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What is Edit My Acca tool

The Edit My Acca betting service offers bettors the power to add, remove, and swap selections and increase the stake of unfinished bets both pre-match and in-play. Bookmakers provide it, allowing the players to minimize risks, reduce potential losses, and boost their winnings.

If the request is successful, all odds on the new wager will be updated to reflect the current prices. Not the starting odds. Using Edit Bet mostly relates to the Cash Out service and refers to a pretty wide range of markets and matches.

How to Edit your Bet

BMB_Power IconIf you know what is an acca bet, using the Edit a Bet for pre-match wagers is quite simple. As the match has not started yet, you can alter your choices more easily. The same things apply to in-play bets, but the Cash Out tab determines the stake. After the adjustments, the bet is recalculated. You can use Edit My Acca to change the starting bet type and increase the payouts. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  • 1
    Login to your betting account. The next step is placing a bet online
  • 2
    Click the Edit Bet option on the preferred unsettled wager. 
  • 3
    If you're going to add a selection, choose the new pick & save the changes. 
  • 4
    To swap a selection, click the tab allowing you to choose an alternative option from the same market.
  • 5
    To remove a bet, click the X button towards the chosen event & save the changes.
  • 6
    If you want to change your bet type, click on your current bet and select the alternative option you prefer.
  • 7
    To increase your stake, check the current Cash Out amount & deposit additional funds if necessary.
  • 8
    On all occasions, wait for the recalculation of all existing odds.
  • 9
    Press the "Save Changes" button & Confirm your Edit a Bet request.

Bookmakers with the best Edit My Acca feature

Edit Bet gives bettors the freedom to modify the betslip. The following shortlist contains the top 3 betting sites that offer this feature. We chose them by examining how much time it takes to accept the new bet. We also checked the payout and whether or not they offer it for live betting:

How to Edit My Bet Slip

BMB_Markets GenericThe bet slip editing service is provided when the Cash Out is available for all unsettled bets and when the payout has not already been determined. Εven if several picks within the accumulator have already been settled, players can use it.  The Cash Out amount depends on the original stake and how the selections are performing. If the players want to use the Edit My Acca tool, the new stake will be equal to the current CO amount.

There are two exceptions to this process. First, all selections in the initial bet are still pre-matched, and the odds remain the same. On this occasion, the new stake will be equal to the initial stake amount. Second, when the bet type has changed, the Cash Out amount cannot be split equally across the new wager's legs. In this case, the stake will be shared evenly to all parts of the original wager, and any extra amount will return to your account. All the above work with the Full CO function. If you want to use the Auto or Partial Cash Out, then you cannot combine them with the Edit Bet service.

Why Edit My Acca Offers Betting Flexibility

BMB_Book SpyMost leading bookmakers let you adjust your picks as many times as you like. This creates a range of options that provide complete control to the players. The combination of Edit My Acca and Cash Out services may be a profitable tactic to reduce your losses or find a way to boost your winnings. Of course, in betting, there is always a risk. The main drawback is that you pay double Vig for the same wager.

One for the original bet and one for the edited one. So, you must evaluate each situation separately before using it. One more drawback is that the procedure may be time-consuming since manual editing is not very simple to handle. The in-play odds move fast, so many requests may be unsuccessful, which means a waste of valuable betting time. In addition, most sites will not allow you to combine it with combo bet promotions such as an ACCA Bonus or Insurance.

On the other hand, adding, swapping, or removing picks that you think will lose is a great option that protects your benefits and could reduce your losses. The same is applicable when you have the chance to enhance your payout by changing the bet type or increasing your stake in a well-performing wager using the Edit My Acca tool.

Full list of Bookmakers you can Edit Your Acca

Despite the usefulness of this feature, there is a limited number of sites that provide it. Nonetheless, below, you can find a list of brands that include a wide range of tools and services. For a more clear picture, check our Top 100 Bookmakers article.

Q: On which sports is Edit My Acca service available?

The Edit Bet feature is available on most bookmakers for pre-match and usually in-play betting for various sports, including Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Horse Racing, and Cricket.

Q: What are Edit Bet’s alternatives?

The leading betting sites that provide the Edit Bet tool (Bet365 & Vbet) use many different names to introduce it. Υou can also find it as Add2Bet (10bet & Netbet), Betslip Editing (1XBet), Edit My Bet (Bwin) and Edit My Acca (Ladbrokes).

Q: When is Bet365 Edit Bet unavailable?

The Edit Bet tool is not available on the Bet365 Bet Builder feature, Each Way Extra bets, or Colossus bets. When players use Each Way Extra bets, they can only add picks and take a reduced price or remove picks and increase the odds on their selection. Generally, Edit Bet is not offered on all bet types.

Q: Is Ladbrokes Edit My Acca accessible via mobile betting?

This tool is available on the “My Accas” section and accessible via online and mobile betting. Players can go to “My Accas” and click the Edit My Acca button next to the accumulator to edit and remove selections.

Q: When may an Edit Bet request not be successful?

During the validation of an Edit a Bet request, a bet delay may occur if the prices change or a market is suspended or closed before the conclusion of the process. On this occasion, the Edit Bet request may not be successful.

Q: Is Edit Bet service a subject to betting restrictions or limitations?

Edit Bet wager is calculated in the same way as any standard bet, so if a possible bet goes beyond betting restrictions or limits, the request may be declined.

Q: How long does it take to save and confirm your request for betslip editing?

Once you have edited your bet, you will need to confirm this by selecting “Save Changes”. This button will update the state to “Confirm”. If you do not click on “Confirm” within five to eight seconds, it will revert to the previous state. After selecting “Confirm”, the button will update to “Saving Changes”, and when complete, your bet will appear as edited.

Q: Does Rolletto provide this tool?

Yes. The Edit My Acca service is available with this independent online bookmaker. What’s more, you also have the ability to Save your Bet and place it later. To view all the features that the bookie provides, follow our Rolletto Review.

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