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Population: 11.500.000
Active players: 1.400.000
Currency: Boliviano (BOB)
Regulated gambling products: Sports betting, lotteries, casinos
Operator types: Land-based betting shops & casinos, unlicensed online bookies & casinos 
Designated authority: Autoridad de Fiscalización del Juego (AJ)
Status: Semi-regulated

Bolivia is a landlocked country in the western-central part of South America. After many years under Spanish rule, a 16 year-long war followed. With the leading figure of Simon Bolivar, it ended with revolution and the establishment of the Republic in 1825. Eventually, many turbulent years followed, until the democratic transition in 2002. Bolivia is still a developing country, rather poor; yet, one of the fastest growing economies in South America. Football is very popular countrywide, with clubs like Bolívar and The Strongest having a huge fan base.

As for gambling, it was illegal in all its forms between the 1930's and the early 00’s. Initially in 2002 and then in 2010, with the Law on Lottery and Gambling Games, it became legal again. Online gambling still falls under no law; so it is a rather grey area. However, for locals who place online bets no restrictions apply. With no locally licensed betting sites in Bolivia, players opt for major international bookmakers.

Betting in Bolivia - 5 things to know

  • Legal gambling age is 18
  • All forms of land-based gambling are legal
  • After a long ban, the first casino was given a license again in 2002
  • Access to online bookies is practically free
  • The taxation is very high for operators, at 30%

Best Betting Sites in Bolivia

We have checked through and decided upon the best Bolivia betting sites, to save you the hassle. They stand out in terms of football odds, daily offers and localised interface.

Sports betting in Bolivia: The gambling law framework

Bolivians have always had a passion for sports. Moreover, gambling has been part of their everyday life too. After many years of instability; all forms of gambling apart from the lottery were banned in 1938. It was only until 2002 when the first casino gained a license. Nowadays, the 2010 n.060 Bolivian gambling law, and the 2015 n.717 revision, regulate gambling in the country. Many casinos operate in major cities, as well as betting shops. However, the laws only apply to brick and mortar operations. Moreover, there are no licensed local bookies and no appropriate process is in place for online operators.

The regulatory body, Autoridad de Fiscalización del Juego (AJ), is overseeing all procedures. Taxation falls heavily on land-based operators, at 30%. This intended to limit the huge numbers of gambling establishments that were opening up; amid fears of money laundering practices. Lastly, there are no legal provisions covering online gambling in Bolivia. Consequently, there are no restrictions either. Players are practically free to access any bookmaker they want.

Essential information for Bolivian bettors

There are many betting shops and many casinos across major cities. Plus, there are absolutely no restrictions for those who access Bolivian betting sites. The regulator, AJ, is very lenient towards online gambling. Therefore, you only have to stick to reputable online bookies. For the land-based sector, tax on winnings is at 15%. If authorities decide to apply it onto online winnings too, is yet to be decided. Up till now, there are no reports on prosecuting players or blocking access to specific sites.

How to deposit at online bookies

open account and depositIn the absence of restrictions and with many international bookmakers available; online betting in Bolivia is very easy for locals. Players can freely use credit cards and bank wire. No bookies are offering the local currency (BOB), but you can always open a USD account. On top of that, you may use e-wallets, like Neteller, Skrill and Ecopayz, which all offer their services in Bolivia. With these you will maintain your anonymity and get fast and safe transactions.

The future of gambling in Bolivia

It's crucial to see if, eventually, the Bolivian government will regulate the online gambling sector as well. AJ’s executives have openly debated in 2020 the need to regulate the online landscape too. However, the high taxation is something that should be reconsidered. That’s because online operators will not be very happy with the 30% tax; that already applies to the land-based ones. The next few years are going to be important in order to see how the online environment will eventually shape up.

The complete list of bookmakers in Bolivia

After having a clear look of how things are working up in Bolivia; you can now check out all the available bookmakers for Bolivian players.

Q: Is there a tax on my winnings in Bolivia?

The law, targeting only land-based gambling for the time being, applies a 15% tax on your winnings. However, if you bet through an online bookmaker, you will get to keep all you win.

Q: Is Bet365 available to bettors from Bolivia?

Bet365 Bolivia is one of the top international bookmakers that accept bettors from the country. Its great in-play offering and huge market variety will not disappoint you in any way. Spanish is available too.

Q: Is online betting legal in Bolivia?

While the current law framework does not apply to the online environment, it’s safe to say that online betting is definitely not illegal. Thousands of players place their bets online daily, facing absolutely no restrictions.

Q: Does 22bet accept Bolivian players?

One of the most reputable international bookmakers, 22bet, welcomes Bolivian bettors. It is offering great coverage of all the major football events. The Spanish language is also available.

Q: Is it safe to bet online in Bolivia?

Up until today, the Bolivia gambling law only applies to land-based establishments. All of them are operating legally. Online betting is also practiced by thousands of Bolivians, with no restrictions whatsoever from the state.

Q: Does Bwin accept Bolivian bettors?

Offering 30.000+ pre-match events monthly, along with high odds and live streaming on many sporting events; Bwin happily accepts Bolivians and provides a Spanish interface as well.

Q: How should I deposit into my account?

There are many options, since there are no restrictions from the banks or from the state. E-wallets like Skrill, Neteller and Ecopayz all operate in Bolivia and will give you speedy and safe transactions.

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