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Population: 17.500.000
Active players: 2.500.000
Currency: USD (American dollar)
Regulated gambling products: No regulated gambling products
Operator types: Unlicensed online bookmakers and casinos
Designated authority: Ministerio de Turismo
Status: Unregulated

Ecuador, including the famous Galapagos Islands, is a country in northwest South America. It borders Colombia and Peru and has a very rich climate. It was under Spanish rule until 1820 and then part of the so-called Gran Colombia. Spain then recognized its independence in 1840. As far as gambling is concerned, Ecuador used to be some sort of a gaming hub in South America. Many casinos attracted players from all over the continent and the gaming business was booming.

However, all changed in 2011 when all forms of gambling became illegal. As a result, an underground market has emerged with many illegal gaming parlors. Locals love football and teams like America de Quito or Universidad Catolica attract thousands of fans. Notably, laws make no reference on online gambling. So, if you want to place an online bet, Ecuador does not restrict access to online bookies.

Gambling in Ecuador - 5 things to know

  • Up until 2011 there were many casinos countrywide
  • Currently all forms of land-based gambling are banned
  • An underground market has emerged since the ban
  • Access to online bookmakers is not blocked
  • There are no reports of prosecution of online bettors

Best betting sites in Ecuador

Among the many betting sites in Ecuador, we have carefully picked the ones who offer the best odds and the biggest variety of betting markets.

Betting in Ecuador: The gambling law framework

The Ecuador online gambling scene is nowadays the only one where locals can actually place a bet. Nonetheless, before that, there was an everyday robust activity throughout the country. In 2007 many casinos were operating. The government, however, soon showed its stance towards gambling, by applying some restrictions. This was done by assigning the Ministry of Tourism as the overlooking authority, allowing casinos to operate only within hotels. But the turning point came with the public referendum of 2011. After it passed, casinos and all forms of land-based gambling were deemed to be illegal. The ‘Reglamento de Juegos de Azar practicados en Casinos y Salas de Juego’ came officially into effect in March 2012.

Up to date, there has been no decree of the Ecuador gambling law towards online gambling. This means that locals are practically free to place their bets on whichever bookie they want. There are absolutely no reports of restricting access to online operators, or prosecuting bettors. Players are naturally taking advantage of this ‘law gap’ and are placing their online bets at will.

Essential information for bettors

There are no betting shops in the country. Since the 2011 ban on all forms of gambling, however, a black market has emerged. We can’t stress enough the need to stay away from any gambling premises you may come across. Simply put, they are illegal and they will land you to trouble. With no restrictions on accessing Ecuador betting sites though; you can simply choose the online bookmaker that suits you best. There’s also quite obviously no tax on your online winnings, since there’s no law to cover this sector.

Bet Ecuador: How to deposit at online bookies

open account and depositBetting is illegal, but, in the absence of restrictions, players in Ecuador have quite a few online options. The fact that the USD is the official currency, makes it easier to open an Ecuador online betting account. Plus, you won’t have to worry about currency conversion fees. Moreover, you shall encounter no restrictions when using bank wire or credit/debit cards. E-wallets like Neteller, Skrill and Ecopayz also offer their services in the country.

The future of online gambling in Ecuador

It's fair to claim that the Ecuador gambling regulation is not very welcoming. Neither for players nor for operators. Given the existing total ban over the last decade, one can’t be too optimistic that things will change. However, we have seen cases in which neighboring countries have served as an example for others. The state could, at some point, reconsider all the money it could extract from taxing the gambling sector. It may not be much foreseeable, however, we will be keeping an eye for any changes that might spring up.

Complete list of bookmakers in Ecuador

After analyzing the local gambling framework, you may now have a look at all the available online bookmakers for Ecuadorian players.

Q: Is Bet365 available to bettors from Ecuador?

Bet365 Ecuador is one of the biggest international bookmakers offering its services and accepting local bettors; while having unique daily offers and a great array of sports to bet on.

Q: Does 22bet accept Ecuadorian players?

Yes it does and it is offering 1.000+ live events daily, 95% payout on top leagues and many promotions. 22bet also allows you to open a PEN account, so you don’t have to worry about currency conversion fees.

Q: Are winnings from gambling taxed in Ecuador?

There is no law covering the online gambling environment of Ecuador. This means that there is no respective tax either, so what you win online stays in your pocket.

Q: Is online betting legal in Ecuador?

There is no legal framework covering online betting in specific. Yet, there are no restrictions whatsoever. Therefore, if you place your bets online you will face absolutely no problem.

Q: Is it safe to bet online in Ecuador?

As there are no land-based bookies, you will be joining the online ones. In order to bet safely, stick to the bookmakers you are familiar with, like 888sport and Bet365, and enjoy a safe online betting experience.

Q: Does William Hill accept Ecuadorian bettors?

With over 80 years of experience in offering the best bets, on 400+ football markets from all around the world; William Hill will gladly accept your registration if you reside in Ecuador.

Q: What’s the best way to top up my account?

First of all, almost every bookmaker will allow you to open a USD account. On top of that, you may use an e-wallet like Neteller or Skrill in order to enjoy fast as well as secure payouts.

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