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Best Betting Sites in Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran is a country in the north of the Persian Gulf. It borders Turkey and Iraq, among others. Iran's political system combines elements of presidential democracy and an Islamic theocracy. All authority is gathered in a "Supreme Leader"- Ali Khamenei, who has been in charge since 1989. Gambling in Iran has historically been a vital part of local culture until 1978. That was the year when the Islamic Revolution overturned the Shah and Ayatollah Khomeini came to power.

His administration brought strict reforms, including a complete ban on poker, sports betting and other traditional gambling games. Some horse and camel races are still open to betting. Yet, all other forms of gambling remain illegal to this day. Locals are still passionate gamblers. Luckily for them, betting sites available in Iran are quite a few, like Melbet and Betwinner.

Best Iranian Betting Websites

iran iconAfter checking them, we present you the Iran online bookmakers who offer a wide array of sports, high odds and a variety of markets on the Persian Gulf Pro League, as well as the best offers and bonuses.

Gambling in Iran - 5 Things to Know

  • 1
    Gamblers could face up to 6 months in prison if caught
  • 2
    Iran has a special cyber police department  
  • 3
    Cryptocurrencies are quite popular in Iran
  • 4
    Visa and Mastercard don’t operate in the country
  • 5
    ‘As nas’ is believed to be the Iranian predecessor of modern poker

General info

Population: 83.000.000

Active players: 10.000.000

Currency: Iranian rial (IRR)

Regulated gambling products: No form of gambling is allowed

Operator types: Unlicensed online bookies and casinos

Designated authority: No designated gambling authority

Status: Unregulated

Online Gambling in Iran: Laws and Regulations

BMB_Power Icon

All forms of gambling are illegal in Iran, with the exception of horse and camel racing betting. Offenders could face 1-6 months imprisonment or 74 lashes. The same applies to online gambling, too, and Iran has a pretty active cyber police, too.

Of course, online betting is taking place in Iran, and a growing number of players are accessing offshore bookies. It is vital to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) when going online though. Laws are strict, so don't lower your guard. However, according to reports, the authorities are not too aggressive against players who bet online.

They impose active surveillance and block websites from time to time, but they don’t seem to prosecute individuals. We advise you to keep your gambling activity as personal as possible and avoid betting scams that someone might suggest.

Betting in Iran: What to Avoid

BMB_Best IconIf you want to place a bet, Iran is not the most welcoming country to do so. A quite common thing here is for someone to act like an agent for taking bets. There’s a lack of options for funding one’s account, along with surveillance from the authorities. This keeps many people away from even trying to open an online betting account.

So, someone who has managed to open one with a few online bookies does that: he uses his shop or even his house as an -illegally operating- agency, and he accepts bets on behalf of individuals. This seems to minimize the risk for an individual because he doesn’t practically gamble himself.

However, it’s two times riskier. The ‘agent’ could, at any given time, disappear with your money, change his whereabouts, or get caught. With betting being illegal, you ain’t gonna actually go to the police to ask for your money back, right?

Thus, don’t trust your hard-earned money to dodgy ‘agencies’. There are also quite a few local sites available. All of them operate illegally and without a license from an acclaimed authority.

To name a few, avoid Betravesh, Toofanbet, Tinybet and Taktik. These are all dodgy sites, offering you absolutely no security. On the contrary, all the bookies we suggest here are 100% trustworthy and guarantee you a safe betting experience.

How to Deposit at Online Bookies

BMB_Markets Generic

Avoid funding your betting account through your bank account. Avoid using your debit card too, since it can easily lead to your online activity. Stick to the few e-wallets that operate in Iran, like Perfect Money and ZarinPal.

If the bookie you choose accepts cryptocurrencies and you’re familiar with using them, do so. Bitcoin and Litecoin are very popular in Iran and offer a great deal of -a much needed- anonymity.

List of Betting Sites Accepting Iranian Rial

Here we present you the bookies that accept Iranian players while offering betting in the local currency (IRR).

Gambling Laws in Nearby Countries

Pakistan: Apart from horse race pool betting, all other forms of gambling are illegal in the country. Nevertheless, there is no specific legislation regarding online gambling, as the laws have existed since 1977. However, local players are constantly trying to find ways to register at the top Pakistan betting sites

Iraq: When it comes to online gambling, there is no clear legislation that has taken effect yet. Even though it is thought to be illegal, many players are placing wagers either on local bookmakers, such as Romeabet and Warobet, or on international betting sites in Iraq

Azerbaijan: Originally, gambling was illegal. This opened the way for a vast black market to emerge. In 2011, it became legal again. Topaz has since held the monopoly for gambling in the country, but the high taxes it imposes on winnings have led users to seek alternative Azerbaijan betting sites

The Future of Online Gambling in Iran

BMB_Book Spy

Betting has traditionally been a part of Iranians’ lives. Locals were always, and still are, keen gamblers, despite the restrictions. There have been people talking about the once much more liberal Iran, but this is apparently not coming back, and there are no signs of development either.

Operators won’t be getting licenses anytime soon. Therefore, players will keep on betting online on popular international bookies; while being constantly cautious about the authorities’ surveillance.

Q: Is gambling illegal in Iran?

The answer is yes. The few horse and camel races available to bet on are a slight exception. With no land-based betting shops or casinos in sight, you will probably end up gambling online. If you do gamble online, do so from your personal computer and always use VPN software.

Q: How should I fund my betting account?

Transactions through your bank account could lead the authorities straight back to you. Therefore stick to e-wallets like Perfect Money or ZarinPal. If you opt for an online bookie that accepts crypto, use Bitcoin or Litecoin.

Q: Is Melbet available in Iran?

One of the most reputable bookies, Melbet, accepts players from Iran. It offers betting on 1000+ pre-match events daily, instant withdrawals, daily promotions and a fully localized interface with Persian language.

Q: Are my online betting winnings taxed?

No they won’t be taxed, since there is no appropriate law framework. Keep in mind that typically online betting is not legal. Therefore, all you gotta do is keep your personal information safe and what you win online is yours to keep.

Q: Are there any sites that accept the local currency?

Quite a few online bookies are actually giving you the option to open an IRR account and to avoid any currency conversion fees. More specifically, Betwinner, Melbet, Megapari and Betandyou all offer Iranian Rial betting.

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