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Population: 4.800.000
Active players: 650.000
Currency: Omani rial (OMR)
Regulated gambling products: No form of gambling is allowed
Operator types: Unlicensed online bookmakers and casinos
Designated authority: No designated gambling authority
Status: Unregulated

Oman is a country on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, neighboring with Saudi Arabia and the UAE. It’s an Islamic state, running under absolute monarchy. Officially, the Sultanate of Oman, stands since August 9, 1970. Ever since, Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said was the hereditary leader of the country. His cousin, Haitham bin Tariq, succeeded him after his death in January 2020.

All forms of gambling are illegal, as expected in a Muslim country. There are no betting shops, no casinos, no Oman lottery. A very strict stance is held towards brick and mortar gambling. Reportedly though, there’s an underground illegal gambling scene (camel races, bullfights). Locals have always liked a bit of gambling. Thankfully for them, measures are not as strict on betting sites in Oman. So, they are on a frequent search for a proper online betting destination. Good news is, quite a few international bookies, like Bet365 and 1xBet, accept Omani players and give them the opportunity to enjoy a great betting experience.

Betting in Oman - 5 things to know

  • Land-based gamblers face fines of 500 OMR and up to 6 months in prison if caught
  • No bookies hold licenses in Oman
  • There are no laws specifically on gambling
  • Some camel races and bullfights take place, but no betting is allowed
  • Avoid any form of gambling you might come across in person, it’s illegal

Best betting sites in Oman

If you are in Oman, here are the best bookies to choose from. They offer competitive odds, great promotions and a vast selection of sports and betting markets.

The gambling environment in Oman

The gambling Oman law is clear; it is illegal in all its forms. It’s a Muslim country, and as is usually the norm, they see it as opposing to people’s prosperity. Accordingly, avoid any form of land-based betting parlor you might come across. It will definitely be illegal, and the penal law could impose up to six months imprisonment and 500 OMR fine. And no, it shall not be more lenient just because you’re a foreigner. Some duty-free raffles are the only available form of legal gambling. There are no betting shops, casinos or lottery in Oman.

However, Omanis are keen bettors. So, when they don’t lay some underground bets on camel races or bullfights, they go online. The state generally has a more relaxed stance towards online betting. Yes, it’s still not legal; but not too much of a surveillance is reportedly in place. So, the online environment is quite welcoming here. As one may expect, there’s no tax model for operators or any licensing procedures in place.

Essential information for bettors

There is no tax framework for online winnings. This practically means that they are not taxed. However, always keep in mind that it is not legal to gamble (lotteries included). Only some Oman airport lottery raffles you might come across are legal. Any made-up betting shop you might find will also be illegal; so, avoid it. Keep in mind that if you get caught gambling online in Oman you might face up to three years imprisonment and a fine up to 3000 OMR. With all that in mind, if you still choose to go online, stick to e-wallets and avoid bank transfers.

How to deposit at online bookies

There are some reports that sometimes the state blocks access to Oman betting sites. There is however no specific authority to inspect online gambling. Don’t forget that it is still illegal to bet online; therefore stick to e-wallets. WebMoney and ecoPayz both offer their services in Oman and provide anonymity and fast withdrawals. Also avoid using your credit cards or direct bank transfer to fund your account. The use of VPN software is also important, in order to conceal your PC’s true whereabouts.

List of betting sites accepting Omani Rial

Below we present you a list of the bookmakers which allow you to place your bets at your local currency (OMR).

The future of online betting in Oman

Omanis have traditionally been fond of gambling, this is a fact. However, with gambling being illegal in all its forms, no great signs of optimism are apparent. The country’s great economy is something to be reckoned with. Why so? Because Oman most probably won’t seek to gain money from allowing gambling, and taxing it afterwards. Bookmakers are not expected to get licenses here any time soon. The online betting environment will probably remain local bettors’ only gambling option for many years to come.

The complete list of bookmakers in Oman

After analyzing the current gambling situation in the country and highlighting the best online bookies, it’s now time to give you all the available bookmakers that will accept Omani players.

Q: Are winnings taxed in Oman?

There is no appropriate law to apply to winnings from gambling, since it’s illegal in the first place. As a result, what you win online, is yours to keep.

Q: Should I use my credit card to fund my betting account?

Online betting is illegal too, and surveillance by the authorities is a possibility. Avoid the use of credit cards and stick to e-wallets like ecoPayz and WebMoney. Keep your anonymity and enjoy fast withdrawal times.

Q: Does 22Bet accept bettors from Oman?

Yes, it does. More specifically, 22Bet caters for a great selection of different sports and markets. It also offers a fully localized interface, allowing you to bet in Arabic and open an account in OMR too.

Q: Is online betting legal in Oman?

No, gambling here is illegal both offline and online. However, surveillance is reportedly a bit more relaxed when it comes to online betting.

Q: Can I bet with Bet365 Oman?

One of the most reputable bookies, Bet365, accepts Omani bettors. It provides them with betting markets on 45+ sports and great offers on a constant basis.

Q: Is it safe to bet online in Oman?

Bookies like 888sport and 22Bet can guarantee a safe betting experience. Try to avoid any dodgy almost unknown online bookies. Stick to reputable ones like those you will find above and you shall have no worries.

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