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Population: 570.000maldives icon
Active players: 80.000
Currency: Maldivian rufiyaa (MVR)
Regulated gambling products: No gambling is allowed
Operator types: Unlicensed online bookies & casinos
Designated authority: No designated authority
Status: Regulated

The Republic of Maldives is a country in the Indian Ocean, southwest of India and Sri Lanka. It has a rich history and incorporates many different cultures; which is normal after years of colonization by the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British. Finally, it gained its independence from the United Kingdom in 1965.

Malé is the capital and the economic centre of the country. Despite relying heavily on tourism, gambling is not among the activities visitors -or locals- may enjoy. The main reason is that it is an Islamic state; the Sharia law makes it clear that gambling is not a legitimate pastime for Muslim people. Therefore, all forms of gambling in Maldives are illegal.

Quite a few people, however, still visit Maldives online betting sites. There is no specific gambling law, only a couple of points in the Penal Code that indicate its illegality. Yet the authorities mainly seem to focus on land-based activity; leaving much room for players to surf the web and place their bets with a trustworthy international operator. Football is very popular, and beach volleyball attracts many players too.

Gambling in Maldives - 5 things to know

  • All forms of gambling are illegal
  • There are only a couple of fun games to participate in, at major hotels
  • No casinos or bookmaker shops can be found
  • Authorities are reportedly much more laid back concerning online betting
  • Many international bookmakers accept local players

Best betting sites in Maldives

Despite gambling being illegal, quite a few operators accept local players. So, we list the best Maldives online bookies to make choosing easier. They stand out for their extensive coverage of major football events from every top competition, as well as their welcome offers and special bets.

Online betting in Maldives: The law framework

Maldives gambling is illegal, with no exceptions, despite hundreds of thousands of tourists that storm in every year. Its a Muslim state after all, where the Sharia law is pretty much straightforward; no means no. Naturally, there is no gambling authority in place and everything relies on the local Penal Code; which, in turn, does not include a clear reference on gambling, let alone the online sector.

Still, even with no Maldives online gambling law in place, penalties on illegal gambling include financial fines; which may stretch up to imprisonment for repeat offenders. However, the updated 2015 Penal Code presented a major change; it decriminalized gambling, setting the framework for a more lenient overall stance towards it.

It could be a sign that the state begins thinking about the regulation of the sector; always in relation to the tourism industry and the taxation it could impose upon it and gain millions itself. Regarding online gambling, there are no reports of prosecuting players up to date. So, for those who enjoy placing an online bet, Maldives can still offer quite a few options.

Obviously, there are no local bookmakers or a licensing system either. Locals and tourists are actively visiting international bookies, while the authorities only seem to bother with land-based law enforcement. Which explains why illegal booking agents and made-up gambling premises are facing justice every now and then.

Essential info for bettors

Authorities do not block access to online bookmakers in Maldives; and there does not seem to be any form of real-time surveillance either. Avoid any type of bookmaker shop or agent that might approach you. This is of paramount importance, since it will most probably land you in trouble.

If you decide to place a bet, solely prefer Maldives online betting sites. While you’re at it, remember that there’s no regulatory body; which means that you won’t be able to raise a claim if a problem comes up. That’s why you must stick to bookies we list in our analysis which are all licensed and trustworthy. All in all, keep your betting private, online, and with legitimate Maldives bet providers.

How to deposit at online bookies

Players can use bank wires and credit cards, since the authorities keep a passive stance towards Maldives online gambling. However, it is better to avoid such traditional methods; simply because it’s better to keep a low profile and not have your transactions leading straight to gambling providers, for obvious reasons. It is illegal after all.

Thankfully though, e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller accept local players, while providing fast and secure transactions. The use of a VPN software is also something we strongly advise players to engage with.

Cryptocurrencies are already quite popular in Maldives, despite not being officially legal. An increasing number of bet online Maldives bookies are using them; so maybe it’s about time you should start familiarizing yourself with them. They offer absolute anonymity, and that’s something that can prove truly useful here.

What the future holds

The 2015 Penal Code came into force, bringing a bit of fresh air with it. Online betting in Maldives has been on the rise ever since; the state’s general stance towards gambling became even more lenient, at least for a Muslim country.

Could there be a further step into-for example-allowing gambling in resorts for tourists? Not an easy answer to that question, however, there could be some changes ahead. A Maldives gambling authority would tidy things up; the state officials can’t -and don’t- overlook the huge benefits from taxing a legitimate gambling sector. With some patience, time will show how things will unfold in this beautiful country.

The complete list of bookmakers in Maldives

The local offering is very rich, so, we hereby list all online bookmakers in Maldives. These are all legitimate and licensed operators. Go on, pick the ones you prefer, and while you’re at it, check their welcome offers too.

Q: Is gambling legal in Maldives?

Being a Muslim country, Maldives gambling is not legal. The online sector though, is not specifically referred to in the local law framework; along with a lenient stance from the authorities, Maldives online betting in specific is practiced by many locals and tourists alike.

Q: Is Bet365 available in Maldives?

Known as one of the most trustworthy bookmakers, Bet365 does accept local bettors. Its wide coverage of the biggest football events along with its cash out and live betting features, makes it a top choice for Maldivian players.

Q: Are Maldives bookmakers safe?

Online betting in Maldives is typically illegal. Still though, many players visit online bookies, since the authorities are mainly focusing on land-based operations. So, in order to enjoy a safe betting experience, just stick to any of the bookmakers we list; they’re all 100% legitimate trustworthy operators.

Q: Is 1xBet available in Maldives?

1xbet accepts local players while offering 50+ sports to choose from, and a 98%+ payout on the biggest football leagues. Moreover, there are plenty of payment options at your disposal, and many special bets and offers to welcome you onboard.

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