Australian Election Betting Guide

The Australian Election is getting closer and closer as the 17th of October approaches. Andrew Barr, Alistair Coe and Shane Rattenbury, the Labor, Liberal and Green Party leaders respectively, are preparing for a political battle and the Australian election betting “field” is on fire. Will it be a coalition or will the Labors win enough seats to form their own government? 

Bookmakers update next prime minister odds depending on the latest polls and here you will find all the answers you need. This political betting guide will provide you the best bookmakers for betting on the Australian Election, the primary ACT election markets and the latest betting odds.

Best Australian Election betting sites

Right below, you can check a shortlist of the top-rated ACT  political betting sites for 2020. This selection is based on the variety of political markets, the number of events and the odds these bookmakers offer. 

Australian Election betting markets

Political betting marketsSportsbooks provide five main markets for betting on the Australian election. Bettors have a vast range of selections, like which party will win the election or which is going to be the next Labor or Liberal Party Leader. 

Federal Election winning Party: Things are pretty clear when we’re talking about which party will win the next Australian elections. The Labor Party is the favorite according to the latest polls. Labors are leading the polls so far, with a percentage close to 40%. The possible scenario is to have a coalition, which is the main favorite. 

Federal Election Labor Leader: In this market, bettors will see a two-horse race. Jim Chalmers is the favorite. His rival is Chris Bowden, with Tanya Plibersek following up as underdog with the power to shake things up in the next Australian election. Chalmers managed to keep a safe distance from his political opponent after the comments about a probable border closure due to the pandemic crisis. 

Federal Election Liberal Leader: The scenery in this market is a bit blurry compared to the latest Australian election. Peter Dutton might be the favorite for the liberal leadership, although he loses his power and popularity with time. Punters know that this ACT election betting "battle" might be a close call. Josh Frydenberg is fighting hard and players may see an interesting electoral overthrow. 

Year of the next General Election: Here, things are pretty much concrete to bet on the Australian election. Something extraordinary should happen for the Australian voters to go to the ballots before 2022. The only way for this to happen is the elected parties not to form a unanimous federal government, which is almost impossible but you’ll never know in the ACT election “field”. 

Number of winning seats: The last market that bettors can find is the number of seat parties will win. Labors and Liberals gather big chances to win 13-15 seats and the Greens are far behind with the Australian election odds of winning 1-2 seats.

Australian Election betting odds

Betting odds

Australian election nominees, Andrew Barr and Shane Rattenbury are still the party leaders. The big difference is that Alistair Coe replaced Jeremy Hanson in the Liberal leadership and that changes the ground in the Australian election odds. Minor parties such as the “GetUp!” lobby has unsuccessfully tried to reduce the power of the three big ones, so Labors, Liberals and Greens are still leading the election betting odds. The main difference regarding the previous ACT election betting “field” is the electoral systems. The last ACT was the first for the enlarged Assembly and many independent nominees saw that as an opportunity but with no success. 

Latest Australian Election polls

The latest polls, compared to the most recent Australian election odds, show that the coalition percentage is at 53%-47%. They have the lead by 36% with the Greens steady at 11%, and in the last position is One Nation with 3%. The Coalition possibility right now is at 1.66 in the ACT election betting area. The COVID pandemic played a significant role in this. The majority of Australians believe that borders must close if things worsen and the premiers don’t have that authority. The main issues that all three parties have to pay attention to health care, tax reform, and indigenous affairs.  

The big debate is about which party will win more seats. The Labor party is favorite for winning 10-12 seats with the Australian election betting odds at 1.75 while simultaneously for the same amount of seats, the Liberals are at 1.65. The Greens are far behind from the other two. The latest Australian election odds show that they will win 1-2 seats at 1.75. The Australian shows very precisely people’s preferences regarding the parties and who makes a better prime minister and you can check these charts here

Labor Leadership nominees

Election odds in AustraliaRight below you can see all the Labor Leadership nominees and the average Australian election odds. Chris Bowden odds are very appealing for an underdog and it is more than sure that he will fight until the end for the Labor “throne”.

Nominee AVG Odds
Jim Chalmers 1.83
Chris Bowden 4.25
Tanya Plibersek 11.00
Jason Clare 15.00
Richard Marles 15.00
Tony Burke 26.00
Clare Oneil 26.00
Mark Drefus 51.00

Liberal Leadership nominees

Things are blurry in the Liberal “field”. Peter Dutton might be the favorite for the leadership but Josh Frydenberg is getting closer and closer as the election date approaches.

Nominee AVG Odds
Peter Dutton 2.40
Josh Frydenberg 3.13
Christian Porter 5.15
Greg Hunt 7.02
Andrew Hastie 34.20
David Littleproud 51.00
Mathias Cormann 51.10
Michael Keenan 101.00

Australia election betting odds on which party will win

The scenery is clear. The coalition will take place in these elections because Labors will not win enough seats so a combination of Labors, Liberals and Greens will structure the new ACT government.

Party  AVG Odds
Coalition 1.66
Labor Party 2.13
Any other Party 52.50
One Nation Party 151.00
Greens Party 251.00

Complete list of 2020 Australian Election Bookmakers

Right below you can see a complete list of the 2020 Australian Election operators for you to make your own choice based on your demands. 

Q: What sort of markets can I bet on Australian elections?

Some of the most popular events players can bet in the Australian Elections are the Year of the next Federal Election, Next Labor Leader, Next Liberal Leader and Federal Election winning party. You can check the best betting sites for the general election to find the best possible betting odds.

Q: What are the dates for the general elections?

The next Capital Territory general Election (ACT) in Australia is scheduled on Thursday, the 17th of October 2020. However, the elections can happen earlier than the official dates and bettors can find some exciting betting odds.

Q: How many seats are there in the Australian Capital Territory general Election?

There were 13 seats contested in the Capital Territory. The winner of the election will need 13 seats to form a majority. In the last election, Andrew Barr gathered 12, Alistair Coe 11 and Shane Rattenbury 2.

Q: How many political parties are there?

Three major political parties will face each other in this Australian Capital Territory general Election. The Labor party, the Liberal Party and the Greens party.

Q: What is a coalition government?

If one party wins enough seats, the prime minister can ask the party leader to form a government. On the other hand, if a party does not achieve enough seats, they can form coalitions with other parties to reach a majority and form a coalition government.

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