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Population: 44.000.000
Active players: 6.500.000
Currency: Algerian dinar (DZD)
Regulated gambling products: Betting pools, horse racing betting, lottery
Operator types: Land-based betting shops (betting pools and racetracks), lotteries
Designated authority: Ministry of Youth and Sports
Status: Regulated

Algeria is the largest by area African nation in the Arab world. It was a French colony until 1962, when it gained its independence. Nowadays, its economy relies heavily on its gas and oil reserves. Online betting and gambling have been officially illegal since 2018.

Naturally, betting sites in Algeria are mostly illegal. However, the state has allowed Paris Sportif Algerien (PSA) to operate some betting pools. Horse racing betting is also apparent at racetracks around the country. From a sporting perspective, the Algerian Ligue Professionnelle 1 is the most popular competition in the country.

Additionally, horse racing and handball are also very popular in the region. When it comes to gambling, Algeria doesn’t offer too many opportunities for local players. Paris Sportif Algerien doesn’t offer much of a betting variety. Therefore, bettors often turn towards international online sportsbooks, like 1xBet and Bet365.

Best Betting Sites in Algeria

BMB_ListIn the following shortlist, we’ve picked the bookies that deliver great odds on the French Ligue 1, along with a wide variety of betting markets and sports to bet on.

Betting in Algeria - 5 Things to Know

  • 1
    Only Paris Sportif Algerien offers some legal betting and lotteries
  • 2
    There is no licensing process for operators in place
  • 3
    The Ministry of Youth and Sports is overlooking the gambling market
  • 4
    You can legally bet on horses at the racetracks
  • 5
    All the profits from lottery and betting registered by Paris Sportif Algerien are redirected towards charities and the development of sport

Online Gambling in Algeria

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The reality is that there’s not much development around the Algerian sports betting landscape. There’s no licensing procedure in place, so Paris Sportif Algérien (PSA) is the only operator which legally offers betting in its facilities. The Ministry of Youth and Sports oversees all gambling activities; namely, wagering on horse racing at the tracks and lottery.

There are two traditional types of lottery in Algeria - Loto Erriadhi and Loto Mohtaref. The primary laws addressing gambling in Algeria are the Penal Code and the Family Code. The first one, through articles 165 to 169, makes it clear enough that operating a gambling establishment in the country can lead to up to 12 months in prison and a 20,000 DZD fine.

The Family Code gives family members the right to impose restrictions on their own relatives. Luckily, however, all the above don’t have any impact on the online betting Algeria landscape. Internet censorship started in the country in 2010 in an attempt to prevent players from accessing online bookmakers.

Eventually, this led to the February 2018 law that deemed online betting and gambling illegal. Even so, the state doesn’t apply player-orientated restrictions; it just blocks specific sites every now and then. There’s obviously no taxation scheme for operators; since there are none operating legally, apart from the PSA.

Essential Information for Bettors

BMB_Best IconBettors in Algeria are facing one of the biggest taxes on betting. So, winnings that derive from the PSA come with a massive 40% tax. All these taxes go towards various charities and developing sports in the country; however, players couldn’t care less.

What should matter to them is that they are able to bet on international sportsbooks with no worries on taxation. The authorities have also tried to curb online betting through restricting access to VPN software. Luckily, this law is not in place yet.

To sum up, when it comes to enjoying the services of a bookmaker, Algeria offers a mix of local land-based and online operators. Stick to the online ones to enjoy tax free winnings and a great variety of betting markets. Do so with caution, both when accessing an online bookie and when funding your account.

Gambling Online in Algeria: Deposits and Withdrawals

BMB_Markets GenericThere have been reports of state surveillance in Algeria when accessing online bookies. So, it’s best to avoid using your credit and debit cards. Also, don’t withdraw your winnings via bank transfers, since that might draw the authorities’ attention.

E-wallets provide the perfect alternative for players in Algeria. This is why you will come across several Skrill and Neteller bookies. They offer anonymity and security when betting online, as well as fast withdrawal times. Use them and enjoy a safe and smooth betting experience.

Gambling Regulations in Neighbouring Countries

⏩ Libya: There are no specific regulations addressing the practice of gambling in the region, but since it is an Islamic nation, it is prohibited. However, there is a thriving underground market where individuals can access some of the best betting sites in Libya online. It is fortunate that authorities do not appear to prioritize the apprehension of those players.

⏩ Tunisia: While gambling is prohibited, there is a local organization called Promosport that oversees traditional sports betting establishments. Additionally, despite the absence of official licenses for companies, there are numerous betting sites in Tunisia that are willing to accept players.

⏩ Morocco: Unlike many other African nations, Morocco took a different approach by legalizing gambling in 2002. It's important to note that these regulations primarily mention brick-and-mortar establishments. Consequently, some online Morocco betting sites have taken advantage of this loophole and now provide their services to locals.

The Future of Gambling in Algeria

BMB_Book SpyThe future of online gambling in Algeria remains doubtful, despite a relatively high internet penetration rate. The concessions that allow lottery, horse racing and some betting pools, are certainly a good sign. However, there are no signs of regulating online betting in Algeria anytime soon.

A clear licensing framework would end the monopoly of the PSA and open up the betting market. On top of that, the boost in revenue would benefit the state through taxes. Nonetheless, at this point, that’s just wishful thinking. A mature marketplace is far from achievable at this point in time.

Complete List of Bookmakers in Algeria

After analyzing the Algerian gambling scene, here’s the full list of all the online bookies you can bet on.

Q: Which is the best betting site in Algeria?

With many betting sites accepting players from Algeria, 1xBet is the one that stands out. It provides local currency betting, while offering 40+ sports and almost 10,000 sporting events per month.

Q: Is it safe to bet online in Algeria?

It will be safe if you stick to reputable international bookmakers that operate online. Therefore, just opt for the ones you are familiar with; namely, big names like 1xBet and 888sport.

Q: Can I bet on Bet365?

Bet365 is one of the most reputable international bookmakers that will gladly accept Algerian punters. Make sure you check its offers and promotions regularly.

Q: Is online betting legal in Algeria?

All forms of online gambling are illegal in the country, including betting. The absence of a specific law framework makes it easier to access online bookies; yet, it always needs to be done with caution.

Q: Is there taxation on my sports betting winnings?

There’s no tax on winnings deriving from online bookmakers. Nevertheless, if you opt for the local operator Paris Sportif Algérien (PSA), then your winnings are subject to 40% tax.

Q: Is Pinnacle available in Algeria?

Pinnacle is available in Algeria. Nonetheless, if you’re after a wide array of sports and markets to bet on, along with high odds and various promotions; we would also recommend Bet365 and 1xBet.

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