Changes for the online rules in Antigua

    AntiguaIt seems like we are in the age of a domino effect concerning the changes that take place in the gambling sector in all countries. Another region’s government proposed new regulations about online gambling operators, as well as new taxes. That is Antigua and the whole situation is moving really fast. But as the official sources report, a fear of an opposite effect than the government wants to succeed, is in the air. A new Gambling Act is on the way and is primarily aimed at regulating land-based casinos. Regarding the taxes, the proposition says that companies with four or fewer local staff will pay 5% of their gross gaming revenue.

    This rate will go down to 4.5% for companies employing 5-30 locals, to 3.5% for employing 30-100 locals, and to 2.5% for companies employing over 100 locals. It is sure that there will be new license fees, with the country having a goal of boosting its number of online licensees. We should remind that Antigua lost 187 licensees after the United States blocked Antiguan-based operators from accessing the US market. Everythinh though, is going to be cleared in the next few months.