Best Astropay Betting Sites

The question about what Astropay is has a simple answer. It is a fast-growing payment method for online betting. More specifically, it is a virtual prepaid card that can be considered a reliable option for fast and easy deposits with zero fees. Astropay betting sites offer under the radar activity and availability to play in your local currency.

Established in 2009 and with offices in the UK and Brazil, Astropay has more than 2 million users in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. It is more prevalent in Brazil, India and Japan. At the same time, players can buy an Astropay card using over 200 payment methods such as Neteller and Skrill and Credit Cards. For the 2021/22 Premier League season, Astropay will be the official online payment partner of Newcastle United Football Club.

Online betting with Astropay allows you easy and safe deposits in many currencies and eligibility to claim a welcome bonus on many bookmakers. In the following sections, we take a closer look at every aspect of betting using Astropay, such as:

  • An up-to-date (2023) list of Astropay betting sites
  • Complete instructions for how to use Astropay card
  • All the pros and cons, using Astropay

Best Astropay Bookmakers (2023)

Our Astropay bookmakers have been tested in terms of reliability, fees and the availability to deposit with many currencies. Feel free to try them out and take advantage of the welcome bonus that they offer.

Ηow to bet on Astropay bookmakers

Astropay has an easy-to-use website that allows you to create an account and proceed with speedy and easy deposits. That can be done easily as long as you:

  1. Visit and click on Start Option at the middle of the page.
  2. Fill out your phone number and then enter the 6-digit activation code.
  3. Click on Sign up and fill out your details like name, address, etc.

Since you have created your account, it is simple to buy your card. Choose from cards of various amounts that suit your needs. Fix amounts like €15,€25,€100 are available, but you also have the option to customize your card amount.

Next, you choose a deposit option to fund your AstroPay account. Many payment methods like Neteller, Skrill and Google Pay are available to buy your virtual card. BRL, INR, and JPY are only some of the currencies that you can use. After that, you will receive your card through email or the AstroPay app since the prepaid card is virtual and not a physical one. Your virtual card will have a 16 digit number and, at the same time, a CVV security code. You need to remember that an Astropay card will be valid for one year from the date you obtained it.

Regarding your deposit on your favourite betting site, the procedure is once again speedy and friendly.

red arrowLog in to your bookmaker and click on deposit.

red arrowSelect Astropay and enter the desired amount.

red arrowType in your AstroPay card details and confirm the payment. The desired amount will be instantly available in your betting account.

An issue that may come up is taking your funds out of your betting account. Some bookies give you the opportunity of making a payout by sending you a new Astropay card of the amount you choose to withdraw. If Astropay withdrawals are not available, you can switch to other payment options like Neteller or bank transfer. We need to point out that this may come with extra fees depending on the payout method.

Benefits of Astropay bookmakers

Any bettor has a multitude of reasons to choose Astropay betting sites. Some of them are the following:

✔ Instant deposits: Payments go through instantly and safely. Moreover, the possibility of rejection is close to zero.

✔ Excellent Security protocols: With an SSL certification and two-step authentication, secure that your funds are always protected.

✔ Μore likely to get a Welcome Bonus: Almost any Astropay betting site also offers a welcome bonus, while with other wallets, this is not the case.

✔ Multiple ways to load your account: There are over 200 different ways to load your account safely.

✔ Under the radar transactions: You have the opportunity to deposit to your bookmaker without providing banking data since the only thing that you need is your Astropay ID number.

✔ No fees on deposits: When you deposit your money and buy your card, you benefit that the Astropay card fees are 0%.

✔ Available at many currencies: EUR, GBP, NGN, INR, USD are some of the 16 different currencies which Astropay supports.

✔ Free mobile app: Easy to use Astropay app allows you to keep up your activity on the road. Easy to download, the Astropay card app is available in iOS and Google Play stores.

Drawbacks of Astropay betting sites

Like any other online payment method, Astropay comes with disadvantages, such as availability issues and the fact that some bookmakers don't allow withdrawals.

❌ Limited availability to bookmakers: Although Astropay is a fast-growing payment method, many books still don’t accept it as a deposit method.

❌ Withdrawal restrictions in several sportsbooks: The most significant issue when you bet with Astropay is that some bookies don’t provide a withdrawal as an option. Instead, players need to find an alternative method that applies fees. The best option is to withdraw to a wallet like Neteller. Bank transfer is also an option but involves higher fees than a wallet depends on your bank.

❌ Available only in 3 languages: For the time being, Astropay’s site is only available in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Since the company is expanding, probably more languages will be available soon.

❌ Not available to many countries: The use of Astropay is becoming more popular in Asia, Africa and Latin America. On the other hand, many countries like the US, Canada, and Australia don't support it.

❌ AstroPay cards expire in 12 months: You need to be sure that you will use the card before the expiry date, or else you will lose your deposit amount.

Now that you have seen all the pros and cons of Astropay betting it is essential to check in which countries it is available. Also, further down below, you will be able to find out how Astropay matches up with other payment methods.

Astropay accepted and restricted countries

Paysafecard restricted countriesEven though Astropay works in many countries, the availability is limited for online betting. It is considered one of the best payment methods for betting activity in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

More specifically, Astropay is available in: Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, India, China and Indonesia. In Africa, it is popular in Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana.

As of August 2021, Astropay offers its services also in the UK, Spain and Portugal. Still, not many bookies in these countries accept deposits through it.

On the other hand, by the time this article is written, Astropay is not available for betting activity in some big markets like the US, Canada and Australia.

Are there any alternatives for Astropay

Even if Astropay bookmakers are available in your region, it is always good to have alternative payment methods. Hence, we have picked some of the best options that make up for some of Astropay’s shortcomings.


paypalPayPal is probably the most used wallet when it comes to online gambling. Available in multiple currencies and many countries in combination with high limits are the most significant benefits of PayPal betting sites. However, PayPal has no VIP program and the Prepaid card is available only for US players.


paysafeWe talk about the most famous pre-paid voucher for online gambling. Paysafe bookmakers allow instant payments and no fees on your transactions. At the same time, an easy to handle mobile app ensures that players can deposit on their favourite betting site when on the road. On the other hand, there is no reward program and it is not the best option for large deposits.


Neosurf is another prepaid voucher founded in France in 2004. Under the radar activity, fast deposits and eligibility to claim a welcome bonus or any other promotion are essential advantages of Neosurf betting sites. Low deposit limits, inactivity fees and withdrawal restrictions may make some users reconsider using Neosurf when gambling online.

Is it worth betting with Astropay?

A final word on UnionPay bookmakers When we talk about privacy, Astropay counts as a worthy choice. There is no need to give bookies your bank account details and it offers many payment options to buy your prepaid virtual card. At the same time, there is no daily limit on deposits. Still, there is room for improvement. Acceptance in bookmakers is somewhat limited, and withdrawal restrictions are subject to each sportsbook.

I would use Astropay as a payment option in emerging markets. Zero fees and bonus eligibility is hard to pass. While it is not a top payment option, it is a good solution to be partly anonymous and play under the radar in countries like Turkey, Japan and India.

Full list of Astropay accepted betting sites

Instant transactions and under the radar betting activity are the main perks when depositing on betting sites accepting Astropay. Check the complete list and choose the one better suited to your needs.

Q: How can I get an Astropay card?

You need to open an Astropay account, and then you just need to choose the card which applies to your needs. There are many options to buy your card, and the whole process remains effortless.

Q: Is Astropay legal and safe?

Astropay operates under UK laws since it is a Uk company. It is a legal option for any player. Also, at the same time is safe since the company uses many security systems, and only the user can proceed with any transaction.

Q: How Can I withdraw money from my account?

Some bookmakers offer you the possibility to withdraw through Astropay and send you a new card with your withdrawal amount. Although most of them don't provide this option and players have to find an alternative.

Q: Can I claim the Welcome bonus if I deposit with Astropay?

Most bookmakers who accept Astropay also provide a welcome bonus to players. Most of the time, you can take advantage of any promotion that bookmakers may offer.

Q: Does Astropay charge any extra fees?

The biggest advantage is the fact that there are no fees when you deposit on your account. There are many payment options to buy your card, but still, Astropay fees are 0%.

Q: Can I use cryptocurrencies to buy an Astropay card?

The answer is yes. It provides you the possibility to buy a virtual card with cryptocurrencies. You can now use Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and XRP to buy an Astropay card.

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