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Morocco is a north-African country overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It was a French and Spanish protectorate between 1912 and 1956, which has significantly left its marks on the nation. Moreover, it helped the country’s economic development. Morocco declared its independence on the 7th of April 1956.

From a gambling perspective, the country has a vibrant history. The first casino was established in 1952 in MarrakeshThe modern gambling legislation in Morocco was established in 2002 when the Prime Minister issued a decree that legalized all forms of gambling. However, the decree only addresses land-based gambling. There is no framework for regulating betting sites in Morocco. Despite that, it is very common for locals to access major online bookies like 888sport and Bet365 Maroc.

Best Betting Sites in Morocco

morocco iconWe have picked the top bookies that offer their websites in French, deliver great odds for the Botola Pro 1 league and provide a great variety of betting markets.

Gambling in Morocco - 5 Things to Know

  • 1
    The legal gambling age in Morocco is 18
  • 2
    SOREC, the horse racing bookie, has more than 540 points of sale in the country
  • 3
    Gambling is very popular in Morocco, despite Islam being the dominant religion
  • 4
    The domestic betting revenue is estimated at 1 billion USD / year
  • 5
    MDJS redirects much of its revenue to the development of sports infrastructure

General info

Population: 36.000.000

Active players: 9.000.000

Currency: Moroccan Dirham (MAD)

Regulated gambling products: Sports betting, casino games, horse racing, lottery

Operator types: State monopoly betting site (MDJS), unlicensed online bookies, licensed land-based casinos

Designated authority: No designated authority

Status: Regulated

Online Betting in Morocco: The Law Framework

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The Moroccan land-based gambling landscape has been regulated since 2002. A Prime Minister's decree legalized all forms of gambling (betting, casino games and lottery). However, this decree didn’t include online gambling. Thus, local players have always been able to access international online sportsbooks without consequences.

The main betting activity in Morocco is horse racing, under the Royal Society for Horse Encouragement (SOREC). It’s the only entity licensed to take bets in the country, with around 600 shops. Furthermore, one may find a few licensed land-based casinos operating in the country.

Yet, there are no sports betting shops around. Moreover, there’s no specific gambling authority in place nor a licensing system for betting companies. Both the casinos and horse racing operators pay a 20% annual tax on their revenue. Nonetheless, betting operators are not subject to a specific tax model.

When it comes to the Morocco online betting landscape, the MDJS is the only licensed bookie. The state runs it, holding a tight monopoly, practically delivering lower-than-expected odds and limited sports and betting markets.

A 2015 law placed a ban on all gambling ads on national TV and radio. However, there are no restrictions on online advertising, so all operators are acting accordingly.

Essential Information for Bettors

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Moroccan players are lucky enough not to pay tax on gambling-related winnings. Moreover, there are no restrictions or legal action taken against those who opt for online bookmakers. This means that all bettors are free to choose from a wide list of top offshore sportsbooks.

MDJS offers land-based betting (apart from its online operation) in kiosks and other points of sale. While there are talks about the possible issuance of betting licenses in Morocco, we’ll have to wait to see what will happen.

Bet in Morocco: Deposits and Withdrawals

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With no restrictions on accessing online bookmakers, nothing prevents players from using various online payment methods either. Credit and debit cards issued by local banks, such as BMCI or Attijariwafa, are very popular.

There are a couple of locally-developed payments available as well. Amanty and Ticket Premium are common deposit options at MDJS. Still, when it comes to online transactions, Neteller and Skrill deliver the fastest processing times and are widely accepted by offshore bookmakers as well.

Gambling Regulations in Neighbouring Regions

Algeria: Since 2018, online gambling has been considered illegal, with a few exceptions. The Ministry of Youth and Sports has been assigned to identify and deal with individuals who violate the regulations. Therefore, if you choose to engage in online gambling on international Algeria betting sites, it is crucial to exercise extreme caution and avoid disclosing your activities.

Portugal: The 2015 Decree-Law no. 66 managed to regulate and dictate all gambling activities in the country. However, the government imposes very high tax rates on betting sites in Portugal. This is why only a handful of brands have acquired a local license so far.  

Spain: The Spanish Act of 2011 was the one that fully regulated gambling in the country. New operators were now able to apply for and obtain a local license in the country. Not only that, but winnings up to €2,500 on the best betting sites in Spain are not taxable. 

The Future of Sports Betting in Morocco

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The future of online gambling in Morocco is uncertain at the moment. The MDJS doesn’t seem eager to relax its monopoly anytime soon. This doesn’t create conditions for competition, which could raise the quality of services the players enjoy.

However, sports betting growth in recent years has been significant. This indicates that the country has a lot of potential from a betting perspective too. With a law framework regulating online betting, Morocco could become a major betting hub in Africa; considering an already apparent 69% internet penetration rate.

Add the fact that the country has the 5th largest economy in Africa, and you have all the ingredients for a thriving online betting environment.

Q: Is it safe to bet online in Morocco?

With only one local bookmaker, punters are always looking to bet online. When doing so, you will come across international sportsbooks too. Stick to the ones you are familiar with. Choose big names like 888sport and 1xBet and enjoy a safe online betting experience.

Q: Does 1xBet accept bettors from Morocco?

1xBet maroc is among the bookmakers that will gladly accept Moroccan punters. It comes with a wide array of betting markets and with competitive football odds. Make sure to check their daily offers and take advantage of their great welcome bonus.

Q: Which is the best betting site in Morocco?

Quite a few popular bookies accept players from Morocco, however, 888sport is the one that stands out. It provides the French language, 40+ sports and almost 10.000 sporting events per month.

Q: Is online betting legal in Morocco?

There is no legal framework covering online betting in specific. Yet, there are no restrictions in place and betting is generally considered legal in Morocco.

Q: Are there any restrictions when making a deposit/withdrawal on my betting account?

There is no authority or agency restricting access to online bookies. Accordingly, no surveillance is apparent around your betting transactions. Use any payment method you find convenient.

Q: Is Payeer available in Morocco?

Yes. This provider offers its services to Morocco, with 1xBet citing it as one of its available payment methods. So, for those who wish to deposit funds to their account, you’re good to go. For more info, check our guide on the best Payeer betting sites.

Q: Are my sports betting winnings taxed?

Since there is no legal framework for online betting in place, you get to keep what you win. More specifically, there is no tax at all that refers to winnings deriving from online bookies.

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