker or online vendor. You must simply go to and either order the debit card, or request the virtual pre paid variant. Please note, that the physical variant of the VISA card is available to limited countries.

    Making a deposit

    If you are an Eastern Europe citizen, you can transfer money to your QIWI account by visiting one of the thousand terminals and making a manual deposit. If you live abroad, or simply want to do this at home, you can request a money transfer from your bank or credit/debit card.

    In order to top up a bookie account, all you need to do is go to the payments section of your betting company and find the QIWI option/logo. You need to state how much money you wish to deposit and click confirm. You will then be redirected to your QIWI account, where you once again need to confirm the payment, by entering your account’s password.

    Making a withdrawal

    There are quite a few ways of withdrawing money through QIWI, however most of them are available to Russian citizens. Like we mentioned beforehand, you can issue a VISA credit card that can be used at an ATM. Another way is by linking your bank account to QIWI and quickly receiving your money, with the only charges being the commission your bank will retain. Additionally, if you happen to be close to a QIWI terminal, you can make a withdrawal by entering your account’s info and getting your money, pretty much like you would have through a regular ATM.

    Withdrawing money from your betting firm to your e-wallet’s account, is done the same way as with a deposit. Locate the QIWI option, state the required amount and enter your bookie password to confirm the transaction.

    Pros & Cons

    The main advantages and disadvantages of using QIWI with online bookmakers can be summarized to the following points:


    • Fast and secure payments. QIWI uses the latest SSL technology on their website, while deposits are made instantly.
    • Low fees. Deposits and withdrawals are completed free of charge with your bookie. The only charges you will be subjected to, include those of your bank or ATM.
    • Debit and pre paid card. You can request a VISA debit card that is linked to your QIWI balance in order to complete payments, or request a withdrawal. Additionally, you can use a virtual pre paid card to make a deposit in the most secure way possible.
    • Bonus eligibility. Claim any first deposit or reload bonus through the QIWI e-wallet.


    • Many services are currently unavailable to non Russian citizens.
    • Hard to navigate interface. Russian is the only version currently available on QIWI’s website.
    • Only four currencies are accepted. These inlcude, RUB, EUR, USD and GBP.

    List of bookmakers that accept QIWI

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