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Population: 3.510.000uruguay-flag
Active players: 500.000
Currency: Uruguayan peso (UYU)
Regulated gambling products: Sports betting, lottery, horse racing, casino games
Designated authority: National Directorate of Lotteries and Pools (DNLQ)
Operator types: Licensed online bookie, unlicensed online bookmakers & casinos, land-based betting shops & casinos
Status: Semi-regulated

Uruguay is a country in the southeastern region of South America. It has an estimated population of around 3.5 million. It is the birthplace of legendary football players Luis Suarez and Diego Forlan. Gambling in Uruguay started with the first legal lottery in the 1850s; a few decades after the inception of the National Directorate of Lotteries and Polls (DNLQ) in 1819. Sports betting became also a common pastime for many Uruguayans.

Nowadays, the only licensed online bookmaker is Supermatch, a brand owned by La Banca. International betting sites in Uruguay are practically illegal; but the law is not enforced on players who place their bets on well-established bookmakers.

Gambling in Uruguay - 5 things to know

  • The legal gambling age in Uruguay is 18
  • Annual online gambling revenue is circa $850 million
  • Top international bookmakers are accessible to Uruguayans
  • Only one betting site, Supermatch, operates online legally
  • Betting winnings aren’t taxed up to $372,873 or 71 times the sum of the stake

Best betting sites in Uruguay

If you are looking for a good bookmaker; below you will find the top betting sites in Uruguay. The following offer a wide range of betting options on the Uruguayan Primera División; along with the highest odds and daily promotions.

Betting in Uruguay: The gambling law framework

The first legislation on gambling goes back to 1882 and the law no. 1595. The responsible body for regulating gambling activities in Uruguay, is the National Directorate of Lotteries and Pools. The decree No.366/017 came into effect in January 2018. Still, online gambling in Uruguay remains unregulated. La Banca holds the only Uruguay gambling license for online betting. However, there are no Uruguay gambling laws that prevent players from betting on top international bookmakers. In Uruguay, gambling tax is 0.75% of the total betting sum. Plus, a 12% tax applies on winnings; if the profit exceeds 71 times the staked amount or $372,873. For operators; there is the general income tax at 25% and up to 1.5% wealth tax.

Essential information for Uruguayan bettors

Locals are obliged to gamble only on licensed Uruguay betting sites. However, the authorities haven't prosecuted any of those who choose to place their bets on non-licensed international betting sites. In 2017 the government passed a law in order to ban offshore online gambling sites from operating in Uruguay. This however does not affect the best betting sites on a global level; which hold licenses from acclaimed gambling authorities.

How to deposit at online bookies

open account and depositGambling is legal in Uruguay and debit/credit cards are the most popular deposit methods among players. On the contrary, players who opt for international bookies; prefer to deposit through e-wallets, such as Skrill, Neteller and EcoPayz. They know that with e-wallets their personal details will remain undisclosed and this is why they avoid cards or bank wire.

The future of sports betting in Uruguay

With only one licensed online betting site, Supermatch (a brand of the state-controlled La Banca); the regulation of the online gambling market is more important now than ever before. That’s because most bettors opt for international online gambling sites in Uruguay that still aren’t locally licensed; but offer higher odds, more betting markets and better promotions than the local licensee.

The complete list of  bookmakers in Uruguay

On the list below you can check all the online bookies that operate in Uruguay and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Q: Is gambling illegal in Uruguay?

Gambling in Uruguay is legal; while online betting is semi-regulated. International bookmakers like Bet365 are very popular among locals, who tend to bet on foreign brands rather than on the local ones.

Q: Does Betfair accept Uruguayan players?

Betfair Uruguay is one of the popular international sportsbooks that accept local bettors and enjoy a high reputation among them. It offers a great variety of betting markets and promotions on a daily basis.

Q: Can I bet on Bet365 in Uruguay?

Bet365 Uruguay accepts bettors from all the country’s provinces. The renowned online sportsbook is famous for the wide variety of betting markets and the sporting events offered.

Q: Does 1xBet accept Uruguayan bettors?

1xbet Uruguay is one of the top international bookmakers that accept local players. It offers 60.000 pre-match events every month, 140+ payment options and 97%+ payout on the top leagues.

Q: Are my gambling winnings taxed in Uruguay?

Winnings deriving from sport betting in Uruguay are not subject to tax up to 71 times the amount wagered or $372,873. After this amount a 12% tax applies on winnings.

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