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What Does Maiden Mean in Horse Racing

In racing, you will probably have heard of the term maiden horse before. Discover what does maiden mean in horse racing and how this status differs from that of a novice horse race. There are many things to consider before taking a punt on these events, like pedigrees and experience.

Learn all about betting on maiden horse races, both the upsides and the drawbacks, and how to approach it. Maiden betting can prove a lot different during Flat races and Jump racing. Where does the value lie, and how worth it is it to bet maiden races?

Betting on Maiden Horse Races Effectively

BMB_Question MarkJust what is a maiden horse? It is a horse that hasn’t won the type of race it is running. Now that you understand the maiden horse's meaning, it becomes much clearer what a maiden race is. A maiden horse could be yet to have any sort of race at all, or it could be a type with experience of other codes of the sport.

There is a subtle difference between a maiden horse and one with novice status. Novices may have won a maiden race previously. If you want to learn more about what is a novice horse race, check out our detailed guide. 

Why are Maiden Horse Races Important

BMB_Markets GenericThere can often be very little form to go on with maiden betting. Understanding that, for starters, is crucial because you are going to have to look at other factors. While there are always going to be some unknown quantities in these events, that means there could be value in betting on maiden horse races.

Knowing that risk and possible reward is important before you start. It should influence the way you approach gambling on it. Many maiden races feature among bookmaker multiples like the Scoop 6 in pool betting and the daily double offered online.

Benefits and Downsides

BMB_Enhanced_OddsOne major advantage of maiden horse racing betting is the bookies know as little or as much as bettors do about such events. That may lead to a false favourite being installed at the head of the market. If their judgement is wrong, then you should get a reasonable price and a value bet on a particular maiden.

Bigger maiden betting odds mean higher winnings, plus there is the satisfaction that comes from beating the bookmakers. The obvious drawback with betting on maiden horse races is the number of unknown variables.

You are guessing about what unraced horses could be, picking purely on pedigree or their connections. There are far wiser approaches to betting than that. Not knowing enough about what racehorses are capable of can easily become a double-edged sword that backfires on you as a bettor.

Why are Pedigrees Essential for Maiden Betting

BMB_Horse_HeadOne thing you have to go on with unraced horses when betting on maiden horse races is their pedigrees. Breeding cannot tell you everything about a racehorse, but knowing who they are related to and were sired by can help you decide if it is worth betting on or not.

Pedigrees can suggest that certain types of going or race distances are what a horse needs. A horse going for a maiden hurdle, for instance, requires a lot more stamina in their breeding than one competing on the Flat. 

Betting on a Maiden Horse Race: What to Consider

BMB_Betting OddsThere is plenty for you to consider before betting on maiden horse races. Who owns, rides and trains the horses competing, for instance. There are also specific ways of approaching Flat maiden betting and the market on a maiden hurdle.

A different staking plan is called for with horse racing maiden events. Weighing up the unraced types against horses with runs can be tricky. However, with experience, you will be able to make better choices with maiden betting races. 

Top Bookmakers With Maiden Horse Races

Right below, you can find the best international horse racing betting sites to bet on maiden events. We chose them by examining the variety of horse races, payouts and racing promotional offers. 

How Owners, Trainers, and Jockeys Influence Maiden Horse Betting

User IconThe connections of racehorses are sometimes just one of two things you have to go on if they are unraced. A wealthy owner can afford to pay top dollar for horses put up for sale. The higher the price paid for a racehorse, the greater the expectation that it will win a maiden horse race.

You can find all the info on where a horse has been raced on the race card. Of course, you must know the basic terminology to absorb all the info. If you are new and do not understand how to read a racecard, not to worry. You can follow our dedicated page to learn all there is to know.  

Any horse with a hefty price tag is likely to be prominent in maiden betting with bookmakers. Certain trainers have bigger stables with more horses in them than others. Those with a reputation for nurturing and developing talented thoroughbreds will always attract attention in the market too.

Expect to find their entries much shorter in the betting on maiden horse races than those from less lauded stables. The yard a horse hails from can thus have a big say in how the bookies price it up. Jockey bookings are also an influence on the betting.

An experienced jockey is needed for a maiden race as the horses require delicate handling, especially if it is their first time on a racecourse. Racing can be new to them, but it isn’t to the rider onboard. Maidens can run very keenly and need a strong jockey to restrain them and teach them how to conserve energy for later on in the race.

How Should I Bet on a Maiden Race Over Hurdles

BMB_Number_One It is far more likely that the runners in a maiden horse race over hurdles will have some past form. Racehorses do not go over obstacles in the British Isles until the age of three, so they may have had a career on the Flat before that. Translating form from the level to jumps is not guaranteed, though, just as is the case with a hurdler switching to tackle fences.

Look at what the market tells you. Which are the horse racing favourites in the hurdle maiden betting, and try to figure out why? Their Flat form may be good, the trainer may have sent out recent winners, or it ran well in defeat behind a good horse before.

There will be some reason why bookmakers favor it. You have to decide if that horse that is prominent in the market is worth taking on with something else. It is still tough to pick out just one horse in a maiden hurdle.

Betting on a Flat Race

BMB_Number_TwoWhen it comes to the Flat, there is very little to go with maidens. Getting heavily involved in maiden betting is not advised unless there’s a horse that has put up a great performance in defeat in a previous race, and the form has been tested since.

Pedigrees are worth checking, but you cannot rely entirely on them alone. There could be an entire field’s worth of unraced horses competing. If no form exists, then it is an event to watch.

Is it Worth Betting on Maiden Horse Racing

BMB_Book SpyWhile value betting on maiden horse races certainly exists, you are going to need lots of luck finding it. You know too little, especially on the Flat, to justify large stakes on any bets you place. It is far better to keep your wagers and involvements in such races small.

While there may be more form to base your betting decisions on a maiden race over hurdles, this too is something of a gambling minefield. You need to know how to read and bet on a maiden horse race because they will be part of pool betting like the Scoop 6 and Placepot.

While horses may be schooled over hurdles and fences during their training, that is not the same as the active competition, and you just don’t know for certain how they will handle obstacles. There are higher caliber Flat contests and National Hunt events, which you can bet on with more confidence.

Full List of Bookies for Maiden Horse Races

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