German Election Betting Guide

There is not much sand left in the hourglass for the next german election or the Bundestag as Germans name it and will take place between August and October 2021. If you could put a title on that specific German Election, you could quickly call it the post-Merkel era. That is one of the reasons players show much interest in betting on it. Following, you can find a political betting guide that provides the best possible betting odds, the best german election betting sites, and the main markets for that significant political event. 

Best German election betting sites

Right below, you can view a shortlist of the top-rated political betting sites for the German elections. The selection is based on the odds, variety of markets, and the number of political events these bookmakers offer.

Most popular markets for the German election

german electionBettors worldwide have three main markets to wager on for the next German election. You can bet on the next German chancellor winner, the next CDU Party leader and which party will win the most seats. 

Next German Chancellor: At the moment, Markus Söder, the CSU party leader, is the favorite for being elected as the next German Chancellor. His primal opponent for that seat is Friedrich Merz, a member of the CDU party. Their fight will be a close call and Armin Laschet will play a significant role as the second underdog in this battle.

Next CDU Party Leader: That is another popular market for the Germans. Friedrich Merz and Armin Laschet will fight until the end for the CDU leadership as the latest polls have shown that their betting margin is quite close. The first one is the slight favorite for the position. 

Party Leadership: In this market, there is a clear favorite. The CDU/CSU party is the ultimate favorite to obtain most seats. The party that follows up is The Greens Party.  

Election betting odds in Germany

Election betting oddsMarkus Söder is the number one favorite for the next German Chancellor. Odds range between 3.45 and 4.20, while the underdog chasing him is Armin Laschet with 4.20 to 5.20. 

According to bookmakers, the party that Merkel used to be a leader, CDU/CSU, is the favorite. At this moment, the prices are set at 1.05 - 1.08. The Greens, SPD, and AfD are the parties that follow. Germany’s social democratic party is the oldest in the country, and you can back them at 10.00. The main reason that SPD has lost the power it used to have is that in the past 18 years, it has changed eight different leaders. 

CDU’s former leader, Angela Merkel, has decided not to seek re-election because she realized that her authority has weakened after choosing to keep the country’s borders open in 2015. Armin Laschet and Friedrich Merz favor the CDU leadership right now with odds at 2.52 and 2.74, respectively. 

Regarding Kalman’s research, CDU/CSU has stabilized a safe distance from the other parties. Interestingly, especially if you are searching for underdogs, the popularity that The Greens (Die Grunen) has uplifted in 2020. Before the COVID crisis, the Greens had closed the gap with CDU/CSU in just five units (27% for the CDU/CSU - 22% for the Greens). When the pandemic stroke, the presidential party won back the difference and right now, they lead the polls with 36%. The Greens and SPD are on 17% and the AfD at 10%. 

*The odds above are valid in August 2020 and are subject to change. 

Prices of the nominees for the German Election:

Nominee Party AVG Odds
Markus Söder CSU Party 2.43
Armin Laschet CDU Party 4.06
Friedrich Merz CDU Party 5.0
Jens Spahn CDU Party 14.50
Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer CDU Party 16.30

Each party  parliament seats average odds to win the upcoming General Election: 

Party Seats AVG Odds
CDU/CSU Party 246 1.05
The Greens 67 7.00
SPD Party 152 26.00
AfD Party 91 26.00
FDP Party 80 51.00
The Left Party 69 51.00
Free Voters (Freie Wahler) 4 -

Full list of bookmakers that offer German elections

Q: What sort of events can i bet on?

Bettors can find three main markets that they can wager on the German election. Next german election winner, which party will win the most seats, and who will be the next CDU Party Leader.

Q: What are the dates for the German elections?

It has been announced that German elections will be held between August and October of 2021. That does not mean of course that they can’t happen earlier, depending on how things are going in Germany.

Q: How many seats are there in the German Election?

There are a total of 709 seats. CDU/CSU holds 246, SPD 152, AfD 91, FDP 80, The Left 69, The Greens 67 and the Non-inscrits 4 seats. This might change in the next general election.

Q: How many political parties are there?

Right now, 14 parties hold parliamentary seats, and four have or have had representation in the state parliaments. Also, there are two regional political parties and 14 non-parliamentary parties.

Q: How do I know if a political betting site is reliable or not?

By following the same process with a sports betting site. Reliability is a steady process for a betting website. International license, fast withdrawals, transparent terms and conditions are some of the factors that determine if a betting site is reliable or not.

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