Best Paysera Betting Sites

Paysera is a payment with global coverage. It has significantly impacted the gambling industry in the last couple of years and has become very popular among bettors, specifically in Lithuania and Latvia.

Paysera allows you to deposit into your betting account directly via the wallet or the issued VISA debit card. Alternatively, you can load funds to Neteller, Skrill, MuchBetter, or another gambling-friendly method and then deposit to the bookmakers. Paysera has no additional fees, comes with a personal IBAN and offers near-instant withdrawals to your bank account.

This Paysera review will provide you with:

  • A list of the best Paysera gambling sites
  • A step by step guide on how to create and fund your account
  • Additional info such as pros & cons of online betting, fees, mobile usability

Best Bookmakers that Accept Paysera

Our Paysera betting sites have been on top of the players’ choices. Among the top traits they offer are near-instant withdrawals (i.e 0-4 hours), low fees and high-reliability score. In the following list, you can check the best bookmakers that accept both Paysera wallet and debit card.

Can I gamble with Paysera?

Yes, you can. The process of gambling with Paysera is straightforward. Your account will be set in a few minutes provided you do the following:

  • Download the Paysera app
  • Fill in the necessary information and complete the identification
  • Request the Paysera Debit Card via the app
  • Add the address you want the card to be delivered
  • Activate the Paysera card within three months from the issued date

Once your account is created, you can bet with Paysera. Keep in mind that you can use your Paysera account even if the bookmaker does not provide you the wallet option. You need to follow the next steps to deposit to your favorite bookmaker:

  • Go to the Paysera login section
  • Select Deposit
  • Choose Visa / Paysera or deposit through Neteller / Revolut
  • Enter the desired deposit amount
  • The funds will reflect instantly in your account

In terms of withdrawing your winnings, select Paysera or Visa as your payment method. You have to enter your IBAN and the SWIFT code (EVIULT2VXXX). You will see your funds within 3-5 working days.

Is Paysera safe and legal?

Paysera can be considered a totally safe payment method. The company holds the PCI DSS certificate. Also, the Paysera card is protected by the 3D Secure System. The company also uses the two-step authentication procedure. To enter your account you have to fill in your password. You have to select a method between a mobile app, SMS, or mobile signature to complete the second step which is mentioned as “Login confirmation”. Mobile signature is available only for Lithuanian users.

At the same time it is legal to use Paysera to make any transaction on a betting site, since the payment has a licence to operate by the bank of Lithuania, which is also the supervisory authority. The parent company “Paysera LT” is regulated by the Register of Legal Entities of the Republic of Lithuania.

Benefits of Paysera gambling sites

Paysera gambling offers several advantages. These include low transfer fees, user-friendly app and fast money transfers.

Near-instant transactions: Paysera gives you the ability to fund your betting account with no additional fees instantly. If you want to withdraw your money from your Paysera betting account, you will immediately or near-instantly see them in your bank account.

Low transfer fees: If you want to transfer money between Paysera accounts or to your bank account, no charge will apply. When sending funds to a wallet (if a bookmaker does not offer Paysera as a payment method), you have a 3% additional fee.

User-friendly app: One of the biggest pros is the Paysera app. Customers find it very user-friendly, quick and modern.

SEPA and IBAN account: Well established banking institutions such as SEPA recognized Paysera, allowing it to provide customers VISA debit cards and IBANs. Besides that, punters can transfer money within EEA without any charge. However, non-SEPA payments cost approximately €7.

Plastic card: The payment provides to users a plastic Paysera card powered by Visa. Every user can ask for 5 different cards. Players can connect their cards with PayPal or any other payment system that accepts Visa cards.

Drawbacks of betting with Paysera

Except for pros, Paysera has cons like every payment option out there. Some of them are the ATM withdrawal limits, the additional fees and the limited customer service. 

❌ Limited betting sites coverage: Paysera may be a vastly growing online payment method, but its availability in the betting industry is a bit poor. A few bookmakers worldwide offer Paysera as a payment method, but punters can use it through Neteller or Revolut if they want to avoid credit/debit cards.

❌ The card is only available to EEA residents: Paysera may be available in 174 countries worldwide, but the debit card is only available for customers in the European Economic Area, and it’s not for free.

❌ ATM withdrawals additional fees: If you want to withdraw money from an ATM via your Paysera debit card, then you should know it is not for free. ATM withdrawals cost 1 euro and if you withdraw in currencies other than the euro within Europe (Croatia, Norway, Poland, etc.), you have to add 1.8% of the withdrawal amount.

❌ Limited money transfer options: Punters can transfer fees only between Paysera accounts or to a bank account. In this case bettors can connect the Paysera account with a Neteller or a Revolut account to be able to bet on their favorite bookmaker.

❌ Poor customer service: Customer service is not the strongest point of Paysera. Many users (especially in the US) complain about response delays or even unavailability of communication in languages Paysera claims offer customer service.

Now that we know all the pros and cons of Paysera it is also valuable to find out which are the alternative payment methods that match up for Paysera’s shortcomings and also learn about any extra fees.

Paysera alternative payment methods

Paysera alternativesCertain limitations on Paysera bookmakers can make bettors look for a different banking option. More specifically, bettors can use Revolut, another fintech, but they should know that it is not available for betting transactions in the UK.

Other more valuable options are PayPal and Skrill. As we have already mentioned, players can connect their Paysera card with PayPal and have more bookmakers available since there are plenty of PayPal bookies. Regarding Skrill betting sites, since we talk about one of the most famous wallets for online gambling, players can enjoy many benefits of depositing through it.

What about the Paysera fees?

Paysera feesIt might be free to open an account on Paysera, but there is a monthly administration fee of €2. Paysera itself will not charge you with additional fees when it comes to deposits. You have to be careful about the country, the currency and the bank you choose to fund your account from. If you’re interested in the Paysera debit card, then it will cost you €3.

Is it worth betting with Paysera?

Paysera bookspyPaysera has attracted many bettors' in the last few years, with instant withdrawals and multiple ways to fund your betting account. Welcome Bonus eligibility is an additional trait.

Nevertheless, like other neobanks, it does not hold a positive view on gambling payments. That can lead to extra documentation required or even a temporary account freeze. Furthermore, it lacks a significant breakthrough in the industry. Bookmakers tend to be restrictive with neobanks, making betting with Paysera increasingly tricky.

In conclusion, Paysera seems to be a promising banking option, but it lacks essential features to attract high turnover players. Therefore, we will stick to wallets such as Skrill or Neteller and crypto.

Complete Paysera bookmakers list

Feel free to check the complete Paysera betting sites list. Since Paysera’s acceptance is still minimal, we will provide you with a list of our best bookies that accept Paysera as a Visa debit card. They allow you to enjoy bonuses, quick payouts and reliability in your betting endeavors.

Q: What is Paysera and how it works?

Paysera is a licensed e-money institution issued by the Bank of Lithuania. Customers can download the app, create an account and transfer or receive funds within seconds worldwide.

Q: Is Paysera free?

Paysera is free for everyone. Customers can create a private or a business account.Although the debit card is not free, customers are charged with two euros after the first two years.

Q: How do I transfer money from Paysera to my bank account?

The process is easy and straightforward. You visit the “add funds” section, select your country of residence and the amount you want to deposit. Once the payment is concluded, you have to wait for 1-3 business days. The processing times of your bank will determine how fast your funds will be in your Paysera account.

Q: Is it safe to use Paysera on a betting site?

It is entirely safe for a bettor to use Paysera on bookmakers. Paysera is verified and works under several security protocols, such as PCI DSS and 3D Secure (Verified by Visa).

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