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Best Mozambique Betting Sites

The Republic of Mozambique is a country in southeastern Africa, with Maputo being its capital and largest city. Football is the most popular sport, far from second. Portuguese legend Eusebio was of Mozambican origin and is the most famous local athlete ever. The local Moçambola football league steadily attracts thousands of fans. As for sports betting, Mozambique offers plenty of options.

The local gambling board (Inspecção Geral De Jogos) regulates all appropriate fields. The 1994 ‘Games of Chance’ law was the first and still is the basic law on gambling. Mozambique's online gambling was also officially proclaimed legal in 2010. Quite a few local betting companies operate here, both brick & mortar and online. However, with gambling being legal in all its forms, locals enjoy free access to any international bookmaker they want.

Best Betting Sites in Mozambique

mozambique iconSince online betting in Mozambique is legal, bettors may join any bookie they like. The selection is never easy, that’s why we list the best ones out there; offering a wide coverage on all major football leagues. Plus, various betting markets and special bets.

Betting in Mozambique - 5 Things to Know

  • 1
    All forms of gambling are legal
  • 2
    The online gambling sector was legalized in 2010
  • 3
    There are many casinos and betting shops
  • 4
    The legal gambling age is 18
  • 5
    No international bookie has opted for a local license

General info

Population: 30.000.000

Active players: 3.500.000

Currency: Mozambican metical (MZN)

Regulated gambling products: Casino games, lotteries, sports betting

Operator types: Casinos, state-run lottery, licensed local bookies, unlicensed online bookies & casinos

Designated authority: Inspecção Geral De Jogos

Status: Regulated

Sports Betting in Mozambique: The Law Framework

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The 1994 Games of Chance Law is still the country’s main piece of legislation. A crucial amendment came in 2010 with the ‘Guebuza Promulgates Casino Bill’, which set Mozambique's online gambling regulation, making it one of the most stable ones in Africa. All forms of gambling have been legal ever since; including the online sector.

As of today, the Mozambique gambling board has issued 17 licenses to local bookmakers. Licenses are indeed up for grabs, yet no international bookies have applied for one. Betting, as a practice, officially falls under the ‘Social and fun games’ category, with a reference to ‘mutual bets’, something like pool betting (it’s not specifically sports betting as we know it).

At the same time, any interested entity must have a bank guarantee of 3 million MT (nearly $50.000) and is subject to a 20%-35% GGR tax. Plus, for online services, licensed betting sites in Mozambique must possess a .mz domain. Apart from that, no close supervision or strict measures apply.

The 2010 amendment also changed the scene regarding land-based gambling establishments. It is now possible to operate a casino with almost half the capital (nearly $8 million) in comparison to 1994. Plus, casinos don’t have to operate within 4-star hotels.

The government obviously still aims towards the development of tourism through gambling. As for sport betting, Mozambique has absolutely no restraints towards online players.

Reasons to Bet Online in Mozambique

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Quite a lot of betting shops are available, especially in the capital city of Maputo. Moreover, many locals still tend to place their bets there, despite the long queues and the poor betting variety. There are a series of reasons for a player to bet online in Mozambique instead.

For starters, it is absolutely legal to bet online. Many locals still may not be aware of it; thinking it’s only legal to visit a bookmaker physically. Yet, the country’s gambling regulation is crystal clear. Betting online is 100% legal, and very secure too, we will add.

Just one point here; the online sector is free to access, however, there is no player protection from dodgy bookies. This part of supervision still needs much attention on behalf of the local gambling board. And while there are many online options available; so are the scam bookies.

In order to avoid any security issues, players should stick to the ones we are listing in our analysis. These are all totally trusted and secure bookmakers. Lastly, we do know that you are accustomed to visiting your local bookie. However, hold two things in mind. First, all the time you waste waiting in these queues.

And second and foremost, the betting options themselves. The sports coverage, the special bets, the welcome offers, the live betting and cash out features that you miss out. You can only enjoy these on the Mozambique betting sites we’ve already listed for you. Maybe it’s just the right time to move on and enjoy a better online betting experience.

How to Deposit at Online Bookies

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Mozambique gambling laws have no restrictions towards players’ online transactions. Bank wires and credit cards are already in use by thousands of bettors. Authorities will not bother about the source of your incoming money when you bet online.

Still, to make it even better, a major e-wallet operates in Mozambique. Namely, ecoPayz. It offers fast and secure transactions, making it more convenient to move your money in and out. Summing up, remember that banks do not block transactions and online betting in Mozambique is legal; so, there’s not much to worry about.

Just familiarize yourself with the online environment. The Internet is rapidly gaining turf, with more people trying to engage in it. And it’s actually even easier than you might think to bet online; trust us on that.

Gambling Laws in Closeby Regions

While engaging in online betting, it is wise to take the initiative to understand the gambling regulations in nearby countries. Despite their geographical proximity, neighbouring nations may have distinct and different rules in place. To gain more information and insights on this matter, we recommend exploring some of our comprehensive articles listed below:

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The Future of Mozambique Gambling

BMB_Book Spy

The country has one of the most regulated and friendly gambling environments in the African continent. Mozambique gambling is legal in its entirety and players have the total freedom of choice. It’s still a developing economy, having however made serious steps towards a free and safe gambling environment.

Some more steps still need to be taken towards players’ security. A more clear licensing process should also be a good indication of development. Till then, international bookies will always be one step ahead of local competition. Summing up, if you want to place a bet Mozambique offers some great options tailored to your needs.

Q: Is it safe to bet online in Mozambique?

All bookies that you will find in our analysis are checked by our team in terms of safety and credibility. If you just stick to the ones we offer, you may expect nothing less than a safe betting experience. And remember to avoid any other bookies that you might come across online.

Q: Is online betting legal in Mozambique?

Since 2010, the amendment to the existing gambling law has deemed all forms of online gambling to be legal. Online betting is no exception, with many online bookmakers awaiting your registration, with various appealing promotions on offer.

Q: Can I bet with Bet365 in Mozambique?

Having established itself as one of the most renowned bookmakers, Bet365 indeed accepts Mozambican bettors. Its live coverage on the top football events, along with its live betting markets and cash out feature, will undoubtedly match your needs.

Q: How do I open an online betting account?

It’s a very easy procedure, even through your smartphone. Every bookmaker has a step by step guidance, generally down to: Hit the registration button, fill in your details, choose a payment option, upload any official documents to prove your ID, and start betting.

Q: Is 1xBet available to Mozambican bettors?

As a very popular bookmaker, 1xBet comes with one of the widest arrays of special bets on every major football league in the world. Mozambicans are more than welcome and to make it even better; it gives them the option to bet using the local currency, in a fully localized interface.

Q: Can I use an e-wallet to fund my betting account in Mozambique?

Some of the most reputable e-wallets actually do accept Mozambican registrations. All you need to do is create an account using an email. Then simply follow the steps that each of them clearly demonstrates and start moving your money in a fast and secure manner.

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