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Best Zimbabwe Betting Sites

Population: 15.100.000zimbabwe icon
Active players: 2.000.000
Currency: Zimbabwean dollar (ZWL)
Regulated gambling products: Lotteries, casinos, sports betting
Operator types: Lotteries, land-based casinos and bookmaker shops, unlicensed online bookies & casinos
Designated authority: The Lotteries and Gaming Board
Status: Regulated

The Republic of Zimbabwe is a landlocked country in Southeast Africa. With Harare being the capital and largest city, it is home to many ethnic groups. It also features no less than 16 official languages, with English being among them; which is logical since it was under British rule from 1923 until 1965, when it gained its independence.

Locals love sports, with football, rugby and field hockey being among their favorites. Kirsty Leigh Coventry Seward is still the country's most popular sports figure; she has won seven swimming Olympic medals back in 2004 and 2008. Currently, she serves as the Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation.

Gambling in Zimbabwe is legal in all its forms. Locals have a long tradition of betting, with the state lottery being present since as early as 1935. For those who enjoy placing a bet Zimbabwe offers many choices. Horse racing was always very popular and still takes place; the Donnybrook Raceway in Harare and the Breedon Everard Raceway in Bulawayo attract thousands of spectators.

Many players here view betting as a means of easy money, since there is much unemployment. Sports betting is gaining much popularity in particular. Apart from the domestic betting shops, a rising number of international bookmakers also accept local registrations; and more players prefer them as they slowly familiarize themselves with online betting in Zimbabwe.

Best Betting Sites in Zimbabwe

With online betting in Zimbabwe being legal, many bookies accept local players. That’s why we list the best Zimbabwe betting sites, to help you choose. These made our top three for their quality and quantity of services; they offer a wide range of betting options and cover all major football competitions, among others. Do not forget to check their special bets and various welcome offers.

Zimbabwe Gambling - 5 Things to Know

  • 1
    The legal age to engage in any gambling is 18
  • 2
    Sports betting in Zimbabwe is legal, betting online is perceived as such too
  • 3
    Many bookmaker shops can be found in major cities
  • 4
    Horse racing is very popular and race tracks attract thousands of fans
  • 5
    There are no locally licensed betting sites

Online Betting Zimbabwe: The Law Framework

BMB_Power Icon

Gambling is legal in Zimbabwe in all its forms; at least regarding land-based activities. The Lotteries and Gaming Board under the Ministry of Home Affairs is the regulatory body. It is responsible for issuing-and if necessary revoking-licenses; through the 1998 Lotteries and Gaming Act, it makes sure that all entities abide by its quality standards.

The Act also sets the base for regulating all types of sports betting in Zimbabwe. There have been some slight amendments ever since, yet still, there is no chapter covering the online sector. There is however a short reference on 'electronic gaming devices'; which eventually seems just enough to perceive Zimbabwe online betting as legitimate too.

The authorities seem to adopt this stance too; despite not having locally licensed bookies, there are absolutely no reports of blocking access to operators or prosecuting players. Clearly though, there are still steps to be made towards a proper regulation of the online sector.

However, it is very encouraging that all forms of gambling are legal. Brick and mortar bookmaker shops are packed with bettors, where -notably- they must pay 10% tax on their winnings. Moreover, when placing an online bet, Zimbabwe laws cannot interfere and tax players’ winnings; that’s why locals are increasingly familiarizing themselves with technology and the internet.

Essential Info for Bettors

BMB_Best Icon

All land-based forms of gambling are legal. The online Zimbabwe sports betting sector is different, being neither legal nor illegal; authorities though, mainly treat it as being legal, and that’s what matters the most. Effectively, there is no blocking of online providers, and no surveillance whatsoever.

Players can actually avoid the 10% tax on their winnings that applies at bookmaker shops; simply by choosing international betting sites in Zimbabwe. A VPN software is not necessary, but could be useful if at some point authorities monitor the online sector.

Lastly, always keep in mind that being able to raise a claim is important when betting online; so is solving it in a legitimate manner. Thus, avoid any doggy bookmakers, simply by sticking to any of the legitimate bookies we list for your convenience.

How to Deposit at Online Bookies

BMB_Markets GenericUsing bank wires and credit cards is reliable, yet such traditional methods are always exposing your online transactions. The fact that the bet online Zimbabwe sector is treated as being legal, should not let you lower your guard. Thankfully, e-wallets like ecoPayz accept local players, while offering fast and secure money transfers.

Skrill and Neteller do not yet operate in the country. Lastly, cryptocurrencies are slowly gaining more fans despite the rather low internet penetration countrywide. With much of Zimbabwe betting offering crypto payments, maybe it’s about time players get to know them better.

Gambling Regulations in Closeby Regions

Mozambique: All forms were announced to be legal back in 2010. Locals will find a lot of land-based casinos and sportsbooks to choose from. However, when it comes to online gambling, most prefer international Mozambique betting sites due to their versatile services. 

Malawi: There are two local entities, the Gambing Board and the Lotteries Authority, that are tasked with overseeing all activities in the country. As for online betting sites in Malawi, players can find a wide selection, mainly because of the absence of a specific framework. 

Botswana: Under the Gambling Act of 2012, gambling is legal in Botswana. However, it's critical to note that the legislation primarily focuses on land-based establishments. This leaves online Botswana betting sites operating in a somewhat uncertain manner. While they continue to exist, their legal status remains ambiguous, falling into a grey area within the current framework.

Gambling in Zimbabwe: What the Future Holds

BMB_Book Spy

It is encouraging to see that-at least-all forms of land based gambling in Zimbabwe are legitimate and under regulation. Still though, there’s a long road ahead concerning the online sector. At least it is not treated as being illegal, with both players and operators facing a friendly environment.

At some point, state officials will come to realize the benefits of fully regulating the online betting market; mainly through taxation, as is already happening with brick and mortar facilities. A proper licensing system could also draw operators into the market, while creating jobs for local people.

Still, we have to be patient for any changes to take place; mainly because everyone seems to be-even temporarily-happy with the current situation.

The Complete List of Bookmakers in Zimbabwe

There is a quite rich online offering, so we list all betting sites in Zimbabwe. These are all totally legitimate and licensed operators. Just pick the ones you prefer, and don’t forget to check out their welcome offers and bonuses.

Q: is gambling illegal in Zimbabwe?

As regards land-based activities, gambling in Zimbabwe is legal in its entirety. The online sector is not specifically regulated; however, it is treated as being legal by the state. As a result, many players are placing their bets at online bookies with no problems whatsoever.

Q: Is 888sport available in Zimbabwe?

Being established as one of the most reliable bookmakers, 888sport indeed accepts local players. With 150+ horse races daily, 20,000+ monthly events and a full cash-out feature, it is definitely among the top choices for Zimbabweans.

Q: Is Zimbabwe online betting safe?

Online betting in Zimbabwe is not fully regulated; meaning that there are no locally based bookmakers. As a result, players opt for international bookies; so, the most convenient way to ensure a safe betting experience, is to stick to any of the bookmakers we list in our analysis; pick any of them and rest assured that your choice is 100% legitimate and trustworthy.

Q: Is 1xBet available in Zimbabwe?

1xBet is yet another top choice for Zimbabwean players. Offering 50+ sports to choose from, and with a 98%+ payout on the top football leagues, it sure stands out. In addition, there are plenty of special bets and offers to welcome you onboard, plus various payment options to choose from.

Q: Is it easy to open an online betting account in Zimbabwe?

As most players find out, signing up and creating an online betting account is actually much easier than you think. The basic steps are the same at every bookmaker, with slight variations: You enter a valid email address, provide any ID document you are asked to, complete your address and payment details and you’re good to go. Any of the bookies we list guides you step by step through the process, so, just check it out for yourself.

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