Betting Bankroll Management Calculator

Controlling your bankroll is one of the most significant and valuable aspects of becoming a winning player. It’s a crucial part of your strategy to ensure that your current balance is protected in the long run. There are numerous strategies to build your betting bankroll management. For example, you can bet the same stake at 1% of the starting balance (i.e., level staking plan) or execute the secure staking method placing bets on lower odds at the maximum 10% of your plan.

However, before choosing the most suitable for your needs, you should answer some vital questions. How much money you intend to stake, the total number of bets you want to place, the types of wagers you will make, and how much you are looking to profit are just some of them. In order to avoid costly mistakes, you should use our Betting Bankroll Management Calculator (or Βet Generator). It’s a tool that provides the appropriate guidance to increase your profits steadily, securing a high percentage of success even if you face a limited number of losing bets. Working out your strategy using it, you have all the valuable data it generates step by step for your staking plan.

How to use our Betting Bankroll Management Calculator

The main difference between the strategy our tool builds and other common-known plans for Βetting Βankroll Μanagement is that you set the rules. After that, you have to follow them, manage the staking plan properly and seek a profit for each bet. Confidence and patience are keys; choosing to build your strategy with the Bet Generator, you learn the importance of not overcoming stake limits. Follow the steps underneath and develop your unique staking plan.

⏩Select your preferred odds format and the starting bankroll you want to invest.

⏩Set the fixed odds you will place for each of your bets.

⏩Complete the box with the “Target Balance” you wish to achieve.

⏩Add the upper limit number of the probably lost bets you can handle.

⏩Tap the “Calculate” button. If you want to repeat the process, tap “Reset.”

Then, the Betting Bankroll Management Calculator will instantly show you all the staking plan data.

⏩The total number of bets, lost or won, you should need placing to reach your Target Balance.

⏩The Implied Probability, based on your preferred fixed odds.

⏩The probability of the staking plan success.

⏩You can automatically observe all the Bankroll Progress in the footer table; the stake for each bet and the bank balances after losses and wins, respectively.

Betting Bankroll Management Explained

Risk Management Icons - Download Free Vector Icons | Noun ProjectThere are two main ways to create a staking plan and manage your bankroll. Firstly, you can follow plans like Level, Unit, Secure, Fibonacci, or Labouchere. Don’t forget, though, that you are the creator, and you should adapt them to your capabilities. The second one is to define your requirements and the potential profit you wish to achieve using our Betting Bankroll Management Calculator. You should pay full attention to the instructions and let the Bet Calculators show a secure path to receive returns.

Let’s see a practical example. You want to start with €100 and increase your balance to €1,000. If you place all your bets at 2.00 (1/1) odds with a tolerance of five maximum lost bets, the Betting Bankroll Management Calculator will instantly show you all the data you need. To reach your target balance, you will need to place 137 bets, lost or won, having a 96,88% probability of success since you choose to back singles on 2.00 odds (i.e., 50% as implied probability). As you can see, the winning percentage, in the long run, is massive. If you face an early losing streak of up to five successive bets, you will lose your starting investment.

How to read your Bankroll Progress

Tips for the Nobel Peace Prize 2021In the table below, you can see how crucial it’s to have a positive start. Also, you have the ability to observe the way that your initial balance breaks down into individual stakes after the first five steps since the creation of your Βetting Βankroll Μanagement.

Number of Bets Stake Bank after Loss Bank after Win
1 1.75 98.25 101.75
2 5.26 92.98 103.51
3 12.28 80.7 105.26
4 26.32 54.39 107.02
5 54.39 0 108.77

How to build a winning strategy using the Bet Generator

Whether you are a high-roller or an amateur, it’s too risky to bet without a staking plan. Many players decide how much they will invest, based only on their current amount or, even worse, their total available money. That’s a common misjudgment made by the vast majority. Our Bet Generator can build staking plans, but you should pay attention to some specific factors.

It’s preferable to bet on singles, choosing odds with a high implied probability. For instance, 2.00 odds have a 50% implied probability and statistically don’t make consecutive deviations beyond the normal.

The Bet Generator calculates how you can place conservative wagers with a small profit. Following the tool’s staking plan, you don’t take too much risk.

The tool receives the data you added, sharing the stakes proportionally. Using it, you reduce the chances of failure. Of course, a long losing streak is always possible.

Following the bankroll progress needs patience to reach the desired result. That’s why the calculator requires you to place low stakes on your initial bets. It would be best if you didn’t rush to get to the top.

As mentioned above, the worst scenario has a five-bet losing streak. So, if there are two losers in a row, you shouldn’t place a third bet on the same day. It would help if you also waited for a bet to settle before moving on to the next one.

Sports Betting Bankroll Management alternatives

Besides finding the best bookmaker, you should learn how to manage your bankroll. If you have a stable staking plan, you can avoid two of the most common mistakes responsible for losing money; betting overdose and chasing losses. In the beginning, you should decide how much you can afford to spend. The next step is to determine the primary stake, the amount that will make you feel comfortable placing on any given wager. Sports Βetting Βankroll Μanagement describes the set of vital skills for a bettor who wishes to decide how much they should stake on his bets properly.

In conclusion, following successful Sports Betting Bankroll Management requires strict discipline with the main principle to decide your plan. Many suggest that you shouldn’t exceed 1%-5% of your overall bankroll. However, you shouldn’t go beyond 2%. Only increase the percentage if you are comfortable with the higher level of risk or tend to back firm favorites. Here are some alternative ways of staking; the final call about the best one is yours.

Level Staking Plan

✔️ Flat betting or Level staking plan is the most common and straightforward form of staking. It states that you will continually keep betting the same amount of money. More experienced bettors consider that’s a safe, low-risk plan. If you work out on an extensive range of bets, you can receive valuable statistics about your profit rate or the maximum drawdown, increasing your bankroll progressively.

Let’s say that you have a starting balance of €10,000, and your Level staking plan is 1% (i.e., €100). Your strategy is built to stake the same amount of money for one month, placing 50 bets in that period. The risk is the 1% of your bankroll per bet, and you achieve a €1,000 profit. Now, you will have €11,000 as your current balance, €1,000 more than the starting bankroll. That’s why the flat staking plan may allow you to increase your stakes over time.

Unit Staking Plan

✔️ It’s the most popular among players, while also considered the professionals’ choice. Every bet is staked with specific units, which correspond to a part of the total bankroll. The stakes vary from 1 to 10, depending on two main factors; the odds and your confidence. It comes with an increased risk and requires a lot of experience. You should grade every pick from 1 to 10, so if you feel pretty confident on a pick, then you could bet 10/10 or 9/10.

Unit staking is fitting to bettors who have incorporated a significant number of variations in their style of play, from overwhelming favorites to massive underdogs and singles or accumulator bets that can’t be wagered with the same amount. If you have decided, for example, that a 10/10 bet is equal to €100, then each unit will correspond to €10. On the flip side, if you have some doubts, you could select 5/10 or 6/10, and for risky picks, you should reduce the stake to 2/10 or 3/10.

Secure Staking Plan

✔️ That method of Βetting Bankroll Management is based on lower odds and the higher implied probability instead of a pick on underdog prices. It protects your initial balance because you avoid betting on selections that are less likely to be winners. If your bankroll is €100, then the maximum stake you can bet is €10 (10%). A part of the Secure staking plan is to wager 100% of the maximum €10 stake when the odds are less than 2.00, having an implied probability of 50% plus (e.g., 1.80 odds = 55,56% implied probability).

Why use our Bet Generator

Betting on politicsIf you compare the main staking strategies with our tool, the calculator’s main advantage is that it provides a detailed staking plan. The only crucial decision you have to make is the odds of your straight bets and the amount of money you can afford. Even the most successful bettors are satisfied if they manage to double their bankroll during a whole betting season, so a potential minor profit in a month-period is undoubtedly a positive factor in using our Bet Generator. Generally, patience is a vital advantage when you wish to have earnings in the long term. In order to gain profit from betting, you should take full advantage of your successful bets and cover the most out of your losing ones.

Having a bad run can happen to anyone; however, betting too much during a bad run could prove to be disastrous. Here is a crucial benefit that the tool provides; it builds a Betting Bankroll Management with rules and principles you should follow. It improves your self-control with the small initial stakes, allowing you to increase your self-confidence and receive some early returns if your starting bets are successful. Conversely, the Bet Generator eliminates the possibility of chasing losses after the maximum number of the lost bets you initially settle. Failure is a condition that almost every bettor has bumped himself into, so you should find a new staking plan under these circumstances.

Best Bookmakers to apply your staking plan

You can find the best online betting sites that offer the highest odds and provide a wide range of sports and markets in the list underneath in order to execute the staking plan you have built.

Q: Why is betting bankroll management critical?

A bettor needs to handle the starting balance appropriately, ensuring that he will not chase losses when facing a bad run. A good betting bankroll management allows you to withstand multiple losses if you follow the staking plan. On the flip side, it protects high earnings in the long term if, for example, you win five or more bets in a row.

Q: How much of your bankroll should you stake in each bet?

A typical recommendation for the betting unit size building a staking plan is between 1% - 3% of your bankroll on each bet. Beginners and conservative bettors shouldn’t go beyond 2% on a unique wager.

Q: What percentage of the bankroll should a unit be?

If you want to protect your initial investment and balance without suffering real damage to your total betting bankroll, a unit on each bet should be 2% maximum of the total amount of money you can afford.

Q: What are the most common mistakes when handling your betting bankroll?

When you build your betting bankroll management system, you should follow the main advice to respect your settled rules. In the case of risky moves, like increasing your stake per bet, it can derail you from reaching the target balance. Furthermore, you shouldn’t have more than one open bet because you may lose the advantage to control the bankroll progress in that case.

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