Best Betting Sites in Gibraltar

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Population: 34.000
Active players: 7.000
Currency: Gibraltar Pound (GIP)
Regulated gambling products:  Casino games, betting, lottery, poker, slots, bingo
Operator types: Licensed online bookmakers and casinos
Designated Authority: Gambling Commissioner, Gibraltar Regulatory Authority
Status: Regulated

Gibraltar is a small British Overseas Territory in the south of Spain, under British control since 1704. The treaty of Utrecht in 1713 made it clear that it was ceded to Britain, with the Spaniards always remaining interested in the Rock’s strategic position. It is the home country of the Gibraltar Licensing Authority (GLA), which was established in 2005, although it had started issuing licenses to betting companies in Gibraltar back in 1998. It is considered one of the top gaming authorities in the world, along with the MGA and the UKGC. Its great reputation along with lenient taxation has naturally drawn many betting companies to establish their base in the country.

Gibraltar’s semi-professional football clubs participate in UEFA competitions and the national football team had its first-ever win in a competitive game just in 2018, when they beat Armenia in the Nations League. Punters are free to place their bets on some of the top betting sites in Gibraltar, like 1xBet and 10Bet.

Best Betting Companies in Gibraltar

BMB_ListIf you are in search of the best sportsbooks Gibraltar has to offer, we’re here for you. We’ve selected the bookies that offer the most competitive odds, along with daily promotions and a great variety of sporting events and markets.

Gambling in Gibraltar - 5 Things to Know

  • 1
    The minimum gambling age in Gibraltar is 18 (16 for lotteries)
  • 2
    The Gambling Act of 2005 regulates the market
  • 3
    Gibraltar-licensed bookies can automatically offer their services in the UK
  • 4
    Gibraltar Regulatory Authority oversees all gambling procedures
  • 5
    Remote gambling licenses are valid for 5 years

Online Betting in Gibraltar: The Legal Framework

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Gibraltar is one of the first countries that issued licenses for online gambling, dating back in 1998. A milestone date for the country was 2005 when the world-famous Gibraltar Licensing Authority (GLA) got established. The Gambling Act also came into force that year and still regulates all forms of gambling in the country.

Special amendments have been added for online betting, however, the largest part of it refers to prerequisites for licensing of betting companies. The Gambling Commissioner is the regulator, under the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA), overlooking that all standards are met after a company has acquired a license.

Taxation has lately been less welcoming for operators. Compared to the 1% on turnover that used to be in force or the 5% on their GGR. That’s because, since 2015, the UK’s ‘point of consumption tax’ of 15% has been imposed on Gibraltar as well. Rising to a massive 21% in 2019.

This has been a blow to betting companies based in Gibraltar, in addition to the ‘general betting duty’ of 0.15% that they also have to pay (beyond the first 100.000 GBP) and a licensing yearly fee of 100.000 GBP. The country addressed European courts, however, the ruling was in favor of imposing the tax.

Essential Information for Bettors

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If you reside in the Rock keep in mind that winnings are not taxed, as there’s no such tax in effect. And since you will find no betting shops, at least you can have the peace of mind that there are no measures or restrictions for players who opt for online bookmakers.

Any bookie from the ones that you will come across in this text, is more than good to go. Lastly, the local currency (GIP) is practically equal to the British pound (GBP), bear that in mind when opening a GBP betting account.

How to Deposit at Gibraltar Bookmakers

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The use of debit and credit -unlike in the UK- cards as well as bank transfer, are common payment methods in Gibraltar. If you want to keep your data more personal and achieve faster deposit/withdrawal times when placing your online bets, e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller are preferred. Paysafecard is also quite popular among local players.

The Future of Sports Betting Gibraltar

Gibraltar has been one of Europe’s major online gambling nerve centers for ages. It provides a very welcoming online environment for bettors, who face no restrictions when betting online.

The same used to apply for companies too, however, new taxation standards have been altering the ‘tax haven’ that it used to be. The future is uncertain, and we have to wait and see what UK’s -and eventually Gibraltar’s- economic status is going to be, along with the eventual tax status for locally-based betting companies.

The Complete List of Bookmakers in Gibraltar

Q: Is online betting legal in Gibraltar?

When based in Gibraltar, online betting is completely legal, following the 2005 Gambling Act. No restrictions are in place. So, you can bet freely on any bookmaker that accepts players from the Rock.

Q: Are my sports betting winnings taxed?

No, winnings from online betting in Gibraltar are not taxed. Furthermore, players that reside in the country face absolutely no restrictions when it comes to betting online.

Q: Does William Hill accept players from Gibraltar?

One of the most renowned bookmakers in the UK, William Hill is also available for bettors in Gibraltar, giving you a great variety of betting markets, as well as great promotions and special offers.

Q: Is 10Bet available to Gibraltarians?

With 55+ sports on offer, along with 25.000 live monthly events, 10Bet accepts punters from Gibraltar and allows them to enjoy a great betting experience.

Q: Are betting exchanges allowed in Gibraltar?

Indeed they are allowed and Betfair in particular is offering both its exchange and sportsbook services to local players.

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