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Curacao Betting Sites 2024

Besides being a quaint location in the southern Caribbean, Curacao is home to one of the world’s biggest gambling authorities. Numerous online betting and casino operators hold a Curacao license.

Moreover, Curacao enjoys the preference of many up-and-coming bookmakers; mainly because it is easier to get a license there compared to other jurisdictions, such as the UKGC and the MGA.

Millions of players from around the globe who prefer to bet under the radar and face no restrictions place their wagers on Curacao betting sites; while others remain sceptical due to their often shady terms and practices. Therefore, we created this guide in order to give a clear insight into whether it is worth opting for online bookies that are licensed in Curacao.

Best Curacao Bookmakers

BMB_ListThe following list contains the top online bookmakers operating under a Curacao license. We have reviewed them in terms of odds, pre-match & in-play markets, bonuses & promos, payment methods and overall services offered. In order to help you pick the one that suits you.

Advantages of Curacao Sports Betting Sites

Choosing to place your wagers on independent online bookmakers, for sure, comes with significant benefits. Thus, without further ado, right below, we list one of the main perks can enjoy when betting on Curacao-licensed bookies:

No tough verification: Curacao betting sites are known for their lax stance when it comes to verifying players’ personal details. They don’t request a full set of documents in order to verify your address or your age. They simply ask for some standard documents and they allow you to enjoy your betting experience. 

Higher bonuses: The low fees that Curacao bookmakers are required to pay when obtaining a license automatically allow them to provide bettors with high bonus offers. In other words, they get to offer players higher and better sign-up bonuses, as well as daily promotions, due to the relatively low tax rates they are charged with.

No strict limits: Curacao bookies make sure not to impose stringent restrictions and tough limits on their players. More specifically, for such bookmakers, there are no strict limitations when it comes to depositing or withdrawing an amount. On top of that, very high betting limits apply on several markets and this is a big advantage for high rollers.

Credit cards accepted: Gambling on credit cards has been banned in the UK as of April 2020 and is advised not to be used for gambling activities in other markets around the world. Nonetheless, sportsbooks like the ones licensed in Curacao, including Visa betting sites, allow you to bet using your favourite credit card.

Crypto payment eligibility: Betting with cryptocurrencies has become very popular among players in recent years and Curacao-licensed brands make sure to go with the flow. They not only accept crypto payments with the most renowned coins, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum but also, there are several crypto-only sportsbooks that operate with a Curacao license; catering to the needs of the most demanding crypto enthusiasts.

Disadvantages of Curacao Gambling Sites

As happens with all gaming platforms, it is hard to find a Curacao gambling operator that is going to be flawless. Every gambling site has its drawbacks and those licensed in the Caribbean island country couldn’t be left out. So, let’s take a closer look at all their cons:

⏩ Lack of reputation: The main reason Curacao is not yet considered one of the top regulatory authorities is that players remain sceptical towards the bookies that are licensed there. Some of them have gone rogue, stolen players’ money and disappeared.

Curacao does not intervene in disputes between operators and bettors. This has significantly lowered Curacao’s credibility in the gambling community and has had a negative impact on its reputation.

⏩ Not clear terms & conditions: Curacao betting operators often come with shady T&Cs. More specifically, bettors might register on them in order to bet without limits; nonetheless, those limits may be well hidden sometimes.

This means that you will possibly find scam bookmakers that don’t offer fair rules, so always make sure to read the T&Cs before you sign up. If you have questions regarding the terms, don’t hesitate to ask the customer support department of each operator; they are obliged to respond to you after all.

⏩ Delayed payments: Players have faced payout issues on Curacao-licensed sportsbooks. There have even been a few instances where certain bookmakers vanished overnight without reimbursing their players.

Additionally, the fact that receiving a license can be done easily without a thorough investigation of the betting firm's finances is a testament to Curacao’s priority on quantity instead of quality.

⏩ Higher wagering requirements: Sports betting Curacao sites may be offering higher bonuses and better promotions than other gambling sites; however, those bonuses come with very high rollover requirements. So, before you are eligible to withdraw your bonus winnings, you must meet certain wagering requirements that sometimes are as high as 90x.

⏩ No self-exclusion scheme: This constitutes another major drawback, as there is no centralized self-exclusion scheme on Curacao licensed bookies. All 4 master license holders have failed to create a self-exclusion program for problem gamblers - like the one found on UKGC licensed operators. Thus, when wagering on Curacao bookmakers, remember that you won’t be able to self-exclude.

⏩ Complaints issues: Except for the fact that player protection is virtually non-existent, any complaints that you may have are sure to fall on deaf ears. More specifically, most player complaints have been met with silence. On some occasions, Curacao has directed bettors to complain about a bookmaker without taking any added action.

Types of Licenses Issued in Curacao

BMB_Question MarkIn Curacao, there are two types of gambling licenses. More specifically, a master license that is given to private entities (authorized to operate as gambling regulators) by the Ministry of Justice and a sublicense. The latter is granted by master license holders to gambling operators (i.e. bookmakers).

However, let us set the record straight first regarding master licensees. More specifically, the Minister of Justice has issued to date four Master Licenses to the following entities:

  • Curacao eGaming (CEG)
  • Curacao Antillephone
  • Gaming Curacao
  • Curacao Interactive Licensing (CIL)

All 4 master licensees are authorized to issue sublicenses to numerous online bookies and casinos. However, there is only one type of online sublicense available and applies to all the different gambling activities, such as sports betting, betting exchange, casino, lottery, poker and bingo.

Curacao Sports Betting License Requirements for Operators

In order to obtain a Curacao license, a bookmaker has to meet specific requirements; however, the application process is quick and relatively cheap. In any case, an interested party has to abide by specified laws and initially pay a pre-application fee of €750.

Following that, the entire process of getting a license will commence and it may take up to 20 days. More specifically, to obtain a license, a bookie must abide by the following requirements:

  • 1
    The owner of the betting company must not have a criminal record.
  • 2
    A copy of the owner’s passport has to be provided.
  • 3
    The applicant must verify that minors can not access the website.
  • 4
    Information on problematic betting behaviours must be visible on the gaming site.
  • 5
    A description of the games being offered must be provided.
  • 6
    A backup of the bettors' transaction database has to be hosted in Curacao.
  • 7
    A bank reference of the owner, issued within the last three months, must be provided.
  • 8
    A copy of the owner’s utility bill, no older than three months, must be included.
  • 9
    The owner must provide details about the online software used on the website.

After having provided the above information; a betting company has to pay a fee of €1,150 per month or €10,500 per year and make sure to follow any revisions to the existing law. Last but not least, interested operators will benefit from the low corporate income tax of 2% up until 2026.

Master Licensees: Role & Responsibilities

BMB_TrophyThe oldest master licensee is the Curaçao eGaming (CEG) which has been operating since 1996 under a Curacao government-issued master license. It is an official member of the Curacao Internet Gaming Association (CIGA) and along with the other 3 master licensees, they are mainly tasked with the issuance of gambling sublicenses for betting sites & online casino operators.

As any other regulatory body in the world, the 4 master license holders are also there to ensure that all licensed bookies offer their services in complete transparency and follow the provisions of fair gaming laws.

They also provide gaming-related information to the biggest betting companies operating under their seal; as well as various marketing and management solutions associated with gambling. Their role is also to supervise and ensure the integrity and conduct of their licensed bookies.

However, the Curacao master licensees differ from other regulatory bodies around the globe when it comes to players' complaints; given that they have a more hands-off approach.

Obviously, they will not tolerate money laundering and scammers; yet, a bettor will find that the Curacao eGaming licensing authority, as well as the other three master licensees, will not take part in any dispute between him and a betting company.

Is it Worth Betting on Curacao Sportsbooks?

BMB_Book SpyAlthough each Curacao gambling authority states that it strives to retain an environment of cooperation between betting companies and players, this seldom comes into practice. As a player, you must remember that every Curacao gaming authority has implemented a policy of placing your needs beneath those of a betting firm.

When it comes to dispute resolution, for instance, you will certainly get no help, and that is why you should be cautious before choosing your next bookmaker licensed in Curacao. Additionally, players often wonder, "Does Betting Affect Credit Score?"

However, that would depend on each country's laws and regulations around gambling. Nevertheless, no one can deny the fact that Curacao-licensed bookies come with several benefits that are hard to pass.

Their no-restrictions approach, along with their lax KYC requirements, make them attractive to any bettor. If we add to this the fact that they offer great bonuses to both new and existing players and accept credit cards, as well as crypto; we can tell why a large number of experienced gamblers choose to place their bets on them.

Q: What is a Curacao gambling license?

A Curacao gambling license is an online license destined for gambling operators who wish to offer gambling services to players from around the world. It applies to all gambling activities; like sports betting, betting exchanges, casino games, lotteries, poker and bingo.

Q: How do I get a gambling license in Curacao?

In order to get a gambling license issued in Curacao you should apply to any of the 4 master license holders, which are going to grant you a sublicense for operating online; if of course you meet all the necessary requirements.

Q: How much is a Curacao gambling license?

As soon as a betting firm receives its Curacao license, it will be required to pay a monthly fee of €1,150 or a yearly fee of €10,500. However, any interested entity must first pay a pre-application fee of €750 to one of the 4 master license holders.

Q: How do I check my Curacao gaming license?

If you are an operator, all you need to do is to contact the master license holder on which you submitted your application. On the other hand, if you are a player who has opted for a Curacao-licensed brand; you should go to the footer of its website and if you see the seal of either Curaçao eGaming (CEG), Curacao Antillephone, Gaming Curacao, or Curacao Interactive Licensing (CIL) there, then the website has a valid license.

Q: How many betting companies are licensed in Curacao?

There are lots of online betting companies that have received a license issued in Curacao. As a matter of fact, in recent years there have been so many Curacao-licensed bookies, that it is hard to keep track of the exact number. However, in this detailed review you are going to find the absolute best.

Q: Do Curacao betting websites conduct age verification checks?

Curacao licensed sports betting websites are known for their lax KYC procedures. Therefore, if you wish to go under the radar and bet without having to worry about restrictions, it’s better to opt for a bookie licensed in the Caribbean island country that won’t be requesting age verification.

Q: How can a player make a complaint to Curacao?

A player can send his complaint to the website of the master license holder that has granted a license to the bookie on which he chose to bet. Nevertheless, it is not guaranteed that he is going to get a proper response by the regulator. So, we would rather advise bettors to contact the customer support department of their bookmaker in order to submit a complaint.

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