Spotlight research accusations to Paysafe and Bet365

    bet365Serious accusations have come to the spotlight the latest days about Paysafe and Bet365 since both of them are being mentioned to support illegal online gambling. The research center, Spotlight Research aimed at Paysafe earlier this week by alleged Paysafe short-seller and these conducts involved Bet365 and the Chinese market, were the well known operator does not have a physical presence. And that means that they can offer their services there. Bet 365 has responded by claiming that they have not been breaking the Chinese laws.

    The official statement by the British bookmaker, mentioned: «There is no legislation which expressly prohibits the supply of remote gambling services into China by operators who are based outside China. Bet365 has no people, assets or infrastructure in China and does not engage any agents, aggregators or intermediaries, for any purpose, in China. In the view of Bet365, and its lawyers, Chinese law does not extend to the provision of services into China by gambling operators and service providers who themselves have no nexus with the territory. Accordingly, Bet365 considers Spotlight Research’s analysis of the relevant legislation and statements surrounding the alleged illegality of the provision of remote gambling services into China remotely to be self-serving, misleading and inaccurate.»

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