Fonbet launches new betting service

    FonbetThe changes in the Russian betting market are constant since the new gambling regulation. Only six operators have managed to receive online betting license until now, the latest is the Russian giant Fonbet and they are about to launch a new betting service. The online sports betting platform will proceed its transactions through a centralised TSUPIS system, which is extra necessary to be followed for all the bookmakers who want to get a license or they will not be granted one, as it was stated clearly by the Russian Bookmakers Self-Regulatory Organisation, Roskomnadzor.

    After Fonbet complied with the payment processing regulations in Russia, they managed to get the licence to operate the new platform. Until now Liga Stavok, Winline,, 1XBet and were the five bookmakers which have been approved by Roskomnadzor and will now operate alongside those established platforms, becoming the sixth one to get the “ok” to operate in Russia.