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Population: 2.100.000
Active players: 350.000
Currency: Central African Franc (CFA)
Regulated gambling products: Sports betting, casino games, horse racing, lottery
Operator types: Licensed bookmakers, lottery, non-licensed online bookmakers & casinos, land-based casinos, online lotteries
Designated Authority: No designated gambling authority
Status: Regulated

Gabon is a country located on the Equator, on the Western Coast of Central Africa. Unlike most of its neighbors, Gabon has a vibrant economy thanks to its petroleum reserves. It gained its independence from France in 1960 and in the early 90s introduced a democratic constitution and a multi-party system that contributed to advances in all economic fields.

Football is the most popular sport with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang shining in the Premier League for Arsenal and captaining the national team. Horse racing is also popular, with players traditionally focusing on French races. So, it goes without saying that there’s a lot of demand for betting sites in Gabon.

Speaking of betting sites, land-based betting is regulated by the ‘Réglementation générale des Jeux de Hasard’ law, enacted in 2005. The current legislation doesn’t specifically mention online betting, though.

Although local bookies, such as bet241, offer an online operation as well; most locals place their bets with no restrictions at international bookmakers like 1xBet Gabon, Parimatch, 888sport and Vbet.

Best Gabon Betting Sites

The online betting environment in Gabon is composed of local bookies and international ones. It can be confusing to find Gabon best bookmakers, that’s why we present to you the ones with the higher odds, a diverse list of betting markets and a local interface with the French language available.

Gambling in Gabon - 5 Things to Know

  • 1
    The legal gambling age in Gabon is 21
  • 2
    There are several betting shops operated by PMU Gabon and bet241
  • 3
    There's no specific section on online betting in the 2005 law
  • 4
    Licensed operators are obliged to a monthly 4.5% tax on their revenue
  • 5
    You can find casinos and betting shops across the country

Online Betting in Gabon: The Law Framework

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Law No. 24/2004 which came into effect on 29 April 2005 is the latest law regulating gambling in Gabon. Although it doesn't mention online gambling in particular, local bookmakers offer online services too, based on their land-based license.

Without a precise regulation of the Gabon online betting environment, local punters are free to choose between local and international bookmakers. The foreign sportsbooks accepting players from Gabon do so without having a license since there’s no framework set in place. In other words, for those that want to bet, Gabon is a very appealing place.

Locally licensed operators must pay a monthly tax of 4.5% on their overall revenue. Up to date, just Pari-Mutuel Urbain Gabon and bet241 hold a license, contributing significantly to the overall income of the Gabonese state.

Licenses for land-based betting are issued by the Direction Generale de l'Administration du Territoire, a division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the authority that oversees the entire betting landscape.

Essential Information for Gabonese Bettors

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The absence of taxes on their winnings is a vital piece of information for Gabonese punters. No matter if you play at land-based betting shops or online at local and international bookmakers, everything you win remains in your account.

Winnings from gambling and betting aren’t considered income in Gabon, so they’re not targeted with taxes. On top of that, Gabonese bettors are free to play at any online bookmaker accepting players from the region.

The authorities don’t place any restrictions on accessing foreign sportsbooks and only land-based betting shops are required to have a license. Lastly, most international bookmakers offer their websites in French, an extra perk for Gabonese punters who can bet online using their native language.

Bet in Gabon: Deposits and Withdrawals

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Most international bookmakers don’t offer CFA as a currency. However, the USD is a popular alternative. When it comes to depositing at foreign online sportsbooks, Gabonese punters mainly rely on credit/debit cards or bank transfer, since Neteller or Skrill e-wallets are not available in the country.

Local bookmakers will accept local payment methods like DusuPay, Airtel or Mobicash. There are no restrictions when it comes to payments towards international bookmakers. However, some issues have been reported with international money transfer services such as Western Union or Moneygram. As previously mentioned, cards provide a quick workaround in these conditions.

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Gambling Laws in Closeby Regions

Equatorial Guinea: The only active legislation is Law Number 2/1995. However, this exclusively regulates land-based casinos, leaving other forms of gambling operating in a somewhat grey manner. Local sportsbooks are currently not established, but players have the option to access numerous international Equatorial Guinea betting sites online.

Cameroon: For a number of years, land-based gambling has been deemed legal in Cameroon. However, when it comes to the online sector, there is a notable absence of specific rules outlining the dos and don'ts. Consequently, this creates a relatively open landscape where locals can freely access and participate in some of the best betting sites in Cameroon.

Congo Republic: Since 2005, all forms of games of chance have been legalized. To obtain a local license, Congo Republic betting sites must meet the terms and conditions set forth in the General Law Ordinance. By adhering to these conditions, bookmakers can operate legally within the country and offer their services to the Congolese market.

The Future of Sports Betting in Gabon

BMB_Book SpyDespite having a regulated betting environment, when compared to other countries in Central Africa, Gabon's online betting scene is still volatile. The state doesn’t seem interested in passing a law that will be focusing on online gambling, despite the fact that it could gain much from regulating it, through taxation.

With almost 60% of Gabonese citizens having access to the internet and the country’s GDP on a continuous rise, the state could be profiting a lot.  However, despite all the positive signs that show Gabon could be able to take online betting to a level displayed in Nigeria or South Africa, the future remains uncertain.

The Complete List of Bookmakers in Gabon

Q: Is online betting legal in Gabon?

Online betting in Gabon is not targeted by any specific law framework. With no restrictions in place, it is at the players’ discretion to access any online bookmaker they prefer, without worrying about penalties or restrictions.

Q: Which is the best betting site in Gabon?

With many great options available for Gabonese players, Unibet stands out. It provides the French language, offers 10.000+ live events per month, along with a cash out feature and great customer support.

Q: Does 1xBet accept bettors from Gabon?

Apart from welcoming players from Gabon, 1xbet also gives you the opportunity to bet in French, as well as to open a CFA franc account, offering you a fully localised interface.

Q: Are my betting winnings taxed?

The absence of a legal framework on online betting means that your winnings are not subjected to taxation. So, bet on and what you win is all for you to keep.

Q: Can I bet on Bet365?

Bet365 is one of the biggest international bookmakers that operate in Gabon and accept local bettors, despite the fact that it has not applied for a local license.

Q: Can I use a betting exchange in Gabon?

Gabonese bettors can access the world’s best and biggest betting exchange, Betfair. Here you can trade your bets on a wide market range, with players from all over the world, while enjoying its top-rated live streaming service on many sporting events.

Q: Is it safe to bet online in Gabon?

Apart from the few local bookmakers, betting online is always very convenient and welcoming for players. When you do so, stick to big international bookies, like 888sport, and have no worries concerning the safety of your betting experience.

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