Best Monzo Betting Sites

Fintech banks are changing the landscape of online payments. Monzo is one of the most reputable Neobanks and challenges traditional banking in all aspects. It possesses a full European banking license and offers a deposit guarantee scheme of up to £85.000 (€100.000). It is worth noting that it is available only to the UK market.

Things that make Monzo groundbreaking include setting up a current online account and having instant access to their cash via a debit card, the choice members have of getting a loan, and swift payments. We will cover everything about Monzo betting sites and more in this guide.

Best Monzo Bookmakers with a Welcome Bonus

Players who deposit on Monzo bookmakers can enjoy welcome bonuses, quick payments and privacy in financial activity. Our top-rated brands offer all these traits for an outstanding betting experience.

How can I gamble on Monzo betting sites?

bet with MonzoOpening a Monzo account is easy; all you need to do is first download the app. Then fill out your address and home number. Confirm your identity by submitting your ID (passport or driving license) and recording a selfie video. Finally, submit the address you want and activate the card once you have received it.

After verifying your account and activating your card, it’s straightforward to deposit with Monzo betting sites.

  1. Register for a player’s account with your chosen bookmaker.
  2. Deposit money into your Monzo account.
  3. Enter or select the amount that you would like to add to your betting account.
  4. Choose ‘MasterCard’ as a payment option and enter your Monzo card details.
  5. After this, you may be asked to approve the payment in the Monzo app.
  6. Now you’re ready to bet. Your money should be visible in your account within a few seconds.

Pros of betting with Monzo

Despite the UK’s credit card ban, betting with Monzo is still possible since you will be using a debit card instead. Here are the pros of gambling with it.

✔ Accepted from all online bookmakers via debit card: Because Monzo cards are not credit cards, players can still use their account to bet with their bookmaker.

✔ Instant payments to your Monzo account: Monzo enables you to make fast deposits, with your money appearing in your betting account instantly.

✔ No fees: Monzo does not charge a separate fee for gambling transactions. All payments and withdrawals in the UK, as well as payments abroad, do not have fees.

✔ Security and convenience: Monzo will ask you to approve transactions within the app, while others will require you to enter your card’s PIN code. Fingerprint technology is available as well.

✔ User-friendly app: Monzo allows you to request and add money within seconds, while you’ll also receive a notification in your Android or iOS device whenever a transaction is completed.

Cons of Monzo betting sites

There are many pros to betting with Monzo, but be aware of some downsides.

❌ Free ATM withdrawals are only up to £200 per month: If you exceed the monthly withdrawal limit, you will be charged 3% for every transaction.

❌ Cards are only available for UK customers: Non-UK residents cannot obtain a Monzo card.

❌ Requires an app: You need to verify your Monzo account via mobile. Managing your money is also only available via this method.

❌ Extra charges for money transfers abroad: Transferring money to an account-based outside of the UK will incur a percentage fee.

Now that you look at every aspect of Monzo, it is useful to see how it matches up with other payment methods used for online gambling.

What are the Monzo alternatives?

Monzo is a valuable option for bettors from the UK but at the same time, some alternatives come with more benefits. Check some of them in the following section.

Monzo vs Skrill

skrillHaving a partnership with AC Milan from 2020, Skrill is one of the top wallets and a valuable option for any bettor. Skrill bookies come with top security features and offer to players under the radar betting activity. Moreover, the transactions are quick and users can choose between multiple currencies. On the other hand, more bookmakers don’t provide a welcome bonus or any other offer when betting with Skrill.

Monzo vs Trustly

trustlyTrustly is a Swedish open bank that launched in 2008. Currently, the payment operates in 29 countries. Trustly betting sites offer fast and safe transactions combined with high levels of security. Also, player to player transfer is allowed through the payment. However, lack of a plastic card and no dedicated app are some of the drawbacks.

Monzo vs Boku

bokuBoku has operated since 2009 but it is considered a new entry into the gambling industry. We talk about mobile payment. Boku bookmakers come with zero fees and the possibility to play in local currency. Like all the other payments, Boku has some shortcomings. Withdrawal restrictions and low deposit limits (£30 or currency equivalent) are some of them.

Plus, to these options, users of Monzo can connect their accounts with Apple Pay and Google Pay and make their betting through them if it is more suitable for them.

What about Monzo fees?

Monzo fees Monzo charges you 3% for all ATM withdrawals after the £200 monthly limit, and an exchange fee for international transfers. This is 0.35% of the amount paid in GBP, with another 80p on top of it. Other than these, there are no additional Monzo fees.

Monzo USA

In the summer of 2019, Monzo launched the first version in the US market. However, Monzo doesn’t hold a bank licence in the US yet, so it cooperates with Sutton Bank. Users can enjoy no fees when sending any amount to a friend and no account charges. A cardholder can not use the card in specific countries (Cuba, Iran, North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea), Sudan/Darfur, Syria, Belarus, Burundi, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Nicaragua, Somalia, Ukraine, Venezuela, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.) Also, users can connect their account or their Monzo card with Apple Pay and Gpay. Since it is unclear if Monzo can be used for online gambling, bettors can bet on Apple Pay bookies or Google Pay bookmakers.

Is it worth betting with Monzo?

betting with MonzoFrom its very first day, Monzo has caused quite a stir in the betting community. No fees, near-instant withdrawals and the acceptance from almost all online bookmakers are reasons a bettor might turn to Monzo for online payments.

Nevertheless, I cannot overlook the fact that, like any other fintech, Monzo has shown a dislike towards gambling payments. That can lead to additional verification being needed, and even a temporary account suspension.

To summarize, while Monzo can be a useful payment option for newcomers, I would recommend that high-stake bettors use a wallet such as Skrill or Neteller.

Complete list of bookmakers with Monzo

Fast transactions and low fees are some of the main perks of Monzo betting sites. Check the complete list and choose your preferable bookie to make the most of your betting.

Q: What is Monzo and how it works?

Monzo is a digital bank and its services function just like any other online banking platform. Users can deposit money into their account to either make online or offline payments, as well as managing their money through the mobile app.

Q: Does Monzo have a banking license?

Yes. Monzo is licensed in the UK and obtained its permit in April 2017. The bank is also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), as well as the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA).

Q: Can I bet with Monzo?

Yes, it is possible to bet with Monzo. To deposit at a bookmaker’s website, simply select ‘MasterCard’ as a payment option and enter your Monzo card’s details.

Q: What are the best alternatives to Monzo bookmakers?

If you’re a player based outside of the UK, other fintech banks such as N26 and Revolut can be worthy alternatives to Monzo bookmakers. For British players wallets such as Skrill and Neteller provide the features an experienced bettor needs.

Q: How can I activate the Monzo gambling block?

In the Monzo app, tap on settings and select ‘Controls’. When you are in there, you will see an option that allows you to block gambling payments on your card. All you then need to do is switch this feature on. If you want to turn it back off, you will need to wait 48 hours before you’re allowed to.

Q: Can I utilize the Monzo Bet365 payment option?

Straightforward answered, yes. Bettors that prefer to make most of their betting in Bet365 have the possibility to deposit through Monzo.

Q: Can I use the BetVictor Monzo payment method?

BetVictor accepts deposits through banks and Monzo is considered as one. However, many times deposits could be declined and the money returned to the player account.

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