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Best Bitcoin Card for Gambling

A few years ago, most people would not believe that cryptocurrencies and traditional banking methods could have such a high level of synergy. Nevertheless, cryptocurrency-based debit cards are now a reality. This may go against the will of hardcore crypto fans and FIAT traditionalists, but there is no going back. The best Bitcoin cards offer you great flexibility when you need to cash out your gambling winnings. It is important to note that most cards are not limited to Bitcoin, as they now support a variety of other altcoins. These cards exchange on-the-spot cryptocurrencies with the local FIAT currency. To make that more clear, you can buy a product online or withdraw cash directly with your crypto.

The card provider will pay the merchant or the bank in FIAT currency. In this way, you can use your crypto winnings without having to deal directly with a bank. Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply withdraw 2.000 € from an ATM in a single day, without any bank knowing? You are in luck, as the best crypto debit cards got you covered. This is especially useful in an age that local gambling restrictions are on the rise. In any case, crypto cards are not the solution to everything. They should be used carefully, as they hold several hidden traps and disadvantages.

What Makes the Best Bitcoin Card

There are many variables to consider when the time comes to choose the best crypto card for your betting activity. Withdrawal fees, supported cryptocurrencies and exchange rates, just to name a few. For example, would you rather have low daily ATM withdrawal limits, but with the benefit of just 0,9% fees? Or are you a highroller who seeks 4 digit daily withdrawal limits with no regard to fees? Are you perhaps an avid crypto-fan that seeks the most decentralized way to spend your Ether winnings via a VISA card? Do not worry, as we will recommend the ideal card for every kind of bettor.

Most importantly, keep in mind that the crypto world is currently under assessment by governments and central banks. Crypto has become too big to ignore. International and local regulations may sprout up out of nowhere. Crypto card providers may often change their terms of agreement, fees and supported countries to stay afloat in business. We recommend you do diligent research and stay up to date with current crypto developments. You surely do not want to get caught with your pants down. With that being said, let’s summarize the most important points to look for to select the best bitcoin debit card. If you were wondering where to use a BTC card, check the bookies below.

👉  Key Points of Crypto Cards

  • Fees & Exchange Rates: Each provider will have different ones. Many will charge an initial card issue fee and others will not. Some will require you to stake (buy and hold) their native token to get lower fees. Several of them do not have beneficial terms for ATM withdrawals. Particular providers will have great exchange rates but will require a minimum of transactions per month.

  • Number of Supported Cryptocurrencies: That depends on each player’s needs. Players that only need the card to carry on gambling transactions may not care a lot for limited options. Bettors that happen to be more invested in cryptocurrencies may want a wider variety to supplement their trading. Nevertheless, more cryptocurrencies supported usually means more flexibility, but that is not always the case.

  • Geographical Restrictions & Taxes: This should be the first thing to check out. Before starting an account in a bitcoin debit card provider, search if their services are fully supported in your country of residence. We do not recommend using a VPN to circumvent these restrictions, as it is an extremely risky tactic. Additionally, inform yourself if crypto transactions in your country, even with debit cards, are taxable events. Better stay clear from any trouble with fiscal authorities.

How a Crypto Wallet Debit Card Benefits you

An online wallet service that supports crypto cards holds several advantages. One of the most significant is that most of these providers partner with MasterCard and VISA, two financial giants. Your cards will be accepted by most merchants and ATMs worldwide, and their recognizable brand will give you a sense of security and comfort. There is no better way to connect the new crypto-financial ecosystem with the traditional one. Of course, there are also other vital points.

  • Perfect combination with gambling: These card providers are a convenient way to supplement your crypto gambling. You will be able to cash out your winnings without transferring any funds to a traditional bank. You can top up your bitcoin card directly from your personal crypto wallet. This greatly enhances your privacy.

  • Foreign currency conversion fee: A significant issue if you frequently travel internationally. Most bitcoin cards hold better fees than a traditional currency exchange. Also, cryptocurrencies are universal, so the rates will be the same in every country. There are only a few regulated areas that will prohibit you from using crypto debit cards.

  • Many available providers: Nowadays, many fintech companies issue bitcoin cards. Signing up with them takes only a few minutes, and there are no limitations. Theoretically, you could be a client of all available services. In this way, it will be easy to find the best bitcoin debit card for you.

  • Spend cryptocurrencies like traditional currencies: Yes, it may remove the decentralization factor from cryptocurrencies, but we must accept that mass crypto adoption is still far. These bitcoin cards offer you a way to utilize your crypto funds in the real world. A small but important step for the crypto world.

What Downsides do Cryptocurrency Cards Hold

Despite the lucrative benefits, there are various disadvantages too. One of the key ones is that apart from the popular crypto exchanges, most providers that offer crypto debit cards are startups or small companies. While they may have the best intentions for their clients, they may lack fast updates and customer support. You will need to have patience if any issue arises. It would be better to take precautions and avoid holding big sums of money within these services. Moreover, check the points below before choosing a debit card for crypto.

  • Mandatory KYC: It will be necessary to complete a full KYC process before ordering a crypto debit card. This is necessary for compliance reasons as the cards are backed by Mastercard and VISA, which are fully regulated financial institutions. Sadly you will have to lose the complete anonymity that some crypto-friendly bookies and pure crypto transactions hold.

  • No decentralization: Αnother aspect of the crypto world that needs to be sacrificed to use a bitcoin debit card. The juicy part of cryptocurrency transactions is the peer-to-peer payments that eliminate the middle-man. If you want to use one of the best crypto debit cards, you will have to trust the service provider and Mastercard / VISA. They are fully regulated, so try and keep a low profile if you want to avoid any audits or AML checks.

  • No direct gambling deposits: Crypto card providers are always wary of the fluid situation of cryptocurrency regulations. They will try and keep a strictly compliant stance to stay away from trouble. Gambling operators, especially offshore ones, are considered risky merchants by many of them. Avoid direct transactions with your bitcoin card to any crypto bookmaker. Always use your personal wallet as an intermediary.

Which is the Best Bitcoin Card

Credit cards The oldest bookmaker payment methodThe answer is none. There is not a single best Bitcoin card. Each provider has its own set of pros and cons. Each different player has different priorities and restrictions. You will need to do your research and see which is the best crypto debit card for you. Below we will name some of the most reliable providers. Of course, they are not the only good ones, but those we recommend are fully tested. Our main priority apart from security is their combination with gambling withdrawals, so a bettor can indirectly use his crypto winnings in conventional ways. Keep in mind that all the card characteristics that we are going to list are susceptible to change.

red arrow Binance Card

Binance is one of the most popular crypto exchanges. At the time of writing, it is the largest exchange in terms of trading volume. European Binance account holders that have verified their ID and Address can order a free physical VISA crypto debit card. There are no minimum monthly transaction limits or maintenance fees. You can top up your card balance with popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, ADA, and Euros too. This card gives you access to all VISA merchants and is available to most EU countries.

⏩ Spending Limits: Daily €8.700 

⏩ ATM Withdrawal Limit: Daily €290 

⏩ Transaction Fees: 0,9% (Third-party fees may apply)

⏩ Cashback: 1% (Received in BNB tokens, cashback increases up to 8% depending on BNB staking)

red arrow Coinbase Card

Coinbase is one of the most reputable crypto exchanges, available in the EU, UK and US markets. Verified Coinbase users can order a VISA crypto debit card. BTC, ETH, LTC and other coins are supported, but each transaction requires a crypto liquidation fee of 2,49%. The quality stablecoin USDC is available for US residents only, and transactions with it charge no fees. The characteristics of this card are different in the two continents, so we will list them separately. As you will see, the Coinbase card is better suited for US residents. In any case, Coinbase is a big name on the market, so EU & UK users may want to have a card for reliability reasons.

⏩ Spending Limits: Daily €/£10.000, Monthly €/£20.000, Yearly €/£100.000 

⏩ ATM Withdrawal Limit: Daily €/£500 (Up to €/£200 withdrawals per month are free, then a 1% fee is applied, third party fees may apply)

⏩ Transaction Fees: 2,49% (When liquidating crypto)

⏩ Spending Limits: Daily $2.500 

⏩ ATM Withdrawal Limit: Daily $1.000 

⏩ Transaction Fees: 2,49% (When liquidating crypto. USDC transactions charge no fee)

⏩ Cashback: Selected clients may claim a 4% cashback in XLM coins or 1% in BTC. You will have to apply for the program via the exchange app.

red arrow Card

Another popular exchange and a serious contender for the best crypto debit card. Like Binance, exchange has its own cryptocurrency named CRO. The more CRO you buy and hold, the more benefits you have. Here, we will mention the basic VISA card rewards, as not everybody wants to keep funds in exchanges. The tier 1 card, named Midnight Blue, is available in the EU, UK, US, CA and Singapore. A user can get the card for free, and there are no maintenance fees.

However, a fine of 5 €/£/$ will be charged if the card is not used once within 12 months. The exchange rates for cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LTC and XRP vary per supported coin, and there are no fixed rates. The catch is that they are usually 1% higher than the real market ones. You should check them before confirming the exchange. The benefits for higher tier cards are quite attractive, like free Spotify and Netflix subscriptions, so be sure to check them out.

⏩ Spending Limits: None

⏩ ATM Withdrawal Limit: Daily £1.800 GBP Card, €2.000 EUR Card, $500 USD Card. Weekly £9.000 GBP Card, €10.000 EUR Card, $5.000 USD Card. There is also a limit of 3 Daily ATM withdrawals per day.

⏩ ATM Withdrawal Fees: The free monthly ATM withdrawal limits are £180 & €/$200. After that, a 2% fee is applied.

⏩ Transaction Fees: None (Third-Party fees may apply)

⏩ Cashback: 1% for the Midnight Blue card (Received in CRO coins)

red arrow Plutus Card

One of the most innovative crypto card providers. That is because the crypto exchanges are based on their own decentralized exchange. Moreover, the key selling point is that Plutus does not have a custodial wallet. That means that the funds stay in your hands, safe in your own personal wallet, which gets connected with Plutus. Sadly for the moment, only ETH and their own cryptocurrency PLU are supported. You will have limited options to top up your account with. There are 3 available plans, Starter, Premium and Pro. You get access to the advanced accounts by staking PLU.

There are several benefits for the boosted accounts, but we will talk about the basic ones. The VISA Plutus card is available to EU and UK residents. The card issuance fee is €9.99 / £9.99. You will also gain access to a European IBAN or a UK Sort Code and Account Number. We find Plutus a good choice. Suppose you are willing to limit yourself to ETH & PLU. Be sure to check their premium accounts, as you may find some of their perks valuable. Careful of the Ethereum fees, which as of late reach high levels.

⏩ Spending Limits: Daily €/£2.500, Weekly €/£3.000, Monthly €/£5.000 

⏩ Transaction Fees: 1,75% (None when PLU is used)

⏩ ATM Withdrawal Limit: Daily €/£300, Weekly €/£500, Monthly €/£1.000, Yearly €/£10.000 

⏩ ATM Withdrawal Fees: 1.35€ + 1% for the EU, £0,70 for the UK

⏩ Cashback: 3% for up to €/£250 spending (received in PLU coins)

red arrow Monolith Card

Another revolutionary non-custodial wallet service based on the Ethereum blockchain. Monolith issues free VISA crypto cards to EU and UK residents alike. Your crypto funds will stay safe in your personal wallet and no one can freeze them. It supports Ether and other ERC-20 tokens. The downside to this is that you are susceptible to Ethereum gas fees. There are no monthly maintenance costs or minimum fees whatsoever. The important part is the top-up of your card balance.

If you use TKN, Monolith’s coin, you will not get charged any fees. DAI tokens come with a 1% fee. All other ERC-20 tokens charge you a 2,95% fee. Note that the minimum top-up amount is 250 £/€. Monolith currently states that they cover the Ether gas fee, but that may change in the future. If you plan your moves well and exchange your crypto capital with TKN before topping up your card, this crypto card provider might prove extremely useful.

⏩ Spending Limits: Daily £7.500/€8.000 (That is also the maximum cash amount that can be held on the card)

⏩ Transaction Fees: Free for EUR purchases, 1,75% for GBP ones

⏩ ATM Withdrawal Limit: Daily £/€350 

⏩ ATM Withdrawal Fees: Two free withdrawals per month, then £0,75 / €0,85 per withdrawal

red arrow Wirex Card

Wirex is another popular crypto-friendly fintech company. They offer a cryptocurrency wallet platform in the form of a mobile app. EU and UK residents may order a free physical Mastercard crypto card. Like other companies, they offer premium plans with different advantages, but we will focus on the standard free one. There are no maintenance fees or a minimum spending limit. They support an abundant variety of FIAT currencies and crypto coins. To top up your card with crypto, you will have to pay a 1% fee on top of each crypto network’s fees. Keep in mind that the in-platform crypto exchanges are a bit over the market prices. Another negative is that there are many reports of slow customer support, so act accordingly.

⏩ Spending Limits: Daily €2.000, Monthly €10.000 

⏩ Transaction Fees: None

⏩ ATM Withdrawal Limit: Daily €250, Monthly €2.000 

⏩ ATM Withdrawal Fees: Free up to €400 per month, then 2% fee (Third-Party fees may apply)

⏩ Cashback: 0,5% (used for Wirex approved merchants)

👇 Comparison Table

  Binance Coinbase Plutus Monolith Wirex
Daily Spending Limit €8.700 

EU & UK €/£10.000 

US $2.500 

- €/£2.500  £7.500
Monthly Spending

EU & UK €/£20.000 

US                -

- €/£5.000  - €10.000 
Transaction Fees 0,9 %


(US Transactions with USDC are Free)

- 1,75% (None when PLU is used) 0% for EUR,
1,75% for GBP
None, but has top-up fees of 1%
Daily ATM Cash Limit €290 

EU & UK €/£500 

US $1.000 

GBP Card £1.800 
EUR Card €2.000 
USD Card $500 
€/£300  £/€350  €250 
Weekly ATM Cash Limit - - GBP Card £9.000
EUR Card €10.000 
USD Card $5.000 
€/£500  - -
Monthly ATM Cash Limit - - - €/£1.000  -  €2.000
ATM Fees 0,9 %

EU & UK €200 per month free, then 3,49%

US 2,49%

None, but maximum of 3 withdrawals per day € 1.35 + 1% for the EU, £0,70 for the UK 2 free withdrawals per month, then £0,75 / €0,85 €400  per month free, then 2%

*Note that possible third-party fees are not included in the table above. Paid premium plans and staking options offered by the companies may allow for higher spending limits and lower transaction fees.

Best Sportsbooks for Crypto Cards

Austria Euro 2021 Odds & Predictions After doing diligent research and selecting the best crypto card for your gambling needs, you will need to find an appropriate crypto-friendly bookmaker. We will suggest some of the best crypto sportsbooks, which offer you fast withdrawals, juicy bitcoin bonuses and good payout. You may also check their dedicated reviews to know what you are up for. Remember, never deposit funds or withdraw your winnings directly to a crypto exchange or bitcoin card provider wallets. Use your personal crypto-wallet first.

Should you get a Debit Card for Crypto

Payoneer spyThe best bitcoin debit cards unlock a series of financial advantages that few other services can provide. We could even say that they are one of the first practical applications of cryptocurrencies in the established financial system. I believe that a meticulous bettor should get his hands on one as soon as possible. It is not the answer to everything by any means, but these cards will be a valuable tool to facilitate your under-the-radar gambling.

My opinion is that the most convenient crypto cards are the ones issued by the exchanges you already use. Binance is one of the best selections, as you can easily top up the card from your crypto account and it charges very reasonable fees. If you want to maintain nearly absolute control of your crypto funds at the cost of higher fees, then partially decentralized services like Plutus and Monolith are the optimal choices. As with everything in crypto, keep yourself informed and do your research.

Q: How do I get a Bitcoin debit card?

Some crypto exchanges issue Bitcoin debit cards, but other smaller companies offer the same service. You will have many different choices. Do your research and find the provider that suits you best. After you open an account with them and complete the KYC process, you will be able to order a card.

Q: Are crypto debit cards safe?

They are as safe as debit cards issued by traditional banks. Almost all crypto debit cards are backed by VISA and Mastercard and use their proven networks

Q: Where can I use a crypto debit card?

You can use these cards with almost every merchant that accepts Mastercard or VISA worldwide.

Q: Can I use a crypto card for gambling?

Not directly. Crypto debit card providers try to lower their risk and do not approve transactions with risky merchants as gambling sites. The best way is to transfer crypto winnings from the bookie to your personal crypto-wallet and then to the card. That way, you eliminate banks from the equation.

Q: How do Bitcoin cards work?

First of all, most cards support a variety of cryptocurrencies and not only Bitcoin. The term is used as Bitcoin is commonly regarded as a staple and key indicator for cryptocurrencies. In any case, the Bitcoin debit card providers convert your cryptocurrency of choice into a FIAT currency the moment you confirm a transaction. That is because most merchants do not accept directly digital coins. For this reason, be mindful of the exchange rate and possible extra fees.

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