Best Betting Sites in Iraq

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Population: 38.500.000
Active players: 5.000.000
Currency: Iraqi dinar (IQD)
Regulated gambling products: No form of gambling is allowed
Operator types: Unlicensed online bookies and casinos
Designated authority: No designated gambling authority
Status: Unregulated

The Republic of Iraq is a country in Western Asia. It's a federal parliamentary constitutional republic, with Barham Salih serving as the president. It borders many countries; among them are Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia. It is home to many ethnic groups, mainly Arabs and Kurds, and it has a very rich history; with great instability up to these days.

Not going centuries back, the Hashemite Kingdom of Iraq gained its independence from the UK in 1932. In 1958, the monarchy was overthrown and the Iraqi Republic was created. Iraq consists of 19 governorates, four of which make up the autonomous Kurdistan Region.

From a sporting perspective, football is the most popular sport. The Iraqi Premier League (Dawri Al-Nokhba) is very popular among local sports fans. Gambling is illegal under the 1969 Penal Code, despite some horse and camel races that still take place.

Regarding online gambling, Iraq does not have a specific law around it. It is considered illegal; however, quite a few locals place their bets on domestic bookies like Warobet and Romeabet. Nonetheless, most of them opt for reputable international bookmakers, which are increasingly accepting Iraqi players, like 1xBet and Betwinner.

Best Iraq Betting Sites

At this point, we present to you the best betting sites Iraq has to offer, that provide great odds, a vast array of sports and betting markets, as well as appealing offers and bonuses.

Betting in Iraq - 5 Things to Know

  • 1
    Citizens could face 1 month in prison if caught gambling
  • 2
    All forms of gambling are illegal
  • 3
    Cryptocurrencies are increasingly popular in Iraq
  • 4
    A few casinos used to operate in Iraq up until recent years
  • 5
    Horse and camel racing are still very popular, no betting included though

The Gambling Environment in Iraq

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Is gambling legal in Iraq? Many wonder; while many more probably know the answer. So, under the Penal Code of 1969, gambling in Iraq is illegal. Fining and imprisonment await offenders. One can find no legal land-based betting shops or casinos.

However, the government is rather lenient when it comes to the online environment. The absence of an appropriate law framework has left the situation around online gambling a bit vague. Iraqi players seem to find a way to gamble online; since gambling has been part of their culture for many years.

Iraq Betting Online: What to avoid

BMB_Best IconA few locally operating betting sites are Kurdbet, Sportarenabet, Betfinal and Hobibet365. These are all offering their services under Curacao licensing. They are not illegal; however, they should be avoided. A lot have proven to be betting scams; you wouldn't wanna risk your money on them.

The lack of a gambling law framework wouldn’t leave you much space over a dispute you might have to resolve, right? Therefore, you should rather stick to reputable international bookies, in order not to worry about the safety of your online betting journey.

Another thing to avoid, is people acting as bookmaker agents. These are people who use their bank accounts to accept bets from other persons. They move money through -seemingly legit- bank transfers, while being notorious for the low odds and bad services they offer.

Plus, it's not that difficult for the authorities to track them and catch them on the act. As in 2019, when an organized crime leader who reportedly controlled all illegal gambling activities in Baghdad was captured. Your money would of course be lost. So, keep away from such dodgy agents.

If you want to place a bet, Iraq might not be the most welcoming country to do so. If you do however gamble, only do so online. Surveillance is not very strict according to reports; thus, a trustworthy VPN should do the trick.

How to Deposit at Online Bookies

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What you should do is stick to the few e-wallets that operate in Iraq, like NassPay, Perfect Money and Zain Cash. If you’re into cryptocurrencies and the bookie you’re after accepts them, go for it too.

Still, don’t forget that in Iraq, online betting is typically illegal too. Therefore, always practice it in complete privacy. Lastly, avoid using your debit/credit cards or straight bank transfers. These could easily draw much-unwanted attention back to you.

List of Betting Sites Accepting Iraqi Dinar

Here are the bookies that accept Iraqi players and are offering betting in the local currency (IQD) as well.

Gambling Laws in Neighbouring Countries

We always suggest examining the gambling laws in the closeby regions. Besides improving your own knowledge, you can find opportunities you can take advantage of. Below, we list some of the most notable examples:

Kuwait: Being a Muslim country means that any type of gambling, either land-based or online, is banned. However, due to the absence of specific legislation, a large number of international Kuwait betting sites offer their services to locals. 

Iran: Gambling is strictly illegal in the country, especially after the Islamic Revolution. Even though betting sites in Iran accept registrations, violators can face up to six months in prison if they are caught. This is why we advise playing with caution. 

Saudi Arabia: You may be able to find a few types of lotteries, but generally, gambling is also prohibited. This leaves a few opportunities for those seeking to play online. Nonetheless, there is a handful of international Saudi Arabia betting sites that still target the country.  

The Future of Online Gambling in Iraq

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Sports, and gambling altogether, are playing an important role in Iraqis’ lives. According to reports, the number of internet users in Iraq rose by 55% between 2019 and 2020. The internet penetration rate was at 75% in January 2020; while the number of mobile connections increased by 1 million over the last year.

However, despite the domestic technological development; international online bookies won’t get licenses here anytime soon. The country’s turbulence has not left much space for any radical changes, especially in terms of gambling.

The Complete List of Bookmakers in Iraq

After a full overview of the betting environment in Iraq, here’s the list of all available bookies you can bet with.

Q: How can I find out if online gambling is illegal in Iraq?

Gambling in all its forms is illegal in the country. Nevertheless, the authorities are not too strict when it comes to online betting. So, you can opt for the international bookie you prefer and enjoy a great betting experience.

Q: Does 1xBet accept bettors from Iraq?

Yes, it does. The 1xbet bookmaker provides a great selection of different sports and markets, with a fully localized interface. More specifically, you can bet in Arabic and open an IQD account as well.

Q: Why should I bet online, instead of offline?

The law is straightforward regarding land-based gambling. The absence of a specific law framework though, along with the privacy you get when betting online, makes it much safer and easier to keep the authorities away.

Q: Is Betwinner available in Iraq?

Yes it is. Betwinner comes with a 97%+ payout on top football leagues, 350+ extra bets and live streaming on many events. It also allows you to bet in Arabic and use Iraqi Dinars too.

Q: How safe it is to fund my online betting account?

Transactions could be under surveillance by the authorities. Avoid credit cards and bank transfers. E-wallets like Zain Cash and NassPay will help you keep your data and your transactions as safe as it gets.

Q: Which is the best betting site in Iraq?

Among quite a few very decent options, Melbet is the one that stands out. With 1.000+ pre-match events on a daily basis, instant withdrawals and a fully Arabic interface; it guarantees you a great betting experience.

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