Best Betting Sites in Cameroon

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Population: 26.500.000
Active players: 7.000.000
Currency: Central African franc (XAF)
Regulated gambling products: Sports betting, casinos, horse racing, lottery
Operator types: Licensed online bookmaker (PMUC), unlicensed online bookies & casinos, land-based betting shops & casinos
Designated authority: Gaming Regulation Agency
Status: Semi regulated

Cameroon, a Central Africa country; is often referred to as “Africa in miniature” due to its cultural and geographical diversity. It was formed through the unification of a French and British colony in 1961. It relies heavily on agriculture for its economy. When it comes to sports; football is the most popular in the country. Elite One, the main domestic tournament; enjoys huge popularity.

Bookmakers in Cameroon mainly focus on football too; both domestic and international. Cameroon won the African Cup of Nations in 2017. It has produced footballers like Samuel Eto’o and Roger Milla. From a gambling perspective; it is one of the countries that adopted respective laws rather early.

Land-based gambling has been regulated since 1989. The most recent legislation came in 2015. It came officially into effect in 2019. However, when it comes to online betting; Cameroon lacks the proper framework. But with no restrictions whatsoever; players are free to choose among a wide array of international bookmakers.

Best Betting Companies in Cameroon

We carefully checked and listed the best bookmakers; offering competitive odds on top football leagues and a wide array of markets to choose from.

Betting in Cameroon - 5 Things to Know

  • 1
    The legal gambling age is 18
  • 2
    Many betting shops operate in major cities
  • 3
    PMUC is the only online licensee
  • 4
    The 2019 decree is the first effort to regulate online gambling
  • 5
    There are no restrictions for locals who bet international bookies

Online Betting in Cameroon: The Gambling Law Framework

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The first law towards gamblign regulation came in 1989. It only dealt with land-based activities in the country. Therefore, there are several betting shops and casinos in major cities like Douala, Yaoundé, or Garoua. In an effort to regulate online betting; Cameroon passed the law No. 2015/012 in July 2015.

It provided the basics for a regulatory framework and formed the Gaming Regulation Agency. The government was able to issue licenses and grant ‘exclusive rights’ for online betting and gambling. However, there are still not many bookmakers in Cameroon that have applied for a license. PMUC is actually the only licensed operator offering online betting to locals.

Essential Information for Bettors

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Any player accessing a Cameroon betting site; should know that there is no tax on winnings. Plus, the latest online betting law; does not contain any sanctions against players who opt for international bookmakers.

All conditions are set for Cameroonian bettors to have a welcoming experience. Just make sure that a trustworthy regulator is licensing the bookie of your choice.

Bet Cameroon: Deposits and Withdrawals

BMB_Markets GenericTransactions with online bookmakers are not restricted in any way by banks or the government. This means that players can rely on credit cards and bank wire alike. Also, popular e-wallets, like Neteller, EcoPayz and Skrill, are all available in Cameroon. They guarantee a safe online betting experience.

If you want to use local methods to place an online bet; Cameroon also offers a couple of dedicated solutions. Namely, MTN Mobile Money and Orange Money. They both enable players to instantly top-up their online betting account; wherever they are accepted.

Gambling Laws in Closeby Regions

Equatorial Guinea: Law Number 2/1995 is the only type of legislation that is active in the country. However, it only regulates land-based casinos. All other types operate in a grey manner. While there are no local sportsbooks in place, players can locate numerous international Equatorial betting sites online. 

DR Congo: All games of chance in the nation have been legal since 2005. The General Law Ordinance No. 95 provides all the terms and conditions for DR Congo bookmakers that wish to apply for a local license. 

Gabon: Like many other countries worldwide, the laws around gambling that came into light in 2005 only apply to brick-and-mortar operators. This is how betting sites in Gabon are free to accept registrations from local users without facing prosecution. 

The Future of Sports Betting in Cameroon

BMB_Book SpyWhen talking about what the future may hold for the Cameroon sports betting landscape; things are far from being positive. Despite putting the latest law in place since 2019; there have been no real steps towards shaping the online gambling landscape.

We still have a long way to go until local bettors will be able to access licensed international betting sites in Cameroon. There’s a rather small (i.e. 30%) internet penetration rate in the country. Perhaps, this is the reason why officials are not in a hurry to regulate the online sector yet fully. Eventually, the few next years will be proven crucial in what stance the state will keep.

The Complete List of Bookmakers in Cameroon

At this point, you can see all the bookmakers that accept Cameroonian bettors; after an in-depth analysis of the country’s gambling market.

Q: Does 22bte accept bettors from Cameroon?

This is among the operators who happily accept players from Cameroon. It offers a 98%+ payout on major football leagues and live streaming on various events. Not only that, but it provides a lucrative Welcome Offer for new players. To check all the 22bet bonus rules, follow our detailed article.

Q: Is online betting legal in Cameroon?

There is no legal framework specifically on the online sector; yet, you shall face no restrictions. So, you can place your bets on the online bookmaker of your choice, worry-free.

Q: Which is the best betting site in Cameroon?

With many betting sites accepting locals, Bet365 stands out. It’s ideal for football lovers, as it offers 150+ extra bets on top leagues. Don’t miss their appealing offers and special promos too.

Q: Will I face restrictions when betting on international bookies?

The online betting environment is yet under no law. The Gaming Regulation Agency doesn’t block or restrict access to online bookies. Therefore, you can freely access any online bookmaker that accepts players from Cameroon.

Q: Is there taxation on my sports betting winnings?

The absence of a legal framework towards online betting means that you get to keep what you win. There is no respective tax in place, meaning it’s something to be reckoned with only in the future.

Q: Is it safe to bet online in Cameroon?

It is definitely safe when betting with renowned international bookmakers. Stick to the ones you are familiar with like, 888sport and 1xBet, and you shall enjoy a safe betting experience.

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