Best Lesotho bookmakers

Population: 2.200.000lesotho icon
Active players: 280.000
Currency: Loti (LSL), South African rand (ZAR) is also widely accepted
Regulated gambling products: Lotteries, casinos, sports betting
Operator types: Lotteries, casinos, unlicensed online bookies & casinos
Designated authority: The Casino Board
Status: Regulated

The Kingdom of Lesotho is a small mountainous country, completely surrounded by South Africa. It has a rich history with much turbulence, while experiencing rather high levels of poverty. Its original name was the-British-Colony of Basutoland, before declaring its independence from the UK on 4 October 1966. Its capital and largest city is Maseru. There are two official languages, Sesotho and English.

All forms of gambling in Lesotho are legal; it has been so since 1989, when the Casino Board was established. There are still no provisions regarding the online sector, however, it is definitely not illegal. Sports are very popular among locals, with football topping the locals’ preferences list; judo, boxing, and long-distance running also draws much interest.

Horse racing is a tradition, playing an important role in social life while attracting many bettors. Many of which opt for international bookies, since the local offering is relatively poor. Thankfully, Lesotho online betting is taking place without any interference from the authorities whatsoever.

Gambling in Lesotho - 5 things to know

  • The legal gambling age is 18
  • Land-based gambling is legal in all its forms
  • The online sector falls under no set of laws, yet is treated as being legal
  • There are a couple of casinos and a few bookmaker shops
  • Many online bookies accept Basotho players

Best betting sites in Lesotho

With just a handful of South African bookies in reach, it’s normal that the online offering is quite wide; to save you time from searching, we list the best online bookmakers in Lesotho. They stand out for their rich coverage of all major football events and competitions, as well as the bonuses and welcome offers they come with.

Betting in Lesotho: The law framework

For someone to gamble he/she must be at least 18 years old. Gambling is legal in all its forms, while the first effort to regulate it dates as back as 1975; that’s when the Lotteries Act came to life.

The crucial year though was 1989, when the Casino Board was established and delivered a proper set of rules for sports betting and casinos too. The Board oversees all procedures, apart from the online sector; so, online betting in Lesotho is still more like a grey area, falling under no proper regulation. The good news is that it is not illegal either, bearing absolutely no trouble for online bettors. There are no laws targeting online gambling in Lesotho; therefore, everyone -including local authorities- perceives it as being a legitimate pastime.

Sports betting is very popular, especially horse racing and football betting, which both draw thousands of Basotho players. Sports betting sites from SA are accessible, while Lesotho does not have its own licensing system. Still though, apart from the locally popular Gbets and Hollywoodbets, many international bookies are available.

So, apart from the brick and mortar sector, all online activities fall under no proper regulation; this is the situation for the time being, and has been alike for ages. The thing is that if you have a proper internet connection and a pc or smartphone, nobody is gonna bother when you access online Lesotho bookmakers.

Essential info for bettors

Betting in Lesotho is altogether considered legal. You may participate in any form of gambling as long as you’re 18. What’s important though, is the fact that there is no regulatory framework for the online sector; which in turn makes it tough for players in case any problems arise. Simply because there will be no one to turn to to resolve such issues.

So, try to avoid scam bookmakers. If you’re gonna place a bet online, Lesotho offers many choices. So, keep in mind that every bookmaker we list in our analysis is legitimate and trustworthy; moreover, they offer much more betting options than the few local ones do.

Local authorities will never bother you for accessing the bookmaker of your choice; so, either you’re a local or a tourist, make the most of it and choose wisely.

How to deposit at online bookies

Banks shall not block any transactions, so players may use credit cards and bank wires for their sports betting deposits in Lesotho. Apart from the locally popular M-Pesa payment, bookmakers also offer various other payment options too.

Top e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller accept local players, providing fast and secure transactions. Cryptocurrency betting is also gaining popularity among local players, despite not being-officially-legal just yet. Still though, quite a few bookies are using it; players should first familiarize themselves with this new way of transactions before actually using it on a bet Lesotho site.

Online gambling in Lesotho: What the future holds

There have been efforts towards setting up a complete Mosotho gambling legislation; the Lesotho bet online industry, though, still sits back; at least in terms of having a proper regulation to support it.

However, it manages to present a welcoming environment for both players and operators. The authorities do not intervene in any way, and everyone is happy. A proper regulation for the online field though, would bring much income to the state’s poor economy. There are a few reports indicating a will towards this direction; time will show how things are gonna shape up in the Lesotho gambling sector after all.

The complete list of bookmakers in Lesotho

There are quite a few options regarding online betting in Lesotho. This is why we list all the available betting sites in Lesotho, so that you have them all gathered in one place. They are all legitimate trustworthy operators, so just pick any of them and bet free of worries.

Q: Is online gambling legal in Lesotho?

Gambling in Lesotho is legal in all its forms; regarding the online sector, there is no law forbidding it, thus, it is considered to be legal. In simple words, players may join any bookmaker they like, without actually breaking any local law.

Q: Is Bet365 available in Lesotho?

Providing an extensive coverage of all the top football events from around the globe, Bet365 indeed accepts Basotho bettors. Along with special features like live betting and cash out, it does stand out from the crowd. Without doubt, one of the most reputable bookmakers at your disposal.

Q: Is the local bookmaker Gbets legitimate?

Gbets is a South African bookie, holding a local (SA) license. It is indeed legitimate, however, its betting span (special bets, live game coverage, cash out feature) is still rather far from the standards of most of the Lesotho bookmakers we list in our analysis; try any of them and find out on your own.

Q: Is 1xBet available in Lesotho?

1xBet happily awaits Basotho players, standing out with its 98%+ payout on all the biggest football leagues. It also offers betting on all major sports, which, along with its various special bets and features, is guaranteed to satisfy all your needs.

Q: Are Lesotho bookmakers safe?

There are no locally licensed bookmakers in Lesotho; just a few legitimate South African ones. Simply put, in order to enjoy a safe online betting experience, try to avoid any risky operators. How to do so? By simply sticking to the ones we list in our analysis, all being 100% legitimate operators.

Q: Is M-Pesa available in Lesotho?

Besides using credit cards and bank wires, which pose no problem for your online betting in Lesotho, M-Pesa indeed accepts local players too. It is the best choice for fast and secure mobile transactions. Simply create your account and start enjoying its reliable services.

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