Best Liberia betting sites

Population: 5.100.000liberia icon
Active players: 900.000
Currency: Liberian dollar (LRD)
Regulated gambling products: Sports betting, casino games, lottery
Designated authority: National Lottery Authority (NLA)
Operator types: Land-based casinos, lottery, betting shops, unlicensed online bookies
Status: Semi-regulated

Located on the West African Coast, Liberia proclaimed its independence in 1847. Periods of political instability led to a coup in 1980 and civil wars. Eventually, all this instability threw the country into severe poverty. The country’s greatest ever football player is also the current president of Liberia - George Weah, an AC Milan legend. The Liberian First Division is the most important sporting competition nationwide.

When it comes to gambling, Liberia is one of the first African countries to adopt laws to regulate it. The National Lottery Authority (NLA) has been in place since 1982. Nonetheless, all forms of gambling became fully legal just in 2015. The 2015 legislation though did not include the online betting sites in Liberia. So, with no restrictions in place, players are free to access any international bookie they want.

Betting in Liberia - 5 things to know

  • The legal gambling age is 18
  • Winners Inc operates multiple betting shops in Monrovia and other major cities
  • There are no licensed online bookmakers in the country
  • The NLA is the gambling regulator but it doesn’t cover the online sector
  • There are no reports on prosecuting or restricting players who bet online

Best betting sites in Libera

After checking all available bookies for Liberian bettors; we list the ones offering top odds on football, a great variety of markets to bet on, as well as daily offers and promotions.

The gambling law framework in Liberia

The National Lottery Authority (NLA) is the regulator of all forms of gambling in Liberia. Formed in 1982, it shortly stopped operating in 1990. Then it reopened and issued the first Act of Legislation to regulate all games of chance in 1993. The second law to cover gambling activities is the Gambling Act of 2015. All companies must have a physical presence in the country to get a local license; as well as a starting capital of around 750,000 USD. Also, taxation stands at a 10% level.

Winners Liberia is the most popular local bookie with several betting shops across Monrovia and other cities. However, laws don’t apply to online Liberian bookmakers. Still, when talking about online betting, Liberia does offer many decent options. There’s no comparison to the services and betting offering of international bookmakers though. Since there’s no reference on online gambling in the latest gaming act, there are no restrictions for players either. There are no measures taken towards blocking online operators or access to them whatsoever.

Essential information for Liberian bettors

For locals who are into gambling, Liberia is a safe haven. There’s no tax on winnings from betting shops for them. However, non-residents must pay a 20% commission on their gambling winnings. Still, even that 20% won’t apply to online betting; since the sector falls under no set of laws. Players will find many betting shops in all major cities, which are all legally operating. However, always keep in mind that the online experience is by far better. Plus, you will have absolutely no problem accessing international online bookies; since the state holds a very relaxed stance towards online gambling.

How to deposit at online bookies

open account and depositCredit and debit cards are the most popular payment methods for online betting in Liberia. They are issued by two Liberian banks, Ecobank and UBA. Unfortunately, the economy is still poor as a result of years of political turbulence. As a side effect, e-wallets like Skrill, EcoPayz and Neteller are not operating in the country. The use of bank wire is still a common practice among locals. The general notion is that there are no restrictions from the state or banks. This means that you can just find the method that suits you best and go on with it.

The future of sports betting in Liberia

Low living standards and an internet penetration rate of just 8% are raw facts. And they don’t leave room for much optimism around online gambling in Liberia. The economy is far from being healthy and there are no signs of regulating the online sector yet. However, if the state realizes that locals view gambling as an actual means of income, it might change things. Too many players are already betting online. If the NLA finally regulates the online gambling market; this could mean better services for players and income through taxation for the state. Probably a long shot altogether, yet still a possibility.

Complete list of bookmakers in Liberia

We hereby list every single bookmaker that accepts Liberian players, after we have analyzed the local gambling scene in depth.

Q: Does 888sport accept players from Liberia?

With one of the largest betting offerings on 40+ sports, as well as many events on live streaming; 888sport will accept your registration if you reside in Liberia. Don’t miss out on its daily promotions and high odds.

Q: Is it safe to bet online in Liberia?

That’s easy to answer actually. Just stick to any of the bookmakers we list in our analysis and you will enjoy safe betting. These are all checked in detail, and then presented to you.

Q: Does 1xBet accept bettors from Liberia?

1xBet gladly accepts bettors from Liberia. It also offers a 98%+ payout on major football leagues and live streaming on various events. Many different payments are available too.

Q: Which is the best betting site in Liberia?

With many great bookies offering services to Liberia, Bet365 stands out. It offers 150+ extra bets on top football leagues and has many offers and special promos up for grabs.

Q: Is online betting legal in Liberia?

All forms of gambling are legal in Liberia. The online sector is not referred to in the law; however, you will face absolutely no restrictions or law enforcement when accessing your favorite online bookmakers.

Q: Are my winnings taxed?

Locals don’t pay a tax on their winnings in Liberia, whereas foreign citizens are up for a 20% tax. Then again, that only applies to land-based gambling. This means that your online betting is tax-free and you get to keep what you win, no matter if you’re a local or not.

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