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Best Betting Sites in Malawi

The Republic of Malawi is a landlocked country in South Eastern Africa. It is bordered by Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique and is home to many different ethnic groups; mainly the Chewa and the Lomwe. Its independence from the United Kingdom came in 1964, forming a republic later in 1966. Locals are keen sports fans, with football and netball being the most popular ones. The Malawi Gaming Board and Lotteries Authority (MAGLA) regulates all procedures around gambling. It has been in place since 1996 when the Gaming Act was voted.

As for betting, Malawi deems it legal, yet it does not have a legal framework to regulate it online. Plus, only one local bookie, Premier Bet, is licensed to operate online. Moreover, international bookies are offering their services to locals without breaking any law. So, a growing number of Malawian bettors are opting for them.

Best Malawi Betting Sites

malawiBelow, we list the online bookies that stand out in Malawi, offering great coverage of all major sports, along with a wide variety of special bets and ongoing offers for you to pick from.

Gambling in Malawi - 5 Things to Know

  • 1
    All forms of gambling are legal
  • 2
    The legal gambling age is 18
  • 3
    There are bookies & casinos in the capital city of Lilongwe
  • 4
    Only one online betting license has been given so far
  • 5
    The online gambling sector falls under no distinctive regulation

General info

Population: 19.400.000

Active players: 2.500.000

Currency: Malawian Kwacha (MWK)

Regulated gambling products: Land-based casino games, lotteries, sports betting

Operator types: State-run lottery, casinos, one licensed local bookie, unlicensed online bookies & casinos

Designated authority: Malawi Gaming Board

Status: Semi-regulated

Online Betting in Malawi: The Law Framework

BMB_Power Icon

The Malawi gambling law is quite straightforward. The first -and still in effect- legislation was put in place in 1996 when the respective board -MAGLA- set off its operations. The Gaming Act is the law regulating all forms of land-based gambling. No changes or updates have been made ever since, apart from some amendments in 2015.

There are however no references on online gambling, with the sector being vastly unregulated; yet, considered legal to partake. The Malawi online betting scene has only one local bookie to show for; Premier Bet, which has been operating since August 2015 and is taxed 12.5% on its GGR. No other online entities hold a local license.

Neither casinos nor bookmakers alike. Still, most international online bookmakers accept Malawians and by holding some of the most reputable licenses out there; they’re by far the better choice. On the other hand, a Malawi betting license mechanism is still on. A ‘wide area progressive gaming’ license costs 500.000 kwacha, approximately 600 USD.

That’s just for brick-and-mortar activities, though. However, no form of gambling is illegal, including online. There are absolutely no restrictions or penalties for those who opt for Malawian online bookmakers. Altogether, the environment is really friendly regarding gambling, for both players and operators.

Essential Information for Bettors

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The key point to remember is that it is perfectly legal to bet online according to Malawi gambling regulations. Every single bookie you will find in our analysis is licensed and legitimate. Stick to them since your winnings deriving from Premier Bet are subject to 20% tax, and the MAGLA doesn’t regulate the online sector.

Therefore, there is no player protection from dodgy bookies. And while the online betting options are vast, so are the dubious sites that operate out there. The authorities, at the same time, neither block access to any operator nor prosecute players.

Bookmaker shops are available, mainly in the capital city of Lilongwe; still, their betting variety is very small in comparison to one of their international counterparts. So, if you enjoy betting, Malawi has many options to suit your needs. Just keep it safe by picking a bookie from the ones we list.

How to Deposit at Online Bookies

BMB_Markets GenericWhen placing a bet, Malawi players can freely use bank wires or credit cards. Internet usage is rather low, while bettors mainly use their smartphones to fund their accounts. EcoPayz is available in the country, along with its top-notch mobile apps. Neteller and Skrill, on the other hand, do not yet accept local registrations.

Banks will not block any transactions to or from Malawi betting sites. Moreover, cryptocurrency trading is on the rise; since a growing number of locals are trying to familiarize themselves with it and use it. For starters though, just get to know the basics and keep in mind that the authorities will not ask for the source of your income at any point.

Gambling Laws in Other Regions

Malawi is not the only notable country in the area. Whether you are a tourist or contemplating a relocation, it is prudent to know the gambling laws beforehand. To assist you in this attempt, we have created specialized guides for several of these locations. Feel free to browse some of the top ones below: 

Best Betting Sites in Zambia

Top Mozambique Betting Sites

Best Betting Sites in Tanzania

The Future of Gambling in Malawi

BMB_Book Spy

The country has made some steps towards a free and regulated gambling environment. Players are free to access any online bookie they want, with no restrictions applied by the authorities. And despite not yet being under a proper legal framework, gambling in Malawi is shaping up really well.

Let’s not forget that it’s still a developing economy. If things lead to the regulation of the online gambling sector, we will be updating our info too. A modest prediction is that sports betting in Malawi, while slowly developing, is only gonna get better for bettors; as well as for operators.

Q: Is it safe to bet online in Malawi?

Every single bookmaker we list in our analysis, is checked by our team in terms of trustworthiness. So, if you just stick to the ones we suggest, expect nothing less than a safe betting experience. Simply avoid any other bookies that you might come across online.

Q: Does Bet365 offer its services in Malawi?

Being one of the most popular online bookies worldwide, Bet365 gladly accepts Malawian bettors. Its live coverage of all major sports, along with its live betting markets and special bets, will undoubtedly leave you satisfied.

Q: Is online betting legal in Malawi?

Despite the fact that it’s not regulated, it is considered legal to sign-up and play with any online bookmaker. The authorities do not prosecute players or block access to international operators; so, expect no problems at all with the law.

Q: Is 1xBet available to Malawian bettors?

A big yes on that one. Apart from being one of the most known bookmakers worldwide; 1xBet offers a wide array of special bets and live coverage of all the main football leagues. What’s more, it even allows you to bet using your local currency.

Q: How do I open an online betting account?

It’s a very easy procedure, even when using your smartphone. Every bookmaker has a step by step guide, with the general ones being: Hit the sign-up button, fill in your details, choose a method of payment, upload any documents to prove your ID and start betting.

Q: Does ecoPayz accept Malawians?

Being one of the world’s most reputable e-wallets, ecoPayz does indeed accept registrations from Malawi. All one needs to do is to create an account through an email and then simply follow the online step by step guide to send -and receive- funds, quickly and securely.

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