Best Ethiopia betting sites

Population: 110.000.000ethiopia icon
Active players: 11.000.000
Currency: Ethiopian Birr (ETB)
Regulated gambling products: Sports betting, lottery, bingo
Designated authority: National Lottery Administration
Operator types: Licensed land-based & online bookmakers, unlicensed online bookies, lotteries
Status: Semi-regulated

Ethiopia is a land-locked country, the second-most populous in Africa. It was the first independent African member of the League of Nations and the United Nations. After years of political turbulence, it finally became a Federal Democratic Republic in 1991. From a gambling perspective, it holds a relatively welcoming stance. A lottery proclamation was enacted as early as 1961. The latest gambling legislation dates from December 2009 and it addresses lottery and betting in Ethiopia. The National Lottery Administration has been the regulatory authority for all gambling activities since 1981. Land-based sport betting in Ethiopia, as well as online, are both legal; despite the lack of a specific online law framework. So, players are taking advantage of the absence of restrictions and access any international bookmaker that accepts them.

Betting in Ethiopia - 5 things to know

  • The legal gambling age is 18
  • Numerous licensed betting shops operate across the country
  • There is no clear licensing framework available
  • All forms of gambling are legal
  • International bookies are not blocked

Best betting sites in Ethiopia

Here we list the top bookies that accept Ethiopian players. They offer a wide array of football markets, covering all major leagues with the best odds.

Online gambling Ethiopia: The law framework

Despite having a legal framework for all types of gambling; still very little is actually taking place in the country. For instance, there are no casinos operating in Ethiopia at the moment. On the other hand, many lottery shops can be found, and sports betting is taking place through them. Betting sites in Ethiopia have to redirect 20% of their profits back to the society, in the form of any social cause funding they choose. The National Lottery Administration is the country's regulatory body. It was founded in 1961 in order to offer lottery services to locals. After 1981, it was reformed and put in charge of regulating and controlling all gambling-related activities. It issues licenses; however, only BetKing and Abyssinia Bet seem to hold one at the moment. The latter is the only local operator with an online presence too.

When talking about online gambling, Ethiopia is a country with a very low internet penetration rate. Even so, quite a few Ethiopian players choose to gamble online. There have been talks around the National Lottery Administration, for licensing practically every applying company. This has led to complaints by the players and a shady reputation for land-based operators in the country. However, locals can avoid that, by simply accessing any international bookmaker that will accept them. Local laws do not apply to the online gambling sector; hence, accessing online bookies is not illegal.

Essential information for Ethiopian bettors

Many betting shops can be found across the country. Apart from BetKing, the Ethiopian Premier League’s official sponsor; all other bookies are a little bit notorious. Try to avoid them and gamble online, as much as possible. There’s also a 15% tax on winnings. This, of course, does not apply to international online betting sites that operate in Ethiopia. With no restrictions in place, players are free to bet with any operator they want. To sum up, there’s a very lax attitude from the authorities and the online betting environment is welcoming.

Betting Ethiopia: How to open an account & deposit funds

open account and depositFirst of all, pick any of the bookmakers featured in this analysis. Click on the ‘Join’ or ‘Sign Up’ button and you will be redirected to the bookmaker’s page. There you should fill in your personal details and choose your language and currency. Some identification documents might then be requested by the bookmaker. Don’t hesitate to email them, it’s all legitimate. Then, make your first deposit and just start placing your bets on your preferable betting markets.

As for topping-up your account, there are a few Ethiopia sports betting payment methods available. Belcash/HelloCash is one of them, widely popular among local bookmakers. There’s also the Amole Wallet; an e-wallet launched by Dashen Bank. Unfortunately, Skrill and Neteller do not offer their services in the country. Plus, the banking sector is not very developed; however, it offers some decent services. So, the use of bank wires or credit cards is also a common practice.

The future of online betting in Ethiopia

Despite having a solid land-based gambling legislation; Ethiopia lacks the framework for online activities. According to reports, the National Lottery Administration is considering a new Betting Directive for all Ethiopia bookmakers. If this happens, it could bring a more thorough gambling regulation. Still, there’s no clear view on when this directive will come to voting, if ever. The revamp of the betting legislation could bring serious changes to the country’s gambling landscape. All things considered, the near future could be holding some big changes.

The complete list of bookmakers in Ethiopia

After analyzing the local gambling market, here is the list of all online bookmakers which accept bettors who reside in Ethiopia.

Q: Is online betting legal in Ethiopia?

No forms of gambling are illegal in Ethiopia. Plus, with no specific legislation around the online sector; bettors are legally placing their bets on any bookmaker they want.

Q: Which is the best betting site in Ethiopia?

With many available betting sites, Bet365 Ethiopia manages to stand out. It offers 40+ sports to bet on and more than 10,000 sporting events per month. Don’t miss out on their daily offers and live streaming on top football matches.

Q: Does 1xBet accept bettors from Ethiopia?

1xBet Ethiopia is one of the most popular bookmakers in the country. Their high odds along with their wide array of sports to bet on, guarantee to keep your betting experience at the highest level.

Q: Is there taxation on my sports betting winnings?

There’s a 15% tax on winnings, but that applies only to land-based gambling. With no legal framework for online betting, you simply get to keep what you win. There is no relevant tax for online winnings.

Q: Is it safe to bet online in Ethiopia?

You will come across many betting shops and a couple of local bookies in Ethiopia. They are legal; however, when betting online you will come across many reputable international bookmakers. So pick any bookie featured on this analysis and expect a safe betting experience.

Q: Are there restrictions when betting on international bookies?

There is no online betting law framework in Ethiopia. Moreover, there is no authority to block or restrict access to online bookies. Therefore, you can access any online bookmaker that will simply accept your registration.

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